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Screen Peace add-on -- Draws and solves a maze.
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Screen Peace add-on — Draws and solves a maze.
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By Russell Poffenberger CIS 72401,276
E-mail [email protected]

1.) This Screen Peace saver module creates a random maze of corridors 10 pixels wide across
the screen. After drawing this maze, the computer solves it and displays its progress by
drawing a line through the corridors. The speed at which it draws and solves the maze is
dependent on the speed of the CPU. A 25Mhz 386 gives a good display, slower systems will of
course perform the drawing and solving slower. Probably anything less than a 12Mhz 286 will
be somewhat lethargic.

2.) The maze self adjusts to the size of the screen. An 800 X 600 display gives a good
picture, but just about anything better than a CGA will look good.

3.) The algorithm uses a fair amount of memory, so real mode with several running programs
like the file manager and such may have taken too much memory to allow the maze saver to
run. If this is the case, bringing up the "options" menu of Screen Peace will not show the
screen saver in its list of known savers. There should be no problem in standard or 386
enhanced with about 96K of total free memory.

Any questions, or ideas on more screen saver modules, please drop a line.

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