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Windows program to edit/take surveys.
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Windows program to edit/take surveys.
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Contents of the !README.WRI file

Version 2.0
Copyright March 1993
CompStat Software

Software Requirements

l MS-DOS or PC-DOS, version 3.1 or later and Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later

l A personal computer with an 80286 processor (or higher) and one megabyte or more of memory (640K conventional memory and 384K of extended memory)

l A hard disk with one megabyte of free disk space, and at least one floppy disk drive

l A monitor that is supported by Windows

l A printer that is support by Windows if you want to print with Windows

l A mouse that is supported by Windows. Though it is not required, a mouse is highly recommended so that you can take full advantage of Window's easy-to-use graphical interface

l An existing questionnaire that contains no more than 200 questions, each of which allows only one selection to be made from up to 10 possible choices

Installing the Software

When you run the program to install WinSurvey on your computer you will be asked to verify the directory where you want to store WinSurvey.

You can install WinSurvey from Windows or DOS using any floppy drive. The example shows how using the A drive.

To install from Windows:
1. Put the WinSurvey disk in the A drive.
2. In the File Manager, choose Run from the File menu.
3. Type A:INSTALL and press ENTER.
4. Follow the installation instructions on the screen.

To install from DOS:
1. Put the WinSurvey disk in the A drive.
2. Switch to that drive by typing A: and press ENTER.
3. Type WIN INSTALL and press ENTER.
4. Follow the installation instructions on the screen.

Note: Do not try to install WinSurvey by copying the files from the installation disk. The files are compressed and are converted into usable files during the installation process.

After the program files are installed, you will be asked whether or not to create a group for WinSurvey. By deciding to create a group for WinSurvey, the program will automatically be added to Windows without having to run Setup.

Starting WinSurvey

At the DOS prompt, type WIN and press ENTER.

After the Windows desktop appears, open the WinSurvey group icon. Double-click the WInSurvey icon or select the icon and press ENTER.

WInSurvey will load and display its logo. The logo will disappear as soon as you click the mouse anywhere on the screen or make a menu selection.

You are ready now to either define a new survey definition or load an existing survey definition.

During the installation, a sample definition named SENTINEL was copied to the hard disk.

Instructions for using WinSurvey can be found under the Help menu's index.

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