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Decide whether or not to load Windows on boot.
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Decide whether or not to load Windows on boot.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

(c)Copyright Earl W. Hartsell, 1991. All rights reserved.
Released to Public Domain on 1/1/92 by the Authors.

Definitions: The software product refers to all enclosed documentation,
source code, and executables.

This software product may be distributed with the stipulation that only
a nominal fee may be charged for duplication, media, and postage not to
exceed 5 dollars per disk. However the software package may not be
altered in any way by the distributor.

The Winders is offered on an as-is-basis without any guarantee
or warranty either expressed or implied. The authors do not
guarantee the software package to be fit for any specific purpose or use
in any way. I believe this software package functions as stated in the
documantation but the user(s) of the software package assumes all risk and
liability involved in its operation. The user(s) signify acceptance of
all risk and liability by any execution of the program. The authors are
in no way liable for any loss of data, incidental or consequential damage
resulting from the use of this software package.

This software package has been released to the Public Domain.
However if you would like to make a voluntary donation to some poor
students. Please send any bug-reports, comments, etc. to:

Earl W. Hartsell
3411 Sevier Ave. Apt. A-3
Knoxville, TN 37920

Released to Public Domain on 1/1/92 by the Author.

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