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Extracts Windows icons from .EXE and .DLL files (requires VBRUN300).
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Extracts Windows icons from .EXE and .DLL files (requires VBRUN300).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CTL3D.DLL 19568 9464 deflated
ICO_EX11.DLL 11184 933 deflated
ICO_EX11.EXE 41751 14917 deflated
ICO_EX11.HLP 70269 14604 deflated
ICO_EX11.TXT 1124 610 deflated
THREED.VBX 64544 26072 deflated

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Contents of the ICO_EX11.TXT file

What Is GT Icon Extract v1.1

GT Icon Extract v1.0 is a utility that will extract icons from
Windows executable (.EXE) files and Windows dynamic link
library (.DLL) files and save them to .ICO files. This utility
is brought to you for free. However, I have not been known to
refuse money.

Distribution Files

Please check the included .HLP for installation notes. This program
requires VBRUN300.DLL. This dynamic link library is not included
in this package to minimize its size. Please locate a copy in the
site where you acquired this program. Otherwise, write me and I'll
send you a copy. My address is:

Email: [email protected]
US Mail: George R. Torralba
8728 Phinney Ave. N #8
Seattle, WA 98103

Change from v1.0

o Replaced a function in the code that needed another separate dynamic
link library. I was unaware of this because the VB manuals failed
to mention it.

* End of ICO_EX11.TXT

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