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Fast .JPEG viewer for Windows.
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Fast .JPEG viewer for Windows.
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Contents of the WECJ.TXT file

From [email protected] Sat May 22 16:14:32 1993
From: [email protected] (Ying Shan)
Subject: wecj1_1.exe (Part 0/3) WinECJ v1.1
Date: 22 May 1993 12:07:45 +1000
Organization: werple public-access unix, Melbourne
Distribution: world
Summary: Fast Windows JPEG viewer

WinECJ version 1.1

This is a major bug-fixed version of WinECJ, a fast Windows JPEG viewer.
WinECJ v1.1 is now much more well behaved, and you can run it
in background for example.

- Many of the known bugs in Ver 1.0 have been fixed.
- You can now "drag-and-drop" as well as "associate".

You'll need a 286 or better, and run Windows 3.1 in 256 colour mode.
The higher the resolution the better too.

WinECJ v1.1 is FREE, and can be freely distributed for private
use provided you include this brief description and make no modifications.

For comments and compliments 🙂 email to
[email protected]

or post to
P.O. Box 367, Caulfield East, Vic 3145, Australia.

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