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Halts Windows Quickly.
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Halts Windows Quickly.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

2-001234Thank you for trying Halt from Sawbuck Software.

This is the quick-start version of documentation. More complete documentation is provided by
the hyper-text help file, HALT.HLP, included with this software. Any questions, suggestions,
comments or criticisms can be E-mailed to Compuserve account:


If you prefer to use conventional mail, you may send it to the address listed below. Why not
register the software at the same time?

Halt is designed to be run when Windows starts up. The program will load as an icon of a red-
button. Double clicking on the button will terminate Windows without prompting you.

To run Halt automatically, each time Windows runs:

Windows 3.0: Add the program to the run line of your WIN.INI file
Windows 3.1: Add the program to the Startup group of the program manager.

Your Windows documentation for Progman will give you detailed information on how to do this.

NOTE:A Shareware notice dialog box will appear each time you start this software. This is to remind you that you have not registered (i.e. paid for) the software. Simply click on 'Continue' to resume normal execution. When you register the software you will receive a registration number which will prevent the dialog box from appearing.

To register Halt, send $5.00 to:

Sawbuck Software
2058 Belle Terra Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37923

Be sure to include your name and address. A registration form is present in the HALT.HLP help
file. To print it:

Single click on the red-button to access Halt's system menu
Choose 'About Halt...' from Halt's system menu
Click on the HELP button
Click on the Software Registration
Select Print from the File menu
Fill it out, add a check, and mail it off.

Thanks again,

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