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Clipboard Enhancement Utility for Windows 3.1. ClipMate captures all text items that appear on the Clipboard and keeps them for later retrieval.

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ClipMate for Windows v2.0 - Clipboard
Enhancement. ClipMate remembers all items
that you copy to the Windows Clipboard. Lets
you view, edit, combine, and print clipboard
data. New release features support for
most clipboard formats, including Bitmap,
Picture, RTF, OLE, and more! Select items
visually with new Thumbnail View. New
PowerPaste(tm) feature eases pasting.
Shareware $25 By Thornton Software Solutions

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Clipboard Enhancement Utility for Windows 3.1. ClipMate captures all text items that appear on the Clipboard and keeps them for later retrieval.
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Contents of the CLMREAD.TXT file

Installation and release notes for
ClipMate (TM) for Windows v2.0
Release Date (07/14/93)

Thornton Software Solutions is owned and operated by Chris Thornton,
author and copyright owner of ClipMate(TM) for Windows.

*********************** Installation Notes *************************
To install ClipMate, just run the accompanying
SETUP program from the Program Manager.

If you already have the files on your hard drive, you can still use
the SETUP program. It is strongly recommended that ClipMate be
placed in its own directory.

When the Setup program runs, it will create a ClipMate group,
with the ClipMate icon, and icons for documentation. If you
decide to move the ClipMate icon to another group, such as the
STARTUP group, you can delete the ClipMate group.

* WARNING: * *


* If you already have ClipMate on your system: *
* If the old version is running, quit out of it. *
* Make a backup of any data files (.CLM) that *
* you want to keep. *
* Your data files will be converted to v2.0, *
* which is NOT backward-compatible. *
* You may install ClipMate into the same directory *
* as the older version. *

It is important that ClipMate be placed in its own
directory. When first run, ClipMate will create a
\data directory.

You are encouraged to place ClipMate in your Startup Group,
and to assign a hot-key to it. The hot-key must be done
through the Program Manager, but the group can be changed
during installation.

To assign a hot key (after installation), just click once
on the icon, and select File|Properties from the Program
Manager's File Menu. In the Hotkey field, press a
key-combination, such as Ctrl+Alt+C.

ClipMate 2.0 has many new features, such as support for
virtually all data types, such as Graphics, and OLE
objects. Be sure to try the new PowerPaste feature!
See: "What's New" in the on-line Help.

**************** End of Installation Notes ******************

* Notice to Compuserve Users: *
* On-Line registration is available. *
* See HELP for details! *

Product Description:
ClipMate remembers all items that you copy to the Windows Clipboard.
You can view, edit, combine, and print clipboard data. Data is saved to
disk between sessions.
New release features support for most clipboard formats, including Bitmap,
Picture, RTF, OLE, and more! Select items visually with new Thumbnail View.
New PowerPaste(tm) feature eases pasting into your application.
Advanced memory management lets you collect hundreds of items.
Shareware $25 U.S. ASP Author.

CLIPMATE.EXE The executable program - requires Windows 3.1
CLMICONS.DLL Dynamic Link Libary to support the iconbar.
CLMREAD.TXT README file with installation notes.
CLMREG.TXT Registration form.
VENDOR.DOC Vendor Description for Shareware vendor or BBS Sysops.
FILE_ID.DIZ BBS Standard Description File
SETUP.EXE Setup Program, by Brad Smith
SETUP.INF Configuration file for SETUP
NOTE: The OMBUDSMN statement can be found in the on-line help.
For that reason, it is not duplicated on its own file.

Optional Files: Archives, containing all above files.
May or may not be present, depending upon where you obtained
CLIPMT.ZIP or ZIP file containing all of above files. May or may not
CLIPMT15.ZIP be present, depending upon where you got ClipMate from.
CLIPMT20.EXE Self-Extracting archive, often used instead of .ZIP file.

OBSOLETE FILE: CLMVEND.DOC - Old version of VENDOR.DOC. Name changed
to conform to standards.

Just run SETUP.EXE. ClipMate will be installed,
and the icon will be put in the program manager,
in a new group called CLIPMATE. It is suggested
that you move this icon to your STARUP group.

Manual Installation:
To manually install ClipMate, just copy all of the
Distribution Files to the directory of your
choice. It doesn't need to be in the path, and
there are no funny environment variables to set.
Create a directory, such as \clipmate, and put the
files there.

Create an icon in the program manager with a
Command Line that points to ClipMate.

For example:

Effect on Your System:
The first time that you run ClipMate, it will
create \windows\clipmate.ini. WIN.INI is NOT
altered in any way, nor are any of your other
system files.

See CLIPMATE.INI in the on-line help.

ClipMate will create and save the clipboard data
into DEFAULT.CLM, or another .CLM file that you

De-Installation Notes:
These instructions are included in the event that you determine that
ClipMate does not meet your needs, and therefore should be removed
from your system.

Before deleting ClipMate, you should review the contents of
the OVERVIEW screen in the on-line help. If you have put ClipMate through
a proper evaluation, then everything on that screen should be familiar to
you. If this is not the case, then you may want to spend some more time
evaluating ClipMate.

In the event that you wish to remove ClipMate from your system,
erase the following files:
CLIPMATE.EXE |ClipMate distribution files.


CLIPMT.ZIP |The archive file should
CLIPMT20.ZIP |be one of these.

Anything in the DATA sub-directory, located off of the
ClipMate directory.

CLIPMATE.INI |found in your Windows directory.

Please note that no changes were made to your WIN.INI, System.INI,
or any other Windows system files. There are no hidden files.

System Requirements:
Windows 3.1.
VGA or better display. Monchrome vga is ok.

Bug Reports:
Please send any bug reports, along with a description of your
system (hardware and software) to CompuServ id: 70743,2546 or
Thornton Software Solutions
PO Box 26263
Rochester, NY 14626

Known Problems:
Norton Desktop for Windows users should upgrade to Norton Desktop
version 2.0.

Revision History:
v2.0 (07/13/92)
Graphics, other large data types.
PowerPaste, Thumbnail Select. Load On Demand.

v1.152 (8/9/92)
Minor change to Magnification Window. Sometimes it came up blank
when opened. This is now fixed. The magnification window now
remembers its position, even if it is not re-sized.
Documentation Change: Re-name of feature from Pro-Active Glue to

v1.15 (8/6/92)
Major enhancements include printing, proacive "Glue Mode", fixed font
in Magnification Window, Auto Update for editing in Magnification
Window, smarter Titles, smarter Wrapping in Magnification Window,
fix for the "shutdown bug", and a fix for the "WIN31 Startup Bug".

v1.14 (3/07/92)
Fine tuning of 8515 fonts - used on some XGA systems.
Included info on BONUS utilities.

v1.12 (3/02/92)
Fix for 8514 fonts. Window didn't size correctly when 8514 fonts
were used in some 800x600 SVGA modes.
ASP logo fixed to diaplay properly on monochrome screens.
Magnification Window used to ignore manual edit changes when the
"Wrap Text?" checkbox was clicked. This is now fixed.

v1.11 (2/13/92)
Documentation and screens updated to reflect author membership
in the ASP. I started using the (TM) thing. CLMHYPE.TXT has
been replaced by CLMVEND.TXT.

v1.10 (2/6/92)
Version 1.10 adds several enhancements to the Magnification Window.
There is also a help button in the Config Dialog.

v1.05 (1/22/92)
Find and FindNext didn't actually put anything on the Clipboard.
Now they do!

v1.04 (1/21/92)
On some XGA systems, the system font was so wide that it caused the
menu to wrap, which caused some of the controls to be hidden. The
wide font is now detected, and the window is sized accordingly.

v1.03 (1/07/92)
Fixed problem with Concatenate:
Bug in Windows causes negative values to sometimes be returned for
MAXAVAIL, which checks to see if there is enough contiguous free
memory to complete the concatenation. Negative values are now ignored.

v1.02 (1/06/92)
Fixed RunTime error 204 - occurred when editing Magnification Window,
in the event that the user deletes the item that is being edited.

v1.01 (1/02/92)
Minor bug fixes:
Problem with memory allocation.
Problem switching to an empty list - contents of other list were shown.

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