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Most recent 'supported hardware list' for Windows NT (October release) List created December, '92. From Microsoft NT forum.
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Most recent ‘supported hardware list’ for Windows NT (October release) List created December, ’92. From Microsoft NT forum.
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-'@-jq...,Zt^VW4pt]`Microsoft Windows NTTM
Beta October 1992
Hardware Compatibility List Update
The following computers, device adapters, storage devices, pointing devices and keyboards have been tested using the October 1992 release of Microsoft Windows NT (items listed with * have been tested with the July 1992 release but not yet tested with the October release). This list is a subset of the hardware we expect to support in the final product and was current at the time it was published. If your hardware is not listed below, contact your hardware manufacturer for more information. We have not tested every computer and/or device in all possible configurations.

Updates to this list will appear in Library 1 of the WINNT forum (GO WINNT) or Library 17 of the MSWin32 forum (GO MSWIN32) on Compuserve Information Services.

Intel 80386/80486 Uniprocessor Computers
Any computer 100% compatible with those listed below.

ACER 1170
ACER AcerFrame 1000 (Model 1750)
ACER AcerFrame 1000 (Model 1733)
*ACER AcerFrame 1000/33
ACER AcerFrame 300
ACER AcerFrame 500 (Model F433TE)
*ACER AcerFrame 500 (Model FT50TE)
*ACER AcerFrame 500 (Model FT66TE)
ACER AcerPower 425s
ACER AcerPower 433e
ACER AcerPower 486/33
Actech Action 486 50
*Adaptive Data System Professional 486 System
*ADD-X Systemes 386/40Mhz
ADD-X Systemes 486/33Mhz EISA bus
ADD-X Systemes 486/33Mhz ISA bus
ADPS System 4000
ADPS System 5000
ADPS System 6000
Alfa Deltacom 386-33
*Alfa Deltacom 386sx-25
Alfa Deltacom 486-33
Alfa Deltacom 486-50
Alfa Deltacom 486sx-25
Alfa Deltacom EISA 486-50
Alps CP-EX1 386/25
*ALR BusinessVEISA 3/33
ALR BusinessVEISA 386DX/33
ALR BusinessVEISA 4/50D
ALR BusinessVEISA 4/66D
ALR Flyer 3/25S
ALR Flyer 32DT 4/25S
*ALR Flyer 32DT 4/33D
ALR Flyer 32DT 4/50D
ALR Flyer 32DT 4/66D
ALR Flyer 32LCT 4/25S
ALR Flyer 32LCT 4/50D
ALR Flyer 32LCT 4/66D
ALR Modular Processor System 486/25
ALR Modular Processor System 486/33
ALR Modular Processor System 486/50
ALR Modular Processor System 486DX2/66
ALR PowerCache 33/4e
ALR PowerPro SMP4/33
ALR PowerPro/MC SMP4/50D
ALR PowerPro/MC SMP4/66D
ALR PowerPro/MC VM4/66D
ALR Ranger M4/25
ALR Ranger M4/25S
ALR Ranger MC4/25
ALR Ranger MC4/25S
Altos ASL 333
Altos ASL 433
*Altos System 4500 (Model 4520)
Altos System 4500 (Model 4533)
Altos System 4500 (Model 4550)
Altos System 4500 (Model 4566)
Apricot FTS 486DX2-50
Apricot LAN Station 386SX/20
Apricot LS-Pro 486SLC/33
*Apricot Qi 486DX
Apricot XEN-LS 486SX/20
*Ariel 486-33 Vesa Local Bus
*ASI 486/33MHZ
*ASI 9000 386DX
*ASI 9000 386SX
*ASI 9000 486DX
AST Bravo 3/25s Model 3V
AST Bravo 486/50
AST Power Premium 4/33 Model 213V
AST Power Premium 486/33 EISA
AST Power Premium 486/50d
AST Premium 386/33T
*AST Premium 486/33E
AST Premium II 386/33 Model 213V
AST Premium II 486/33
AST Premium SE 4/33 Model 333
AST Tower SE 486/50
AST Tower SE 486/50d
AST Tower SE 486/66
Athena LINEA HQ 4000 SX25
Athena LINEA HQ 4000DX2 50C FAST
Athena LINEA HQ 4000DX2 66C FAST
Athena LINEA HQ 4000DX33C
Athena LINEA HQ 4000DX50C FAST
Brett 486DX/33/256K
Brett 486DX/50/256K
Brett 486DX2/66/256K
Brett 80486SX/25/256K
Bull ALL-IN-ONE 486DX2/66
Bull Work Centre 486
Club AMERICAN 486-50Mhz
CMS Enhancements AnyBus 486dx-50
Compaq Deskpro 386/20e
Compaq Deskpro 386/25
Compaq Deskpro 386/25e
Compaq Deskpro 386/33
Compaq Deskpro 386/33L
Compaq Deskpro 386s/20
*Compaq Deskpro 486/25
Compaq Deskpro 486/33L
Compaq Deskpro 486/33M
Compaq Deskpro 486/50L

Compaq Deskpro 66M
Compaq Portable 486c
Compaq ProLinea 4/33
Compaq ProSignia 486DX2/66
Compaq SystemPro/LT 486DX2/50
Compaq SystemPro/LT 486DX2/66
Compaq SystemPro/LT 486SX/25
CompuAdd 420s
CompuAdd 433
*CompuAdd 433E
CompuAdd 450
Computer Stockroom Gold Line 4D50C/2
CSS Labs 486-33 mtmge
Cube 340 ATX
Cube 433 ATX
Cube 450 ATX
Cyrix 486/DLC-33
Daewoo Modular Desktop/2300
Daewoo Modular Mini Tower/2400
Data Stor 486-50 EISA
Datavarehuset BRICK 486DX-50 EISA
Datavarehuset BRICK 486DX2 50
*DCI 486SX-25
Debis DCS EISA Tower modular
Debis DCS MT 486 EISA
*Dell PowerLine System 325
*Dell PowerLine System 433DE
*Dell PowerLine System 433E
Dell PowerLine System 433SE
*Dell PowerLine System 450DE
Dell PowerLine System 450DE/2 DGX
Dell PowerLine System 450SE
Dell PowerLine System 486D/33
Dell PowerLine System 486D/50
*Dell PowerLine System 486P/33
DFI 486DX-33 Desktop System
DFI 486DX-33 Mini-Tower System
DFI 486DX-33 Tower System
DFI 486DX-50 Desktop System
DFI 486DX-50 Mini-Tower System
DFI 486DX2-50 Desktop System
DFI 486DX2-50 Mini-Tower System
DFI 486DX2-66 Desktop System
DFI 486DX2-66 Mini-Tower System
DFI 486SX-25 Desktop System
DFI 486SX-25 Mini-Tower System
Digital Equipment DECpc 425ST
Digital Equipment DECpc 433dxLP
Digital Equipment DECpc 433ST
Digital Equipment DECpc 433T
Digital Equipment DECpc 450D2LP
Digital Equipment DECpc 450ST
Digital Equipment DECpc 452ST
Digital Equipment DECpc 466D2LP
Digital Equipment DECpc 466ST
Digital Equipment DECstation 425c
Dolch 486/50 EISA
*Dolch 486/50 ISA
Dolch C.P.A.C. 386-33C
Dolch C.P.A.C. 486-33C
Dolch C.P.A.C. 486-66C
Dolch V.P.A.C. 386-33C
Dolch V.P.A.C. 486-33C
Dolch V.P.A.C. 486-66C
DTK Grafika 4F
DTK Grafika 4G
Dunn 486-33I
Dynamic Decisions Dynex Professional 486 33
Dynamic Decisions Dynex Professional 486 50
Edge 486DX2-66 ISA
Elonex PC-400 Series Computer
Epson 48633\DX Express Station
Epson 486SX\25 Express Station
Epson EISA Series 486DX\33
Epson EISA Series 486DX\50
Epson EISA Series 486SX\25
Epson Equity 386DX\33 Plus
Epson Equity 386SX\25 Plus
Epson Progression 486DX/33
Epson Progression 486DX2/66
Epson Progression 486SX/25
Ergo NoteBrick 486/50
Ergo Ultra Moby Brick 486/66
Evercom 486/50
*EverexTM Step 386/33
*Everex Step 486/25 Desktop
Everex Step 486/33 ISA
*Everex Step 486DX2/50 EISA 12
*Everex Step 486DX2/50 EISA 8
*Everex Tempo 386/25
*Everex Tempo 386/33 Modular
*Everex Tempo 386SX/25
*Everex Tempo 486/33
*Everex Tempo 486DX2/50 Desktop
*Everex Tempo 486DX2/50 EISA
*Everex Tempo 486DX2/50
Everex Tempo 486SX/20
*Everex Tempo 486SX/25
*Everex Tempo 486SX25 Desktop
*Everex Tempo C-Series 386/25c
*Everex Tempo C-Series 386/33c
*Everex Tempo C-Series 486/33c
Evergreen Systems CAPcard 325E
Fast 486DX/33
First LEO486VC66
First VIA 486DX-50 Cache system
FMC High Performance 486 EISA
*G2 80386/40
G2 80486/33
G2 80486/50
G2 80486DX/50E
G2 80486DX2/66
G2 80486sx/25
*Gateway 2000 386/33
Gateway 2000 386SX/20C
Gateway 2000 486/33C
Gateway 2000 486/33E
Gateway 2000 486DX2/50
*Gateway 2000 486DX2/50E
Gateway 2000 4DX2-66V
Gateway 2000 4SX-33
GCH EasyData ED433DX
GCH EasyData ED466DX2
GoldStar 425SX
GoldStar 433SLC
GoldStar 725C notebook
GoldStar 725S
GoldStar GS333S
*GoldStar GS386DXM
*GRiD 486ei-33
GRiD 486EI25 SVR
GRiD APT/425se
GRiD APT/450e
GRiD MFP 425s+
GRiD MFP 433+
GRiD MFP 433s+
GRiD MFP 450+
GRiD MFP 466+
GRiD MFP 540
GRiD MFP/420s
GRiD MFP/425s
GRiD MFP/450
Hancke & Peter 386w Professional
Hancke & Peter 486/33w Professional
Hancke & Peter 486/66w Professional
Hancke & Peter 486w EISA Professional
Hancke & Peter 486w Professional
Hanterex VEGAS 3640
Harris Epoch 486-50 ISA
Harris Epoch 486/33 ISA
Harris Epoch 486/50 EISA
Hauppauge 4860 EISA DX2-66
Hauppauge 486M Local Bus DX2-66
Hertz 486/D33Ee
Hertz 486/D50e
Hertz 486/D50Ee
Hertz 486/D66X2e
Hertz 486/S25e
Hetra 205T 486/33
HP Vectra 386/25
HP Vectra 486/25T
*HP Vectra 486/25U
HP Vectra 486/33N
HP Vectra 486/33T
HP Vectra 486/33U
HP Vectra 486/50U
HP Vectra 486/66ST
*HP Vectra 486/66U
HP Vectra 486S/20
HP Vectra RS/25C
Hyundai CS-486SX/25
IBM PS/2 Model 90 486
IBM PS/2 Model 55SX
IBM PS/2 Model 57SX
*IBM PS/2 Model 70 386/16
*IBM PS/2 Model 70 386/20
*IBM PS/2 Model 70 386/25
*IBM PS/2 Model 70 486/25
IBM PS/2 Model 80 386/16
IBM PS/2 Model 80 386/25
IBM PS/2 Model 8570-e61
IBM PS/2 Model 8576-0ha
IBM PS/2 Model 8590-0lf/50
IBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 486
IBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 486
IBM PS/2 Model P75 486
ICL Alfaskop DS 458 Eisa
ICL CL486s/25
ICL CX486/33
*ICL CXe486
ICL CXe486/66
ICL FX486/66
ICL System Platform FX486/33
ICL System Platform FX486/50
Intel Express 486
Intel LP 486/33E
*Intel X486/50E
Intercomp Planet 486/50
Intercomp Target 486/33
*Interface Electronic AR486OPT-33 M
International Technology Co. 386DX/33 TEMPEST Desktop System
International Technology Co. 486DX/33 TEMPEST Local Bus System
Ipex 486DX33 Centra 1000 EISA
Ipex 486DX33 Centra 1000 EISA (Entry Level)
Ipex 486DX33 Centra 2000 EISA
Ipex 486DX33 Desktop
Ipex 486DX33 Desktop EISA
Ipex 486DX33 Desktop EISA (Entry Level)
Ipex 486DX33 Local Bus
Ipex 486DX33 Low Profile
Ipex 486DX33 Mini Tower
Ipex 486DX33 Mini Tower (EISA)
Ipex 486DX33 Mini Tower (Local Bus)
Ipex 486DX33 Mini Tower EISA (Entry Level)
Ipex 486DX50 Centra 1000 EISA
Ipex 486DX50 Centra 1000 EISA (Entry Level)
Ipex 486DX50 Centra 2000 EISA
Ipex 486DX50 Desktop
Ipex 486DX50 Desktop EISA
Ipex 486DX50 Desktop EISA (Entry Level)
Ipex 486DX50 Local Bus
Ipex 486DX50 Low Profile
Ipex 486DX50 Mini Tower
Ipex 486DX50 Mini Tower (EISA)
Ipex 486DX50 Mini Tower (Local Bus)
Ipex 486DX50 Mini Tower EISA (Entry Level)
Ipex 486SX25 Centra 1000 EISA
Ipex 486SX25 Centra 2000 EISA
Ipex 486SX25 Desktop
Ipex 486SX25 Desktop EISA
Ipex 486SX25 Local Bus
Ipex 486SX25 Low Profile
Ipex 486SX25 Mini Tower
Ipex 486SX25 Mini Tower (EISA)
Ipex 486SX25 Mini Tower (Local Bus)
Iverson /ITC 486DX/33 TEMPEST Local Bus EISA
Iverson 386DX/33 Desktop System
Iverson 386DX/33 MT System
Iverson 486DX/33 Local Bus Desktop System
Iverson 486DX/33 Local Bus RAT System
Iverson 486DX/50 Local Bus Desktop System
Iverson 486DX/33 Local Bus FT System
Iverson 486DX/50 Local Bus FT System
Iverson 486SX/25 Desktop System
*Kontron IpLite Color 486/33
*KT Technology KT386DX40
*KT Technology KT486DX33
*KT Technology KT486DX50
Kyocera EP-7000 (Multilight ////33)
L.E.M. Technologies Sys38640/M
Leading Edge 386/SX33 Desktop
Leading Edge D4/DX-33
Leading Edge D4/DX-33 Plus DeskTop
Leading Edge D4/DX-50 Plus DeskTop
Leading Edge D4/DX2-50 Plus DeskTop
Leading Edge D4/SX-20
Leading Edge D4/SX-25 Plus DeskTop
*Magitronic B341Q
*Magitronic B433EISA
*Magitronic B451C
*Magitronic B466EISA
*Magitronic G-MM 340-130-4M
Matcom 486 33 ISA QUANTUM
MG CMOS Tower 486/50
Microbyte Lyrebird model 451
Microcomputaction GAMA 486DX-33
Micronics Computers Gemini4-33
Micronics EISA2-50
Micronics VESA Local Bus
Mind 486DX-33 EISA
Mind 486DX/50
Mind 486DX/50 EISA
Mind 486SX-33 EISA
MiTAC 4060iT/M
*MiTAC 4280GA
MiTAC 4280H
*MiTAC LEGO 4060 G/M
*Mustek MC3486
Mustek MC7486
National InstrumentsTM VXIpc-486 Model 500
NCR System 3000 Model 3307
NCR System 3000 Model 3320
NCR System 3000 Model 3335
NCR System 3000 Model 3345
NCR System 3000 Model 3445
NCR System 3000 Model 3447
NCR StarServer E
NCR StarStation
NEC Powermate 386/25S
NEC Powermate 486/33e
NEC PowerMate 486/33i
NEC PowerMate 486/50e
NEC PowerMate 486/50i
*NEC Powermate 486sx/25e
NEC PowerMate 486SX/25i
NEC PowerMate DX2/50e
NEC PowerMate DX2/66e
*NEC ProSpeed 486SX/C
Nimrod 486/50 TP
Normerel Hexagone
Northgate 386
Northgate Elegance 425i
*Northgate Elegance 433i
Northgate Elegance SP 386/33
*Northgate Elegance SP 433
Oki if486VX
*Oki if486VX510
*Oki if486VX530
*Oki if486VX530D
Olivetti LSX5010
Olivetti LSX5020
Olivetti LSX5025
*Olivetti M380/XP9
Olivetti M400-40
Olivetti M400-60
*Olivetti M480-40
Optima 486DX2/50 ISA
*Osborne 450DI
*Osborne 450PE
Osborne 486DX33
Osborne 486DX66
Packard Bell 400T
Packard Bell 470
Packard Bell 485
Packard Bell 486CDM
Packard Bell 495
Packard Bell 515E
Packard Bell 525E
Packard Bell 545E
Packard Bell 550
Packard Bell 560
Packard Bell 566E
Packard Bell AXCEL 405 (incl. H model )
Packard Bell AXCEL 410
Packard Bell AXCEL 420
Packard Bell AXCEL 450
Packard Bell AXCEL 460
Packard Bell AXCEL 486/33
Packard Bell AXCEL 486SX
Packard Bell AXCEL 530
Packard Bell AXCEL 550
Packard Bell AXCEL 550MT/J
Packard Bell AXCEL 570
Packard Bell AXCEL 850
Packard Bell EXECUTIVE 486/33 (incl. ELITE model)
Packard Bell EXECUTIVE 486/33 EL (incl. F, and G models)
Packard Bell EXECUTIVE 486SX (incl. -2F and -G models)
Packard Bell EXECUTIVE 486SX ELITE (incl. ELITE SERIES SI model)
Packard Bell EXECUTIVE 486SX-4G
Packard Bell EXECUTIVE 486XE (incl. C and S models)
Packard Bell FORCE 405
Packard Bell FORCE 425
Packard Bell FORCE 486 SX (incl. E, -M1, and -M130 models)
Packard Bell FORCE 486/25 (incl. EX model)
Packard Bell FORCE 486/33 (incl. +, E, -M1, and -M210 models)
Packard Bell FORCE 486/33 (incl. G, J, JW, and PLUS models)
Packard Bell FORCE 48625
Packard Bell FORCE 486CDM-1/TV
Packard Bell FORCE 486MT50J
Packard Bell FORCE 486SX (incl. /20, /20G, E, M1, and M130 models)
Packard Bell FORCE 486SX/25 (incl. G and W models)
Packard Bell FORCE 515
Packard Bell FORCE 515S (incl. PLUS model )
Packard Bell FORCE 525 (incl. B and S models)
Packard Bell FORCE 545 (incl. B and S models)
Packard Bell FORCE 565 (incl. S model)
Packard Bell FORCE 600 (incl. B and S models)
Packard Bell LEGEND 486CDM-1/TV
Packard Bell LEGEND 625
Packard Bell LEGEND 660 (incl. ELITE and H models)
Packard Bell LEGEND 670
Packard Bell LEGEND 700 (incl. ELITE model)
Packard Bell LEGEND 740
Packard Bell LEGEND 750 SUPREME
Packard Bell LEGEND 770 (incl. ELITE model)
Packard Bell LEGEND 780
Packard Bell LEGEND 790
Packard Bell LEGEND 800 SUPREME
Packard Bell LEGEND 800 SUPREME/50
Packard Bell LEGEND 900 F (incl. F-ELITE, and G models)
Packard Bell LEGEND 925 G (incl. ELITE and J model)
Packard Bell LEGEND 933 SUPREME (incl. G, G ELITE, J, J ELITE and J+)
Packard Bell LEGEND 950 (incl. ELITE model)
Packard Bell LEGEND 950J ELITE
Packard Bell LEGEND M950
Packard Bell LEGEND MT950J
Packard Bell PACKMATE 486
Packard Bell PACKMATE 486/33
Packard Bell PACKMATE 486/33J (incl. G model)
Packard Bell PACKMATE 486/50
Packard Bell PACKMATE 48625
Packard Bell PACKMATE 486SX
Packard Bell PACKMATE 486SX/20 E (incl. F, and G models)
Packard Bell PACKMATE 486SX/25G
Packard Bell PACKMATE X225
Packard Bell PACKMATE X230
Packard Bell PACKMATE X233
Packard Bell PACKMATE X240
Packard Bell PACKMATE X250 (incl. Y model)
Packard Bell PB410SX-25
PC-Brand Leader 386dx/40 Cache
PC-Brand Leader 486dlc/33 Cache
PC-Brand Leader 486dlc/40 Cache
PC-Brand Leader 486dx/33 Cache
PC-Brand Leader 486dx/50 Cache
PC-Brand Leader 486dx2/50 Cache
PC-Brand Leader 486dx2/66 Cache
PC-Brand Leader 486sx/25 Cache
*PC-Brand PCB500 486dx/33
*Peacock 386DX 40
*Peacock 486DX 50
*Philips P3450B
Polywell 486-33E
Polywell 486-33V
Polywell 486-50V
Polywell 486-66E
Polywell 486-66V
Polywell 486-66VL
Polywell 486SX-25Y
Polywell Poly486-50E
Positive by Tandon 386dx/40
Positive by Tandon 486dlc/33
Positive by Tandon 486dlc/40
Positive by Tandon 486dx/33
Positive by Tandon 486dx/50
Positive by Tandon 486dx2/50
Positive by Tandon 486dx2/66
Positive by Tandon 486sx/25
*Positive PC1000 486dx/33
Powerhouse 486-25SX
Powerhouse 486-33DX
Pro Log WorkStation 340
Protech 386DX/40MHz ISA
Protech 386SX/33Mhz ISA
Protech 486/33MHz ISA
Protech 486/50Mhz ISA
Protech 486/66Mhz EISA
Protech 486/66Mhz ISA
Protech 486DX/50MHz EISA
Protech 486SX/25Mhz ISA
Rask REC 486-50F
*RDIpc 486PQFP
RDIpc i486DX2/50c
RDIpc i486DX2/66c Eisa
RDIpc i486DX2/66c Isa
Reply Model 32
Research Machines RM SB-486/33
Samsung DeskMaster 486/50e
Samsung DeskMaster 486D2/66E
*Samsung DeskMaster 486S/25N
Sanyo MBC-19te
Schneider 486DX-33
Schneider 486DX-50
Seanix ASI 9000 (386DX)
Seanix ASI 9000 (386SX)
Seanix ASI 9000 (486LC1)
Seanix ASI 9000 486DX
Sho-tronics 486DX-33 LB
Sidus SCI model 486/33
Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-4GSX/20
Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-4RA/33
*Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-4T/33
Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-4T/DX2-66
*Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-4TSX25
Siemens-Nixdorf PCE-4C/DX2-50
Siemens-Nixdorf PCE-4R/33
*Siemens-Nixdorf PCE-4RSX/25
Siemens-Nixdorf PCE-4T/33
Siemens-Nixdorf PCE-4T/50
*SKAI Desktop 486-33/128K
*SKAI Tower 486LB/E-50 / 256K
Softworks Citus MDC 486/25
Softworks Citus MDC 486/DX250
Softworks Citus MDC/486-DX2-66
Softworks Citus MDC/486/33
Softworks Citus MDC386-40
Somelec ONYX VLD 433
*SPCTM Ergoline 486/50
SPC Ergoline 486/DX2-66
SPC Ergoline 486DX/33
SPC Ergoline 486SX/33
Steiner CompuTech AT i386DX33 128k
Steiner CompuTech AT i486DX-33 EISA
Steiner Computech AT i486DX2-66 ISA
Steiner CompuTech AT i486DX50 ISA
Supercom GMb-386SOP
*Swan 386/33M
*Swan 386SX/25
Swan 486/2-66ES
*Swan 486/33DB
Swan 486/50E
Swan 486/DX2-66DB
*Swan 486DX2-50DB
Swan 486SX/25DB
Syncomp Mega + 386i 33 PC
Syncomp Mega + 386i 40PC
Syncomp Mega + 486DX2i 50PC
Syncomp Mega + 486i 33 PC
Syncomp Mega + 486i 50ePC
Syncomp Mega + 486i 50PC
Syncomp Mega + 486SXi 25PC
Syncomp Micro 486DX2i 50PC
Syncomp Micro386i 33PC
Syncomp Micro386i 40PC
Syncomp Micro486i 33PC
Syncomp Micro486i 50ePC
Syncomp Micro486i 50PC
Syncomp Micro486SXi 25PC
Syncomp Mini + 386i 33PC
Syncomp Mini + 386i 40PC
Syncomp Mini + 486DX2i 50PC
Syncomp Mini + 486i 33PC
Syncomp Mini + 486i 50ePC
Syncomp Mini + 486i 50PC
Syncomp Mini + 486SXi 25PC
Syncomp Mini 386i 33PC
Syncomp Mini 386i 40PC
Syncomp Mini 486DX2i 50PC
Syncomp Mini 486i 33PC
Syncomp Mini 486i 50ePC
Syncomp Mini 486i 50PC
Syncomp Mini 486SXi 25PC
Syncomp ProSport Portable
TaiPac Maxima 486-33-200
Tandon 386/40 Cache
Tandon 486dlc/33
Tandon 486dlc/40
Tandon 486dx/33
Tandon 486dx/50
Tandon 486dx2/50
Tandon 486dx2/66
Tandon 486sx/25
Tandon MLB 486dlc/40
Tandon MLB 486dx/33
Tandon MLB 486dx2/50
Tandon MLB 486dx2/66
Tandon MLB 486dx2/66c
*Tandon Option 486dx/33
Tandy 2500SX/33
Tandy 425 SX
Tandy 433 DX
Tandy 433 SX
Tandy 450 DX2
Tandy 4820 SX/T
Tandy 4825 SX
Tandy 4833 LX/T
Tandy 4850EP
Tandy 4866LX/T
Tangent 486DX/33 EISA
Tangent 486DX/33 ISA
Tatung TCA-8950T 386DX/33
Tatung TCS-8960S 386SX/25
Tatung TCS-9300T 486DX2/66
Tatung TCS-9360S 486SX/33
Tatung TCS-9370T 486DX2/66
Tatung TCS-9620E 486DX2/66
Tatung TCS-9650E 486DX2/66
Tatung TCS-9910S 486SLC/33
*Tatung TCS9300T3316
Terran Microbyte Lyrebird model 451
Texas Instruments TravelMateTM 4000 Series
*Tiki 486 33 Mhz
Tiki 486-50 Mhz
*Tomtronik HIGHNAME 386-40 MHz
Toshiba T4400SX
Toshiba T6400
Towercom MICRO Q 486DX-50MHZ
Towercom MICRO Q 486DX2-66MHZ
*TriGem 486/33mm
TriGem 486/50F
TriGem TG 386DX/40C
TriGem TG 486/33F
TriGem TG 486/33MM
TriGem TG 486/50F(DX2)
TriGem TG 486/66F
TriGem TG 486DX2/50MM
TriGem TG SX486/25C
TriGem TG SX486/25MM
*Tulip DC486sx-20
Tulip Vision Line de/tr 486dx/33e
Tulip Vision Line de/tr 486dx/50
Tulip Vision Line de/tr 486dx/66
U.S. Micro Jet 386-33
U.S. Micro Express 486DLC/33
U.S. Micro Express 486SX/25
U.S. Micro Express Jet 486/50
U.S. Micro Jet 386/40
U.S. Micro Jet 486/33
U.S. Micro Jet 486DX2/66
U.S. Micro Jet 486DX2/50
Ultra-Comp 386DX-25NC
Ultra-Comp 386DX-33I
Ultra-Comp 386SX-25
Ultra-Comp 486DX-33 ISA
Ultra-Comp 486DX-50I
Ultra-Comp 486DX2-66 ISA
Unidata 486 66 Mhz ISA
Unidata MX486 50 Eisa
Victor 486 DX/50
Victor 400 DX/50
Victor 400 SX/25
Victor 486 DX/66
Victor 486DX/33
Victor V486DSX/25
Viglen EX-Series
Viglen Genie 4DX33
Viglen Genie 4DX66
Vtech LASER 486DX-33 TOWER
Vtech LASER 486DX2-55 TOWER
Vtech LASER 486DX2-66 LAN
Vtech LASER 486DX2-66 TOWER
Vtech LASER 486SX-25 LAN
Vtech LASER 486SX-25 TOWER
Vtech LASER 486SX-33 LAN
Wang Microsystems EC 480/33C
*Wang Microsystems PC 350/40C
Wedge 486dx-50 EISA
Western 486V25 SX
Western 486V33 DX
Western 486V50 DX
Western 486V50 DX EISA
Western 486V50 DX2
Western 486V66 DX2
Wyle Intel Xpress DeskSide w/486DX-50MHz
Wyle Intel Xpress DeskTop w/486DX-50MHz
Wyse Decision 486/33E
Wyse Decision 486se-25SX
Wyse Decision 486se-33DX
Wyse Decision 486se-33SX
Wyse Decision 486se-50DX2
Wyse Decision 486se-66DX2
Wyse Decision 486si-25SX
Wyse Decision 486si-33DX
Wyse Decision 486si-33SX
Wyse Decision 486si-50DX2
Wyse Decision 486si-66DX2
Wyse Series 6000i Model 645
Xycom 8450 Industrial Workstation
Zenith Data Systems Z-386/33E
Zenith Data Systems Z-386SX/20
Zenith Data Systems Z-486/25E
Zenith Data Systems Z-486/33E
Zenith Data Systems Z-486/33ET
Zenith Data Systems Z-486/SX 20
Zenith Data Systems Z-486/SX 25
Zenith Data Systems Z-Note 325L
Zenith Data Systems Z-Server 433DE
Zenith Data Systems Z-Server 450DE
Zenith Data Systems Z-Server 566DE
*ZEOS 486/50CW
ZEOS 486DX/50
ZEOS Upgradable Local Bus DX2-66

Intel 80486 Multiprocessor Computers
The following multiprocessor systems have been tested.

ACER AcerFrame 3000MP 33
ACER AcerFrame 3000MP 50
ALR PowerPro DMP4/50
ALR PowerPro DMP4/33
AST Manhattan SMP
Compaq SystemPro Dual 486/50 XL
Compaq SystemPro Dual 486DX2/66
ICL System Platform MX486/33
NCR 3000 Model 3450
NCR 3000 Model 3550
Olivetti LSX5030
Wyse Series 7000i Model 740MP
Wyse Series 7000i Model 760MP

MIPS ARC/R4000 Computers
Any computer 100% compatible with those listed below.

MIPS ArcSystem Magnum PC
MIPS ArcSystem Magnum SC
Olivetti M700-10
Olivetti PWS4000

Display Adapters
The following display adapters have been tested.

Actix Graphics ENGINE (1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 256 colors)
Diamond Stealth VRAM (1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 256 colors)
Diamond SpeedStar (1024x768, 800x600, 16 colors)
IBM VGA (640x480, 16 colors)
Headland Technology/Video 7TM VRAM VGA (1024x768, 800x600, 16 colors)
Headland Technology/Video 7 VRAM II (1024x768, 800x600, 16 colors)
Orchid Fahrenheit 1280 (1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 256 colors)
Orchid ProDesigner IIs (1024x768, 800x600, 16 colors)
TSENG Labs ET4000 (1024x768, 800x600, 16 colors)
IBM XGA (1024x768, 640x480, 256 colors)
DELL DGX (1280x1024, 1152x900, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 256 colors)
S3 86C911 (1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 256 colors)

Native display adapter on MIPS ARC/ R4000 systems from ACER, MIPS and Olivetti (1280x1024, 1024x768, 256 colors)

Disk Controllers
Any controller 100% register compatible with the following.

Western Digital 1003 (ESDI, IDE)
Compaq Intelligent Drive Array

SCSI Host Adapters
The following SCSI adapters have been tested with CD-ROM and disk drives.2

AdaptecTM AHA-1540b/1542b
Adaptec AHA-17403
Future Domain MCS-600
Future Domain MCS-700
Future Domain TMC-845
Future Domain TMC-850
Future Domain TMC-850M(ER)
Future Domain TMC-885
Future Domain TMC-1650
Future Domain TMC-1660
Future Domain TMC-1670
Future Domain TMC-1680
Future Domain TMC-7000EX
IBM SCSI Host Adapter4
Maynard 16-Bit SCSI Controller5
NCR 53C700 SCSI Controller6
NCR 53C710 SCSI Controller7
NCR 53C90 SCSI Controller6
Olivetti ESC-18
Olivetti ESC-28,9
UltraStor 14F7
UltraStor 24F7

Native SCSI adapter on MIPS ARC/R4000 systems from ACER, MIPS and Olivetti

Network Adapters
The following network adapters have undergone preliminary testing.10

3Com Etherlink II 11,12
3Com Etherlink II/TP
3Com Etherlink/MC
3Com Etherlink 16
3Com Etherlink II/16
DEC EtherWORKS Turbo
IBM Token Ring 16/411
IBM Token Ring 16/4A
Novell NE2000
Novell NE3200
Proteon P1390
Proteon P1990
SMC (WD) EtherCard Plus (WD 8003EP)
SMC (WD) EtherCard Plus (WD 8013WB)
SMC (WD) EtherCard Plus Elite/A (WD 8013EP/A)11
SMC (WD) EtherCard Plus Elite 16 (WD 8013EWC)
Ungermann-Bass NIUpc12
Ungermann-Bass NIUpc/EOTP12
Ungermann-Bass NIUps

Native Ethernet adapter on MIPS ARC/R4000 systems from ACER, MIPS and Olivetti

Multimedia Audio Adapters
The following audio adapters have undergone prelminary testing.

Creative Labs SoundBlaster
Creative Labs SoundBlaster Pro

The following CD-ROM drives have been tested.13

CD Technology CD Porta-Drive T-3301
Chinon CDX-431
Denon DRD 253
Hitachi CDR-1750S
Hitachi CDR-3750
IBM 3510
NEC Intersect CDR-73(M)
NEC Intersect CDR-74
NEC Intersect CDR-84
Pioneer DRM-600
Sony CDU-541
Sony CDU-6211
Sony CDU-7211
Texel DM-5021
Toshiba TXM-3201
Toshiba TXM-3301

SCSI Tape Drives
The following tape drives have been tested.2

Archive Python DAT (Maynstream 1300DAT)
Hewlett-Packard JetStor 2000 (HP 35470A)
Hewlett-Packard JetStor 5000 (HP 35480A)

There are drivers included for the following printers. Models with a # preceding have been tested on the October release.

Agfa Compugraphic Genics
Agfa-Compugraphic 9400P v49.3
Apple LaserWriter II NT v47.0
# Apple LaserWriter II NTX v47.0
Apple LaserWriter Plus v38.0
Apple LaserWriter Plus v42.2
Apple LaserWriter v23.0
Apricot Laser
APS-PS PIP with APS-6/108
APS-PS PIP with APS-6/80
APS-PS PIP with LZR 1200
APS-PS PIP with LZR 2600
AST TurboLaser/PS v47.0
AT&T 470/475
AT&T 473/478
C-Itoh 8510
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-10e
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-130e
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-300
Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-330
Canon LBP-8 Mark III
Canon LBP-8 Mark IIIR
Canon LBP-8 Mark IIIT
Citizen 120D
Citizen 180D
Citizen 200GX
Citizen 200GX/15
Citizen GSX-130
Citizen GSX-140
Citizen GSX-140+
Citizen GSX-145
Citizen HSP-500
Citizen HSP-550
Citizen PN48
Dataproducts LZR 1260 v47.0
Dataproducts LZR-2665 v47.0
Diconix 150 Plus
Digital Colormate PS
Digital DEClaser 1150
Digital DEClaser 2150
Digital DEClaser 2250
Digital DEClaser 3250
Digital PrintServer 20/turbo
Epson DFX-5000
Epson EPL-6000
Epson EPL-7000
Epson EPL-7500 v52.3
Epson EX-1000
Epson EX-800
Epson FXTM-100
Epson FX-100+
Epson FX-1050
Epson FX-185
Epson FX-286
Epson FX-286e
Epson FX-80
Epson FX-80+
Epson FX-85
Epson FX-850
Epson FX-86e
Epson GQ-3500
Epson JX-80
Epson L-1000
Epson L-750
Epson LQ-1000
Epson LQ-1050
Epson LQ-1500
Epson LQ-2500
# Epson LQ-2550
Epson LQ-500
# Epson LQ-510
Epson LQ-800
Epson LQ-850
Epson LQ-950
Epson LX-80
Epson LX-800
Epson LX-810
Epson LX-86
Epson MX-100
Epson MX-80 F/T
Epson MX-80
Epson RX-100
Epson RX-100+
Epson RX-80 F/T
Epson RX-80 F/T+
Epson RX-80
Epson SQ-2000
Epson SQ-2500
Epson T-1000
Epson T-750
Fujitsu DL 2400
Fujitsu DL 2600
Fujitsu DL 3300
Fujitsu DL 3400
Fujitsu DL 5600
Fujitsu DX 2100
Fujitsu DX 2200
Fujitsu DX 2300
Fujitsu DX 2400
Fujitsu RX7100PS
Hermes H 606 PS (13 Fonts)
Hermes H 606 PS (35 fonts)
HP DeskJet 500
HP DeskJet Plus
HP DeskJet
HP LaserJet 2000
HP LaserJet 500+
HP LaserJet ELI PostScript v52.3
HP LaserJet IID PostScript v52.2
# HP LaserJet IID
HP LaserJet III PostScript v52.2
# HP LaserJet III
HP LaserJet IIID PostScript v52.2
HP LaserJet IIID
# HP LaserJet IIIP PostScript v52.2
# HP LaserJet IIIP
# HP LaserJet IIISi PostScript
# HP LaserJet IIISi
# HP LaserJet IIP PostScript v52.2
# HP LaserJet IIP
HP LaserJet Plus
# HP LaserJet Series II
HP LaserJet
HP PaintJet XL
# HP PaintJet
HP ThinkJet (2225 C-D)
IBM 4019 v52.1 (17 Fonts)
# IBM 4019 v52.1 (39 Fonts)
IBM 4216-020 v47.0
IBM 4216-030 v50.5
IBM ExecJet
IBM Graphics
IBM LaserPrinter 4029 PS17
IBM LaserPrinter 4029 PS39
IBM Proprinter II
IBM Proprinter III
IBM Proprinter X24
IBM Proprinter X24e
IBM Proprinter XL II
IBM Proprinter XL III
IBM Proprinter XL
IBM Proprinter XL24
IBM Proprinter XL24e
# IBM Proprinter
IBM PS/1IBM QuickWriter 5204
IBM QuietWriter III
Kodak EktaPlus 7016
Kyocera F-Series (USA)
LinotronicTM 100 v42.5
Linotronic 200 v47.1
Linotronic 200 v49.3
Linotronic 200/230
Linotronic 300 v47.1
Linotronic 300 v49.3
Linotronic 330
Linotronic 500 v49.3
Linotronic 530
Linotronic 630
Microtek TrueLaser
Monotype Imagesetter v52.2
NEC Colormate PS/40 v51.9
NEC Colormate PS/80 v51.9
NEC Pinwriter CP6
NEC Pinwriter CP7
NEC Pinwriter P2200
NEC Pinwriter P5200
NEC Pinwriter P5300
NEC Pinwriter P5XL
NEC Pinwriter P6
NEC Pinwriter P7
NEC Pinwriter P9XL
NEC Silentwriter LC 860 Plus
NEC Silentwriter LC 860
NEC Silentwriter LC890 v47.0
NEC Silentwriter LC890XL v50.5
NEC Silentwriter2 290 v52.0
NEC Silentwriter2 90 v52.2
NEC Silentwriter2 990 v52.3
OceColor G5241 PS
OceColor G5242 PS
Oki OL840/PS V51.8
Okidata LaserLine 6
Okidata ML 192 Plus
Okidata ML 192
Okidata ML 192-IBM
Okidata ML 193 Plus
Okidata ML 193
Okidata ML 193-IBM
Okidata ML 320
Okidata ML 320-IBM
Okidata ML 321
Okidata ML 321-IBM
Okidata ML 380
Okidata ML 390 Plus
Okidata ML 390
Okidata ML 391 Plus
Okidata ML 391
Okidata ML 393 Plus
Okidata ML 393
Okidata ML 393C Plus
Okidata ML 393C
Okidata ML 92-IBM
Okidata ML 93-IBM
Okidata OL-400
Okidata OL-800
Olivetti ETV 5000
Olivetti PG 108
Olivetti PG 208 M2
Olivetti PG 306 PS (13 Fonts)
Olivetti PG 306 PS (35 Fonts)
Olivetti PG 308 HS
Panasonic KX-P1123
Panasonic KX-P1124
Panasonic KX-P1180
Panasonic KX-P1624
Panasonic KX-P1695
Panasonic KX-P4420
Panasonic KX-P4455 v51.4
# QMS ColorScriptTM 100 Model 10
QMS ColorScript 100 Model 20/30
QMS ColorScript 100 v49.3
QMS PS Jet Plus v46.1
QMS PS Jet v46.1
QMS-PS 2200 v51.0
QMS-PS 2210 v51.0
QMS-PS 2220 v51.0
QMS-PS 800 Plus v46.1
QMS-PS 800 v46.1
# QMS-PS 810 Turbo v. 51.7
# QMS-PS 810 v47.0
QMS-PS 820 Turbo v51.7
QMS-PS 820 v51.7
QuadLaser I
Qume ScripTEN v47.0
Ricoh PC Laser 6000/PS v50.5
Scantext 2030/51
Schlumberger 5232 Color PostScript Printer v50.3
Seiko ColorPoint PS Model 04
Seiko ColorPoint PS Model 14
Tandy LP-1000
Tegra Genesis
Tektronix PhaserTM II PX
Tektronix Phaser II PXi
Tektronix Phaser II PXi
Tektronix Phaser III PXi
# Tektronix Phaser III PXi
Tektronix Phaser PX
TI 850/855
TI microLaser PS17 v.52.1
TI microLaser PS35 v.52.1
TI OmniLaser 2108 v45.0
TI Omnilaser 2115 v47.0
Toshiba P1351
Toshiba P351
Toshiba PageLaser12
Triumph Adler SDR 7706 PS13
Triumph Adler SDR 7706 PS35
Unisys AP9210
Unisys AP9415 v47.0
Varityper 4200B-P
Varityper 4300P
Varityper Series 4000/5300
Varityper Series 4000/5330
Varityper Series 4000/5500 v52.2
Varityper VT-600P v48.0
Varityper VT-600W v48.0
Wang LDP8

Pointing Devices
Any mouse 100% compatible with the Microsoft Mouse.

Any keyboard 100% compatible with those listed below.

IBM AT (84-key)

Uninterruptable Power Supplies
The following Uninterruptable Power Supplies have undergone preliminary testing.

Para Systems AT800
Tripp Lite BC800LAN14
Unison (Tripp Lite) UNIPower PS 6.0 & 8.0

1 To enable multiprocessor support for this machine, copy HALSP.DLL to HAL.DLL and copy NTKRNLMP.EXE to NTOSKRNL.EXE.
2 Tape functionality has been successfully tested on a limited set of SCSI adapters: Adaptec AHA-1540b and AHA-1740, Future Domain TMC-845, TMC-7000EX, IBM SCSI Host Adapter in PS/2 model 95, Maynard 16-Bit SCSI Controller, Olivetti ESC-1 and native SCSI adapters on MIPS ARC/R4000 systems from ACER, MIPS and Olivetti.
3 The Adaptec AHA-1740A must be configured for 5 MB/second asynchronous I/O to work with listed CD-ROM drives from Chinon, Hitachi and NEC.
4 Earlier versions of this controller, including the PS/2 Model P75 have proven to have problems with various CD-ROM drives. The Chinon CDX-431 and NEC Intersect CDR-73 are known to work with this controller.
5 The Maynard SCSI Controller can be used as a general purpose SCSI controller for all tasks except Setup.
6 Machines with this SCSI adapter must use the WINNT.EXE setup method.
7 See the Beta Release Notes for more information on this adapter.
8 For use only in Olivetti machines.
9 This adapter must be configured for asynchronous I/O to work with NEC Intersect CDR-73(M) and Pioneer DRM-600 CD-ROM drives.
10 Full NDIS 3.0 conformance testing will be available in the future through Microsoft Compatibility Labs.
11 This adapter has been successfully tested in multiprocessor systems.
12 This adapter has been successfully tested in MIPS ARC/R4000 systems.
13 Not all SCSI adapter/CD-ROM drive combinations are compatible due to limitations in firmware. Consult your manufacturer or reseller prior to purchase.
14 Using the UPS applet, check the box "Remote UPS Shutdown" and set it to high.

While we have endeavored to supply as complete and accurate a list as possible, MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE COMPLETENESS AND ACCURACY OF THIS LIST. This list does not constitute an endorsement of any particular manufacturer.

Microsoft is a registered trademark, and Windows and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other product names and trademarks are property of their respective owners.

u~8888uw}~8888u~8888u~88884:*UnvQJ0xj&&jj2ModernI-!&Title: C:\C-PAULI\CORP-ART\MSLOGO.EPS!Creator: COREL DRAW*!'CreationDate: Mon Oct 16 17:48:41 1989F&%/pp_save save def
/showpage {} def
40 dict begin /pp_clip false def /pp_bbox false def
/F { pop } def /S {} def
/B { { /pp_dy1 exch def /pp_dx1 exch def
/pp_dy2 exch def /pp_dx2 exch def }
stopped not { /pp_bbox true def } if } def
/CB { { /pp_cy exch def /pp_cx exch def
/pp_cht exch def /pp_cwd exch def }
stopped not { /pp_clip true def } if } def
/pp_bx1 -336 def /pp_by1 120 def /pp_bx2 282 def /pp_by2 261 def
{ pp_cx pp_cy moveto pp_cwd 0 rlineto 0 pp_cht rlineto
pp_cwd neg 0 rlineto clip newpath } if
pp_bbox {
/pp_dy2 pp_dy2 pp_dy1 add def
/pp_dx2 pp_dx2 pp_dx1 add def
/pp_sx pp_dx2 pp_dx1 sub pp_bx2 pp_bx1 sub div def
/pp_sy pp_dy2 pp_dy1 sub pp_by1 pp_by2 sub div def
/pp_tx pp_dx1 pp_sx pp_bx1 mul sub def
/pp_ty pp_dy1 pp_sy pp_by2 mul sub def
pp_tx pp_ty translate pp_sx pp_sy scale } if
&%%!PS-Adobe-2.0 EPSF-1.2
%%BoundingBox: -336 120 282 261
%%Creator: COREL DRAW
%%CreationDate: Mon Oct 16 17:48:41 1989

%%DocumentFonts: Helvetica
/wCorelDict 200 dict def
wCorelDict begin
/wDocm matrix def
/wSavm matrix def
/wObjm matrix def
/wBmp 512 string def
/wScra 0.0 def
statusdict /pageparams known
{statusdict begin
pageparams end
1 ne {/wScra -90.0 def}if
pop pop pop

/wDfreq 60 def
/wDang 45 def
/wDspot { } def

/wSrgb { setrgbcolor } bind def
/wScr { exch wScra add exch load setscreen } bind def
/wSav { /wSobj save def } bind def
/wRes { wSobj restore } bind def
/wSg { setgray } bind def
/wMto { moveto } bind def
/wLto { lineto } bind def
/wCto { curveto } bind def
/wTl { translate } bind def
/wCp { closepath } bind def
/wGs { gsave } bind def
/wGr { grestore } bind def
/wCtm { matrix currentmatrix } bind def
/wStm { setmatrix } bind def
/wSld { [] 0 setdash } bind def
/wDsh { [3 2] 0 setdash } bind def
/wDtd { [1 2] 0 setdash } bind def
/wFillp { } def
/wCapp { } def
/wLinep { } def
/wPaintp { } def

/InRange {

3 -1 roll
2 copy le {pop}{exch pop}ifelse
2 copy ge {pop}{exch pop}ifelse
} bind def

/wDstChck {
2 1 roll dup 3 -1 roll
eq{ 1 add }if
} bind def

systemdict /setcmykcolor known
{/wCMYK {
} bind def
/wCMYK {

/wBlk exch def
wBlk add 0 1 InRange 1 exch sub 3 1 roll
wBlk add 0 1 InRange 1 exch sub 3 1 roll
wBlk add 0 1 InRange 1 exch sub 3 1 roll
} bind def

/wSscr {
currentscreen /wDspot exch def /wDang exch def /wDfreq exch def
} bind def

/wNeg {
{1 exch sub} bind settransfer
}bind def

/wRscr {
wDfreq wDang /wDspot wScr
} bind def

/wFnt {
findfont exch scalefont setfont
} bind def

/wSvm {
/wSavm wSavm currentmatrix def
} bind def

/wRsm {
wSavm setmatrix
} bind def

/wSvp {
currentpoint /wSavepy exch def /wSavepx exch def
} bind def

/wRsp {
wSavepx wSavepy moveto
} bind def

/wSa {

setlinejoin setlinecap
} bind def

/wPn {

rotate scale
} bind def

/wStbb {

/Bbury exch def
/Bburx exch def
/Bblly exch def
/Bbllx exch def
} bind def

/wDot {
dup mul exch dup mul add 1 exch sub
} bind def

/wLin {
exch pop abs 1 exch sub
} bind def

/wRBMP {
currentfile wBmp readhexstring pop
} bind def

/wR {
0 0 moveto
1 index 0 rlineto
0 exch rlineto
neg 0 rlineto
} bind def

/wE {

0.5 0 moveto
0.5 0.5 0.5 -90 270 arc
} bind def

/wCh {
true charpath
} bind def

/wACh {
0 0 moveto
true charpath
} bind def

/wChs {
} bind def

/wAChs {
0 0 moveto
} bind def

/bReEncode exch def
/newfontname exch def
/basefontname exch def /basefontdict basefontname findfont def
/newfont basefontdict maxlength dict def basefontdict
{1 index /FID ne
{newfont 3 1 roll put}
{pop pop}ifelse
} forall
newfont /Encoding get
256 array copy
newfont exch /Encoding exch put
newfont /FontName newfontname put gemenvec aload pop
gemenvec length 2 idiv
{newfont /Encoding get 3 1 roll put}repeat
newfontname newfont definefont pop
} bind def
/gemenvec [
16#80 /grave
16#81 /circumflex
16#82 /tilde
16#83 /dotlessi
16#84 /florin
16#85 /quotedblleft
16#86 /quotedblright
16#87 /guilsinglleft
16#88 /guilsinglright
16#89 /fi
16#8a /fl
16#8b /dagger
16#8c /daggerdbl
16#8d /endash
16#8e /periodcentered
16#8f /breve
16#90 /quotedblbase
16#91 /ellipsis
16#92 /perthousand
16#a1 /exclamdown
16#a2 /cent
16#a3 /sterling
16#a4 /currency
16#a5 /yen
16#a6 /bar
16#a7 /section
16#a8 /dieresis
16#a9 /copyright
16#aa /ordfeminine
16#ab /guillemotleft
16#ac /logicalnot
16#ad /emdash
16#ae /regist&%ered
16#af /space
16#b0 /ring
16#b1 /space
16#b2 /space
16#b3 /space
16#b4 /acute
16#b5 /space
16#b6 /paragraph
16#b7 /bullet
16#b8 /cedilla
16#b9 /space
16#ba /ordmasculine
16#bb /guillemotright
16#bc /space
16#bd /space
16#be /space
16#bf /questiondown
16#c0 /Agrave
16#c1 /Aacute
16#c2 /Acircumflex
16#c3 /Atilde
16#c4 /Adieresis
16#c5 /Aring
16#c6 /AE
16#c7 /Ccedilla
16#c8 /Egrave
16#c9 /Eacute
16#ca /Ecircumflex
16#cb /space
16#cc /Igrave
16#cd /Iacute
16#ce /Icircumflex
16#cf /Idieresis
16#d0 /space
16#d1 /Ntilde
16#d2 /Ograve
16#d3 /Oacute
16#d4 /Ocircumflex
16#d5 /Otilde
16#d6 /Odieresis
16#d7 /OE
16#d8 /Oslash
16#d9 /Ugrave
16#da /Uacute
16#db /Ucircumflex
16#dc /Udieresis
16#dd /space
16#de /space
16#df /germandbls
16#e0 /agrave
16#e1 /aacute
16#e2 /acircumflex
16#e3 /atilde
16#e4 /adieresis
16#e5 /aring
16#e6 /ae
16#e7 /ccedilla
16#e8 /egrave
16#e9 /eacute
16#ea /ecircumflex
16#eb /edieresis
16#ec /igrave
16#ed /iacute
16#ee /icircumflex
16#ef /idieresis
16#f0 /space
16#f1 /ntilde
16#f2 /ograve
16#f3 /oacute
16#f4 /ocircumflex
16#f5 /otilde
16#f6 /odieresis
16#f7 /oe
16#f8 /oslash
16#f9 /ugrave
16#fa /uacute
16#fb /ucircumflex
16#fc /udieresis
16#fd /space
16#fe /space
16#ff /ydieresis
] def

/wMax {

2 copy ge{pop}{exch pop}ifelse
} bind def

/wMin {

2 copy le{pop}{exch pop}ifelse
} bind def

/wFtn {

/Ang exch def
/ToK exch 0 1 InRange def
/ToY exch 0 1 InRange def
/ToM exch 0 1 InRange def
/ToC exch 0 1 InRange def
/FrmK exch 0 1 InRange def
/FrmY exch 0 1 InRange def
/FrmM exch 0 1 InRange def
/FrmC exch 0 1 InRange def

ToC FrmC sub dup /dC exch def abs
ToM FrmM sub dup /dM exch def abs
ToY FrmY sub dup /dY exch def abs
ToK FrmK sub dup /dK exch def abs

wMax wMax wMax
200 mul cvi 200 wMin /fStp exch def

/dC dC fStp div def
/dM dM fStp div def
/dY dY fStp div def
/dK dK fStp div def

Bbllx Bblly moveto
Bbllx Bbury lineto
Bburx Bbury lineto
Bburx Bblly lineto
Ang rotate
/Stp 2 index 5 index sub fStp div def
/Bllx1 4 index def
/Bllx2 Bllx1 Stp add def
/BburY 1 index def
/BbllY 3 index def
4{ pop }repeat

FrmC FrmM FrmY FrmK
0 1 fStp 1 sub
4 copy
dK add 4 1 roll
dY add 4 1 roll
dM add 4 1 roll
dC add 4 1 roll
Bllx1 BbllY moveto
Bllx1 BburY lineto
Bllx2 BburY lineto
Bllx2 BbllY lineto
/Bllx2 Bllx2 Stp add def
/Bllx1 Bllx1 Stp add def
} for
4{ pop }repeat
} bind def

/wRfn {

/ToK exch 0 1 InRange def
/ToY exch 0 1 InRange def
/ToM exch 0 1 InRange def
/ToC exch 0 1 InRange def
/FrmK exch 0 1 InRange def
/FrmY exch 0 1 InRange def
/FrmM exch 0 1 InRange def
/FrmC exch 0 1 InRange def

ToC FrmC sub dup /dC exch def abs
ToM FrmM sub dup /dM exch def abs
ToY FrmY sub dup /dY exch def abs
ToK FrmK sub dup /dK exch def abs

wMax wMax wMax
200 mul cvi 200 wMin /fStp exch def

/dC dC fStp div def
/dM dM fStp div def
/dY dY fStp div def
/dK dK fStp div def

4 setflat
Bbllx Bblly moveto
Bbllx Bbury lineto
Bburx Bbury lineto
Bburx Bblly lineto
3 -1 roll
4 copy
add 2 div 0 exch translate
add 2 div 0 translate
sub 2 div dup mul
3 1 roll
sub 2 div dup mul
add sqrt
dup /rad exch def
fStp div /dr exch def

FrmC FrmM FrmY FrmK
0 1 fStp 1 sub
4 copy
dK add 4 1 roll
dY add 4 1 roll
dM add 4 1 roll
dC add 4 1 roll
0 0 rad 0 360 arc fill
/rad rad dr sub def
} for
4{ pop }repeat
} bind def

/wReg {
0 wSg 4 setlinewidth
2 copy 75 0 360 arc closepath
2 copy moveto 125 0 rlineto
2 copy moveto -125 0 rlineto
2 copy moveto 0 125 rlineto
moveto 0 -125 rlineto stroke
} bind def

/wArr {

-2 -1.5 rmoveto
0.5 1.0 0.5 2.0 0 3 rcurveto
3.5 -1.5 rlineto
} bind def

0.072 dup scale
0.j&%000 0.000 0.000 1.000 wCMYK 0 0 wSa wSld
1 setlinewidth
11.4738 setmiterlimit
/Helvetica /F1a01 true ReEncodeSmall

/wDocm wCtm def
-1152 1941 189 2961 wStbb
-1185 1915 222 2986 wStbb
4121 389 wTl
[2.5226 0.0000 -0.1763 2.5226 -5036.1725 -3137.3276] concat /wObjm wCtm def
/Linep { } bind def
/Fillp { wRscr
0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 wCMYK eofill } bind def
/Paintp { wGs wDocm wStm wGs Fillp wGr Linep wGr newpath} bind def
390 2159 wMto
311 2153 243 1951 338 1963 wCto
413 1974 464 2165 390 2159 wCto
wCp 418 2263 wMto
596 2263 562 2067 539 2055 wCto
409 1987 wLto
519 1987 wLto
519 1987 465 1860 297 1861 wCto
38 1861 152 2263 418 2263 wCto
wCp Paintp
-2714 3060 -2296 3316 wStbb
-2724 3053 -2285 3322 wStbb
2817 2316 wTl
[2.5226 0.0000 0.2484 2.7896 -7341.7193 -340.1252] concat /wObjm wCtm def
/Linep { } bind def
/Fillp { wRscr
0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 wCMYK eofill } bind def
/Paintp { wGs wDocm wStm wGs Fillp wGr Linep wGr newpath} bind def
695 480 wMto
836 480 wLto
821 390 wLto
681 390 wLto
695 480 wLto
wCp Paintp
-2984 1973 -2392 2950 wStbb
-2998 1948 -2377 2974 wStbb
2817 2316 wTl
[2.5226 0.0000 0.2484 2.7896 -7341.7193 -340.1252] concat /wObjm wCtm def
/Linep { } bind def
/Fillp { wRscr
0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 wCMYK eofill } bind def
/Paintp { wGs wDocm wStm wGs Fillp wGr Linep wGr newpath} bind def
612 0 wMto
670 349 wLto
811 349 wLto
747 0 wLto
612 0 wLto
wCp Paintp
-4424 1915 3280 3395 wStbb
-4616 1878 3472 3432 wStbb
4121 389 wTl
[2.5226 0.0000 -0.1763 2.5226 -5036.1725 -3137.3276] concat /wObjm wCtm def
/Linep { } bind def
/Fillp { wRscr
0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 wCMYK eofill } bind def
/Paintp { wGs wDocm wStm wGs Fillp wGr Linep wGr newpath} bind def
-925 2078 wMto
-732 2401 wLto
-549 2401 wLto
-717 1872 wLto
-852 1872 wLto
-749 2193 wLto
-936 1872 wLto
-1040 1872 wLto
-1025 2193 wLto
-1123 1872 wLto
-1259 1872 wLto
-1091 2401 wLto
-909 2401 wLto
-925 2078 wLto
wCp 1585 2171 wMto
1525 1992 wLto
1483 1850 1569 1867 1694 1872 wCto
1727 1981 wLto
1659 1981 1673 2000 1684 2038 wCto
1724 2169 wLto
1792 2169 wLto
1821 2262 wLto
1753 2262 wLto
1782 2367 wLto
1647 2367 wLto
1617 2262 wLto
1533 2262 wLto
1544 2302 1560 2326 1612 2326 wCto
1643 2424 wLto
1437 2435 1434 2355 1399 2263 wCto
1347 2263 wLto
1322 2170 wLto
1369 2170 wLto
1275 1872 wLto
1410 1872 wLto
1509 2171 wLto
1585 2171 wLto
wCp 1140 2159 wMto
1061 2153 993 1951 1088 1963 wCto
1163 1974 1214 2165 1140 2159 wCto
wCp 1168 2263 wMto
1450 2269 1301 1850 1047 1861 wCto
788 1861 902 2263 1168 2263 wCto
wCp 796 2141 wMto
808 2217 674 2159 738 2130 wCto
795 2102 920 2102 894 1998 wCto
868 1906 795 1861 680 1861 wCto
576 1861 521 1888 527 1987 wCto
657 1987 wLto
652 1922 747 1929 750 1981 wCto
757 2026 555 2003 584 2119 wCto
602 2193 674 2257 779 2263 wCto
920 2263 940 2193 921 2141 wCto
796 2141 wLto
wCp 99 2177 wMto
126 2217 143 2257 247 2257 wCto
197 2107 wLto
104 2107 83 2078 64 2021 wCto
14 1872 wLto
-126 1872 wLto
-3 2257 wLto
122 2257 wLto
99 2177 wLto
wCp -210 2113 wMto
-188 2188 -292 2188 -331 2078 wCto
-378 1946 -276 1929 -236 2021 wCto
-95 2021 wLto
-131 1922 -229 1856 -334 1856 wCto
-598 1856 -488 2263 -217 2274 wCto
-149 2274 -34 2240 -70 2113 wCto
-210 2113 wLto
wCp Paintp
3436 2710 3685 2959 wStbb
3429 2703 3691 2965 wStbb
5980 2526 wTl
[1.8920 0.0000 0.0000 1.8920 -2534.6868 195.3706] concat /wObjm wCtm def
/Linep { } bind def
/Fillp { } bind def
/Paintp { wGs wDocm wStm wGs Fillp wGr Linep wGr newpath} bind def
250 /F1a01 wFnt
wGs wRscr
0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 wCMYK (\256) 0 0 0 wAChs
wGr wRes
&&&%pp_save restore

} bind def

/wArr {

-2 -1.5 rmoveto
0.5 1.0 0.5 2.0 0 3 rcurveto
3.5 -1.5 rlineto
} bind def

0.072 dup scale
0.j&%000 0.000 0.00WX*,,,0C2CJJTUTUVVVVVVV`WbWtWWXXZZZ[c[e[z[[[[[[[[\\\\\\"]#]C]D]`]a]}]~]]]]]]]]]]]0^2^D^^(R^^^^^^^__P`R`````#a%a@aaaaabb
ppuuwwAzCzUzzzzzzz{h{{{{{{{L|M|}}~ ~~~bcSU:> U>Z_`hjJ'Ik-DZ


4K`u'?Yq+A]|2@N\n*9Wn$A`@h@h^4Rs/Nl/BUm!/\5Qm#:Wo1Oh6EWx2H`z(@h@h^(9Q`q"1@Np1Jd / C V i |
Headline-24ptBody text-12ptBody text-11ptBody text-10ptSubhead
HB SubheadTrademarktEE<$0=E$=$=

(&/;$EMV.^ve5l`t{j`abcdefghijklmnWTimesSymbol"Helvetica&ArialTimes New Roman2Modern5Courier New^eeE0m|p2Windows NT Version 3.1 Hardware Compatibility ListNT HCLprototype for NT HCLJohnOwTerry Emmel

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