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Uninstall for DOS and windows apps in Windows.

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Rosenthal UnInstall v3 - Safely remove
unwanted Windows & DOS programs. Files,
directories and system changes may be kept
or automatically removed with system cleaned
up and restored. An absolute must-have
necessity for trying out new shareware, CD-
ROMs & demos. "Highest awards! Excellent!"

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Uninstall for DOS and windows apps in Windows.
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Contents of the RE_HIST.DOC file

Rosenthal Engineering P.O.Box 1650, San Luis Obispo CA USA 93406
U.S. Patent No. 5,359,659, Copyright 1994 all rights reserved.

Rosenthal History (tm)

Rosenthal History (tm) maintains a running timeline of changes, additions
and deletions made to the AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI
files. An easy to understand, plain text file (RE_HIST.DAT) history report
can be referred to when uninstalling software or to resolve conflicts. Add
Rosenthal History and begin recording the timeline as soon as possible.

The bonus utility "Rosenthal History (tm)" is included ABSOLUTELY FREE
with paid registration or upgrade of Rosenthal UnInstall (tm). See the
ORDER.FRM file to register this top rated, award winning combo.

- - - - - -

"Rosenthal UnInstall is an excellent program for keeping your system
neat, clean, and free of unwanted program files. It can remove even
the most complex program installations *and* restore your system
files! It's a program I wouldn't be without. Rosenthal History,
provided free to registered users of Rosenthal Uninstall, keeps an
ongoing history of all changes to your system! This is a must-have
combo for anyone who uses software! Excellent!"

Michael E. Callahan
aka Dr. File Finder (tm)

- - - - - -

Rosenthal UnInstall has been awarded "Five Stars" by PC-Plus magazine.
Reserved as their highest honor for any software.

"If you are the sort of person who likes to experiment with new
programs, you can't afford to be without Rosenthal UnInstall. It will
save you untold aggravation, and help to keep your system healthy."

Roman Iwaschkin
"On Test" column in PC Plus magazine.

- - - - - -

"Rosenthal UnInstall. Awarded the much coveted 'Works for Me' award."

Dr. Ed Hoffman
Windows-On-Line Review (tm).

- - - - - -

"I have tried several Windows uninstallers before running across
Rosenthal UnInstall and found them slow and somewhat complicated in
the basic learning curve. With this little DOS program, I had it
installed and running in minutes with its short and to the point
documentation. No frills, no pretty graphics or pictures of your
disk, just pure uninstalling power in this package!

Rosenthal Uninstall not only located all of the files but efficiently
removed them in seconds!"

Paul Mayer
Spotlights magazine

- - - - - -

"Every so often, I discover a company that hits on just the right
product and delivers it. This time, it's a small company called
Rosenthal Engineering....

Rosenthal UnInstall makes removing files, program groups and icons,
and restoring your configuration files a quick, easy, and pain-free
procedure. "

John V. Hedtke
Mobile Office Magazine

- - - - - -

Recommended by Brian Livingston in his Infoworld, Window Manager column.

Rosenthal UnInstall has also been written about in "Windows" and "Byte"
magazines. Its innovative design and technically excellent performance has
also earned a place on "Gold Medallions" CD-ROM and "Computes" companion
disk as well as many top rated collections.


How to use Rosenthal History

First copy the files from your distribution diskette, CD-ROM or archive to
the root directory of your hard disk.

For example:
COPY A:*.* C:\

Rosenthal History shares information with Rosenthal UnInstall (tm) but can
be run independently as long as the UNINSTAL.DAT file is accessible.
Operation is totally automatic and no input is required of the user. When
used with Rosenthal UnInstall this RE_HIST.EXE is executed automatically
and its operation is completely transparent to the user. Whenever
Rosenthal UnInstall updates or purges files, it will also execute
Rosenthal History to maintain a running timeline history of additions
changes and deletions of your system files.

If you're less than meticulous about cleaning house and maintaining your
system using Rosenthal UnInstall, you should consider execution of
ROsenthal History by adding it to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file as well. That way
Rosenthal History will review your system files each time you start the
system. Rosenthal History is extremely fast and will only add updates to
your timeline (RE_HIST.DAT) file as required no matter how often it is

To cause Rosenthal History to be updated each time you start your system,
use your ASCII editor to add the line "\RE_HIST" to your AUTOEXEC.BAT

System administrators, network managers and technical support people find
adding Rosenthal UnInstall to a clients AUTOEXEC.BAT file this way
extremely helpful to resolve problems in the future. Users aren't always
aware of changes made to their system files until it becomes a problem.
The Rosenthal History timeline file RE_HIST.DAT can be a real life saver
and turn disaster into a simple and obvious correction. Installing
Rosenthal History on a client's system before there are problems can make
a consultant look like a real hero when a user needs him most.

As soon as Rosenthal UnInstall is executed it records its timeline as
plain text file RE_HIST.DAT. The indented outline format makes
understanding the information in your system files much simpler.

Comments begin with ";" and any changes are shown with a complete
description of what was done, the date and time and the file that was
changed. The indented outline format makes it easy to see exactly what has
happened and when. When a line of your system file gets modified,
Rosenthal History will show very clearly when and where, as well as how
the line looked originaly and what it was changed to. Clearly and well

As soon as you install Rosenthal History on your system, you take the
mystery out of your DOS and Windows system files. You can then use your
plain text editor to make changes you would never have attempted before
and keep your system free of junk and running smooth.

Software License agreement

Rosenthal History is provided ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE to registered
users of rosenthal UnInstall. It is only available with a paid
registration or upgrade. Return the file ORDER.FRM to register.

You may not make any changes or modifications to the software, and you may
not decompile, disassemble or in anyway reverse engineer the software.

This software is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind.
Responsibility rests entirely with the user to determine its fitness for a

This constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the
parties and supersedes any prior agreement or understanding whether oral
or written and may only be modified in writing.

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