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Easily create a dialing directory for MicroLink from download area BBS listing. Required VBRUN100.DLL.
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Easily create a dialing directory for MicroLink from download area BBS listing. Required VBRUN100.DLL.
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Contents of the BBS2MLNK.DOC file


Author: Jerry Cooley

Home: TOP CHOICE BBS FidoNet 1:387/614 (512)690-4437
(512)690-5251 (voice)
San Antonio, Texas

Prodigy WSBV44A
Compuserve [72000,2002]

Type: Shareware. $5 registration fee after 30 day evaluation period.

Source: Microsoft Visual Basic 1.0 (Windows Application)


Purpose: Converts an ASCII BBS list to a MicroLink dialing directory.
You won't need to enter in every BBS entry from scratch into
the MLINK dialing directory manager. BBS2MLNK will set up
the basic entries for you and allow some tailoring in those
most important areas such as File Transfer Protocol and
communications settings.

More than $5 worth of your time will easily be saved by
automating the process of entering your dialing directory.
Since MicroLink can use any of several dialing directory
files, you can create a separate directory file for each type
of BBS, such as one for software vendors, one for hardware
vendors, and one for local BBS entries.

Requires: VBRUN100.DLL (Avail on TOP CHOICE as VBRUN100.ZIP). All Visual
Basic applications require this file to run.

Input: Any ASCII file of a BBS list can be used. The file BBSLST.BBS
is included in this package as an example input file. The input
file needs to contain only three fields, which can be located
anywhere on the line. Those fields are:

BBS Name
BBS Phone Number
BBS Baud Rate

BBS2MLNK will use these fields plus the selections from the
input form to create a dialing directory entry for each BBS
in the ASCII list. It will use the maximum baud rate that
you specified on the form or the maximum baud rate of the BBS
entry in the ASCII list, whichever is lowest.

Output: A MicroLink dialing directory is the output file. The file
BBSLST.DR1 is included in this package as an example output file.

Note: This version of BBS2MLNK lacks a few amenities (such as REAL
WinHelp) which may be added if this program gets some user support.

Setup: UNZIP it into a directory of your choice (it may be best to put
it in your MLINK directory). Use Windows SETUP to add the
BBS2MLNK application to the Program Manager desk top. You may,
instead, choose to use the Windows FileManager to drag & drop
the BBS2MLNK.EXE file to the desk top.

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