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Series Of Add-Ins For Windows Control Panel.
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Series Of Add-Ins For Windows Control Panel.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
NNAD.CPL 1872 854 deflated
NNATM.CPL 1872 976 deflated
NNDSOUND.CPL 1872 850 deflated
NNPIFED.CPL 1872 843 deflated
NNREGED.CPL 1904 921 deflated
NNSETUP.CPL 1840 905 deflated
NNSYSED.CPL 1872 829 deflated
NN_CPL.TXT 1086 504 deflated

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Contents of the NN_CPL.TXT file

NEVERnever Software's Control Panel Applets 1.1

NEVERnever Software's Control Panel Applets are a collection of
add in's to the Control Panel to start programs from the Control
Panel. Included are:

nnatm.cplto start the Abobe ATM control panel
nndsound.cplto start the DSOUND control panel
nnreged.cplto start the Registration Information Editor
nnsysed.cpl to start the system Configuration Editor
nnad.cplto start the After Dark control panel
nnpifed.cplto start the PIF editor
nnsetup.cplto start Windows Setup

To install these CPL's in the Control Panel, just copy them to the
windows system directory.

These collections of Control Panel Applets are completely FreeWare.
If you like them, have questions, find bugs, or ideas about improvements
or additions, e-mail me at [email protected]


1.0Initial release, included nnatm.cpl, nndsound.cpl, nnreged.cpl
and nnsysed.cpl.

1.1 added nnad.cpl, nnpifed.cpl, and nnsetup.cpl. Added error handling
to all cpl's and optimized them.

NEVERnever Software 1993

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