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PrintEnvelope v2.33 for Windows. A complete mailing system. Print envelopes or labels of any size using any type font.

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PrintEnvelope v2.33 for Windows. -
A complete mailing system. Print envelopes
or labels of any size using any type font.
Use different fonts for addressee, return
address and note text or use a Windows .BMP
graphic as a logo. Type addresses on the
fly, paste from other apps, use an address
book or import from Cardfile, dBASE or ASCII
mail list. USPS approved PostNet barcodes.
Needs VBRUN300.DLL. From Maurer Associates

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PrintEnvelope v2.33 for Windows. A complete mailing system. Print envelopes or labels of any size using any type font.
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Contents of the INSTALL.TXT file

PrintEnvelope Ver 2.33
(c) 1991-1993

Maurer Associates
15 Lakeside Plaza
164 Lake Street
Newburgh NY 12550-5243

Tel: (914)562-6600
Fax: (914)562-6613
CIS: 74017,2140
Prodigy: HFJG92A
America Online: SMaurer

About PrintEnvelope:
PrintEnvelope is designed to print any-size envelope or labels on your laser
postscript or dot matrix printer. PrintEnvelope will print your company
logo and gives you access to your printer fonts, font sizes and attributes.
When printing envelopes, there is no need to manually change your printers
orientation or to do a Printer Setup on most printers. The program is
written in Microsoft's Visual Basic and requires Windows Version 3.x and the
Visual Basic runtime VBRUN300.DLL.

Installing PrintEnvelope for Windows:
PrintEnvelope and its Setup program require Microsoft's Visual Basic runtime
VBRUN300.DLL. This file is provided on the Install Disk #1 and will be
properly installed for you. If you acquired this copy of PrintEnvelope from
a BBS, then the file is not included (to save space) and must be present in
your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory before running Setup. You can find
VBRUN300.DLL on most BBSs, look for VBRUN3.ZIP or call Maurer Associates for
assistance in locating the file.

1. If Windows in not already running, Type WIN at the DOS command prompt.

2. Insert the PrintEnvelope Install Disk #1 in your computer's floppy disk

3. Double-click the Windows Program Manager, if it is not already open.

4. From the Program Manager's File menu, choose Run.

5. In the Run window, click in the Command Line box. Now type a:setup if
you are installing from drive A, or type b:setup if you are installing
from Drive B. (The setup program may also be run from a sub-directory
on your hard disk if desired.)

6. Click OK to continue and the PrintEnvelope Setup window will appear.

7. Setup will create a Program Manager Group and install the PrintEnvelope
icon in the new Group. After installation, you may move the program
icon to another group and delete the PrintEnvelope group if you desire.

If you are not using Program Manager as your desktop shell, the setup
program may not have been able to create the new Program Manager Group and
copy the PrintEnvelope icon. DDE is required for this operation and some
replacement shells do not support DDE. If this is the case, install the
icon to your desktop using your shells directions or run the Program Manager
and follow the following directions:

If necessary, install PrintEnvelope in the program group of your choice by:
1. Open the Program Group you wish to install PrintEnvelope into.
2. Select FILE in the Program Manager and choose NEW.
3. Click OK to select Program Item.
4. In the Description box enter: PrintEnvelope and press the Tab key.
5. In the Command Line box, enter the full path name of the PrintEnvelope
directory followed by \ENVELOPE.EXE or click the Browse... button to
locate the ENVELOPE.EXE file.
6. Click OK to complete the installation.

Using the program:
Run PrintEnvelope like any other Windows program by double-clicking the
envelope icon. Begin your first use of the program by first selecting
DOCUMENT and choosing your default fonts and sizes. Choose FEED to select
how your printer will feed your envelope. Select DEFAULT as the paper bin
selection and CENTER or SIDE feed for your first envelope. Adjust only as
necessary. Settings for some common printers are:

Printer Feed Shift Paper bin
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Brother HL-8 center right default
Cannon Bubble Jets left left default
HP DeskJet 500 left left env-manual *Portrait
HP DeskJet 550C left left env-autofeeder *Landscape
HPIIP or IIIP left right default
HPIIP (lower tray inst) left right upper
HPII center right default
IBM4019 left left env-manual
IBM4019 (w/envelope) left left env-autofeeder
Okidata 810 center right default
Panasonic KX-P2124 center right default
Most Dot Matrix left left default *Portrait

Click HELP at any time for the Help system and online manual.

If this version of PrintEnvelope is an upgrade to a previous version, there
is no need to delete, change or modify the ENVELOPE.INI file found in your
Windows directory.

Documentation for PrintEnvelope is provided via the Windows Help System and
may be accessed through PrintEnvelope or by opening the help file
ENVELOPE.HLP through WinHelp.

You can easily remove PrintEnvelope from your system. To do so, erase the
following files from the directory in which you installed the program:


*ENVELOPE.INI is located in your Windows directory

The installation program also copies the following "shared" resource files
to your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory if they were not already present or were of
an older date/version. These files may be necessary for other programs in
your system and their removal is NOT recommended:


PrintEnvelope is a user supported shareware program. If you use the program
beyond a reasonable evaluation period, you must register. For more
information, or to register PrintEnvelope, please refer to the Help system
and choose the topic "Registration".

Please feel free to share PrintEnvelope with a friend for his evaluation or
to post on your favoriate BBS for others to evaluate. If you upload the
program files, please use the original file, ENVEL233.ZIP. This will assure
that those that download will get a complete and original copy. You may not
charge others for a copy of PrintEnvelope without the prior consent of
Maurer Associates.

Older versions of shareware programs often exist far beyond postal or
telephone forwarding times. The above address and telephone numbers are
valid as of September 1, 1993 but could have changed by the time you view this
document. If you can not contact Maurer Associates at the above numbers or
your mail is returned, attempt to make contact via the Email addresses. If
all fails, Maurer Associates is a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals. Contact the Association offices for current information on
Maurer Associates.

Association of Shareware Professionals
545 Grover Road
Musegon, MI 49442-9427
Fax (616)788-2765 CompuServe Mail 70007,3536.

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