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WinSock v3.20 - Windows benchmark test.
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WinSock v3.20 – Windows benchmark test.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

WindSock 3.20 - Windows Performance Analysis Utility
FreeWare by Chris Hewitt
Copyright (c) 1992, 1993 Technical Pixies

This package consists of the following files:

TOOLHELP.DLL- MicroSoft's ToolHelp DLL for Windows
WINDSOCK.EXE- WindSock 3.20 Program
WINDSOCK.HLP- WindSock 3.20 Help File
COMPAQM.WSK - WindSock Stat File
WIND3031.WSK - WindSock Stat File
WIND3031.TXT - Commentary for WIND3031.WSK

In order to install WindSock 3.20:

1) Check to see if you already have a TOOLHELP.DLL in your Windows
directory. If you do, check it's date stamp. If it is older than
the TOOLHELP.DLL included in this package, replace it with this
one, otherwise leave it.

NOTE: If you have an old version of Dr. Watson DO NOT delete your
current TOOLHELP.DLL. The two DLLs are incompatible and you will
not be able to run DR. Watson with the later one. Get a new version
of Dr. Watson. In the meantime you will have to alternate the DLLs
to run both products.

2) Copy the all the files to a directory on your hard disk. The windows
directory is OK but C:\WINDSOCK or whatever is probably easier to

3) Use File...New in the program manager to add the WINDSOCK.EXE to
one of your program groups.

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