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In/Out Board for Microsoft Windows (Network Ready).
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In/Out Board for Microsoft Windows (Network Ready).
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Contents of the README.WRI file

[email protected] 2.0

Better than Email, classier than groping over office walls, alert administrative personnel to your whereabouts at all times. Save time and energy with INBOARD !

Use Inboard as an electronic In/Out board, as a means of keeping track of where fellow workers are, or as an alarm to notify you of when an individual 'checks-in'. These as well as many more uses can be realized with this small, easy to use program.

INBOARD is Share-Ware and can be distributed freely. It is asked however, that if you like this - as I am sure you will - please considering becoming a registered user. More on this later.


1) Microsoft Windows 3.0

2) PC Networking Software - such as Novell, Lan Manager, NFS


1) Have your system administrator set up directories on a network drive similar to the tree below:

\ - Logical Root
Inboard - Inboards Base Directory
Inboard\Group1 - Optional Group Directory
Inboard\Group2 - Optional Group Directory

Inboard can function in one of two ways. All users can share a common directory ( Inboard as seen above ) or users can be split up into groups to reduce the number of users seen on the screen at any given time. The INBOARD.INI file will point to one of these directories.

Your choice will most likely be based on the number of users, or organizational considerations.

NOTE: User MUST have bother read and write permissions on these directories !!!!

2) Copy the entire contents of this Compressed file ( except this file 'README.WRI' ) to each users WINDOWS directory.

3) Using NOTEPAD, edit each users INBOARD.INI file. As follows:


User - This is the user name. It May be a login name or any meaningful identifier. If two or more words are required, use underscore to tie the words together. There is an eight character limit on this name !!

Group - This is an explicit path to the Inboard directory created in step #1. If groups were also created, they must be included in this path.

Delay - This is the number of seconds to pause between screen updates. Default is 20.

Stat1-Stat5 - These are the users predefined status messages. They will be used to alter the users status during operation, so the most frequently values should be used.

4) Save the INBOARD.INI file.

5) From the Program Manager Screen:
Click on File, then New.
Click on the FILE option, then OK.
Under Description, Type INBOARD.
Under Command Line enter INBOARD.EXE.
Click on OK.

Inboard is now ready ready to go.

Inboard 2.0

How to use Inboard.

The main Inboard screen has five controls. These are:

1) IN - This button will put the user IN. The users name will now be displayed on other users screen. This offers quick visual recognition the that user has started Inboard and will also cause another users alarm to go off if they
have it set to alert them of this user becoming available.

The currently selected radio-button value from the bottom of the screen will be inserted as the users current status. To change this see below.

2) OUT - The users name is removed from all lists during the next update cycle.

3) EXIT - This Button exits the program leaving all status messages in tact - and the user 'In' or 'Out' based on current setting.

4) UPDATE - This button is simply a manual update of the user list. It can be used in between timed cycles to see
if users have checked in or out.

5) USER STATUS - This will read the radio-button status box at the bottom of the screen and place that value as the users current status. This button needs to be pressed each time the user wants to alter their status - the only exception being when the IN button is pressed and the user is added to the list.

6) STATUS OPTION BUTTONS - You will recognize five of these as being values you entered in the INBOARD.INI file. The custom button will open a window and allow a user to enter a status in an ad-hoc manner. Remember to click on the USER STATUS button to actually make the status change.

7) USER BOX and SELECTED STATUS - The user box displays all users who have checked 'IN'. This box will be updated via the timed update mechanism, or can be manually refreshed with the UPDATE button. To see the users status , double click on the name, and the selected users status will be placed in the box labeled SELECTED STATUS in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This status will also be updated by the timer to notify you of a status change. ( Mary back From Sales Meeting ).

The Menu Bar Options Are:

1) File - This simply offers yet another way to exit the program.

2) Settings - This screen allows user to adjust the update timer value and also set or cancel an alarm. To set an alarm, simply enter the users name in the box, press enable, and OK. When this user 'Checks-In', two beeps will sound and a Pop-Up window will appear at the top of the screen, even if Inboard is in an iconized state at the time. The alarm will automatically disarm itself once it finds its target user.

HELP - At this time HELP will only bring up an 'About' screen with the Inboard Logo.

Be a pal... if you like this software, fill out the registration form below and send it in. You will be entitled to the next version of Inboard.

Please forward all comments and problems to the address found on the form. Thanks for your Support.


Company Name _________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________

City ____________________________

State - Zip _____ ________________

Technical Contact ____________________________

Technical Contact Phone ______________________

Amount Enclosed $_________

Number Of Users _________

Registration Fees:

1 - 10 Users: 15.00

11 - 25 Users: 25.00

26 - 50 Users: 35.00

51 - 75 Users: 45.00

76 - 100 Users: 55.00

Unlimited Site License: 100.00

Send To:

Micro Associates
2066 Eldridge Ave.
North Saint Paul
MN 55109
option, then OK.
Under Description, Type INBOARD.
Under Command Line enter INBOARD.EXE.
Click on OK.



-indow and allow a user to enter a status in an ad-hoc manner. Remember to click on the USER ST0Courier0PicaTms Rmntatus change.

7) USER BOX and SELECTED STATUS - The user box displays all users who hav

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