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Wyndfields is a relational database program for Windows, useful for keeping track of any type of structured information.
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Wyndfields is a relational database program for Windows, useful for keeping track of any type of structured information.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


Thank you for trying out WYNDFIELDS FOR WINDOWS. To install the program:

From DOS:
At the DOS prompt type INSTALL and press .

From Windows:
Select Program Manager's FILE - RUN command.
Enter A:SETUP as the command to run (assuming Wyndfields is on a
diskette in your A-drive).

For complete instructions on using the program:
Browse through the Overview Topics in the on-line Help system, or
Load the file WFW.WRI into the Windows Write program.

To print out this file and Order Form:
At the DOS prompt type COPY READ.ME PRN and press .

This program is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware
principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-
related problem with an ASP member by contacting the member directly,
ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a
dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does not provide technical
support for members' products. Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at
545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 49442-9427 or send a Compuserve message
via CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.


WYNDFIELDS FOR DOS - A flat-file (non-relational) version of WYNDFIELDS
which runs in DOS rather than in Windows.

WYNDSHELL is a non-memory-resident Hard Disk Menu program which allows
you to run the programs on your computer from easily definable menus.
Built into WYNDSHELL is another program: WYND-DOS, a utility program
which performs such functions as formatting disks, copying and
deleting files, and creating subdirectories - all from a friendly
environment - without having to type commands at a DOS prompt.
WYNDSHELL and WYND-DOS support the use of a mouse. A stand-alone
version of WYND-DOS is available at a reduced price.

FLAGS is an educational program which displays representations of over
600 different flags of the world. (Requires color monitor.)


This software is a fully operational program with complete documentation.
You are encouraged to use, copy, and distribute it as freely as you wish.
But if you do find it useful, we ask that you please register your copy.
There are several reasons why it is to your advantage to do this:

1. This is the only way in which this software is supported.
WYNDWARE depends on your registration fee for our continued
existence. If we do not receive your registration, we will be
unable to continue offering programs like this to you.

2. By registering, you are assured of receiving the most up-to-date
and full-featured product possible. We are continually upgrading
our products, making them more powerful and easier to use. When
you register, you will receive a copy of the most current version
of the program, and will be placed on our list to receive notices
of new revisions when they become available.

3. The initial registration reminder dialog box which appears at the
beginning of the program is removed when you install your
registered copy.

4. While the documentation in the on-disk manual is complete, you will
receive a printed manual when you register the program.

5. Additional sample data files are also included with the
registered version, including the up-to-date STAR TREK database,
and a complex relational database of YES music.

6. As an added incentive for registering at this time, we will also
include with your order at NO additional cost a copy of STARFIELD,
a one- or two-player game for Windows.

7. Registered users will also receive the WYNDFIELDS IMPORTER, a
utility program which converts ASCII and dBASE data directly into
the Wyndfields format, with no need for you to design a Wyndfields
database first!

To become a registered owner of WYNDFIELDS FOR WINDOWS, or to order
other WYNDWARE products, use the convenient order form which follows, or
call 1-800-475-1628 for credit card orders.


One Parker Place, Suite 308
Janesville, WI 53545 U.S.A.
(608) 755-1628
(800) 475-1628

Name __________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________


City ______________________________ State _______ Zip _______________

Country ______________________________ Phone ____________________________

_ _ _
|_| Check or Money Order |_| Mastercard |_| VISA

Card Number ______________________________________________________________

Signature ____________________________ Expiration Date __________________

_____ copies of WYNDFIELDS FOR WINDOWS at $99.00 each . . . $ ____________

_____ copies of WYNDFIELDS FOR DOS at $70.00 each . . . . ____________

_____ copies of WYNDSHELL / WYND-DOS at $45.00 each . . . . ____________

_____ copies of WYNDSHELL alone at $30.00 each . . . . ____________

_____ copies of WYND-DOS alone at $30.00 each . . . . ____________

_____ copies of FLAGS at $25.00 each . . . . ____________

Wisconsin residents add 5% Sales Tax . . . . ____________

Non-USA orders please add 20% shipping . . . ____________

TOTAL ENCLOSED. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ ____________

Registered owners will receive the most recent version of the program,
with a detailed Manual, and will be eligible to receive updates to the
program as improvements are made to it.

Please contact us for site-licensing and quantity discounts.

Where did you get your copy of WYNDFIELDS? _______________________________

Comments _________________________________________________________________

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