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Various Windows 3.0 icons for Sierra's adventure games.
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Various Windows 3.0 icons for Sierra’s adventure games.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

This icon file was created using IconDraw for Windows.
To install you favorite Sierra Games into windows:
1. From program manager, select the file menu, and choose New.
2. Choose Program Group
3. name the group Sierra Games, and select Ok
4. Select File,New again
5. Choose Program Item
6. Select browse
7. change directories to your sierra games directory.
8. choose a batch file
9. add a fitting description, then choose Change Icon
10. press backspace to erase the PROGMAN.EXE filename and
substitute SIERRA1.ICO
11. select okay twice
12. repeat steps 5-12 for all your other sierra software
13. enjoy!

The Sierra logo is a registered trademark of Sierra On-line,Inc.

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