Dec 082017
File COMT.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Windows 3.X Files
This fantastic program redirects an unused Windows COM port to a WinSock connection so that you can use your favorite Windows Terminal program instead of some brain dead Telnet implementation.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUGS.WRI 2176 962 deflated
COMMT.DRV 42496 18679 deflated
COMTCFG.EXE 10752 3581 deflated
HOSTNAME.EXE 9728 2725 deflated
INSTALL.BIN 51798 51777 deflated
INSTALL.BMP 3142 454 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 14336 7586 deflated
INSTALL.INF 521 521 stored
INSTLIB.DLL 18944 7711 deflated
MANUAL.WRI 23680 8152 deflated
README.TXT 7279 2534 deflated
REGFORM.WRI 2816 1007 deflated
REGISTER.WRI 4096 1786 deflated

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