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Replace opening Windows logo with dragon.
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Replace opening Windows logo with dragon.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DRAGON.RLE 45750 23801 deflated
DRAGON.TXT 883 495 deflated

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Contents of the DRAGON.TXT file

This can only be used for VGA (and beyond) mode only. If you are using
EGA or CGA mode, you must convert this graphic to that resolution. SVGA
modes use VGA start up modes so this can be used as well.

This RLE file can be substituted for the Windows 3.1 Logo screen on start up.
Since the RLE file (usually VGALOGO.RLE) has a maximum size of about 55K
(although the one I had that was 53K did NOT work), this is the maximum
size that this image can be. Also, any dithering increases the size and
also makes the graphic useless.

To make the graphic substitution:

1. Back up your WIN.COM file (to WIN.BAK or something)
2. Copy the RLE file to the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory
3. Go to that directory

Now start Windows normally.......Definite improvement.

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