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Change cursor/pointer in Windows 3.0.
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Change cursor/pointer in Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

1. Copy CURSE.EXE into WINDOWS 3.0 subdirectory.
2. Start WINDOWS and go into File Manager.
3. Start CURSE.EXE from File Manager.
4. Select File - Install from CURSE menu.
This will modify WIN.INI file to include "load=curse"
5. Left click on cursor shapes to use instead of normal arrow.
Right click on shapes to use instead of normal hourglass.
If more than one shape is selected, the program will rotate through
the selected shapes.
6. Select File - Save Settings from CURSE menu to save shape selections.
7. Close CURSE program and exit WINDOWS.
8. CURSE will automatically be started each time you use WINDOWS.
9. To remove CURSE, edit WIN.INI to read "load="

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