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Communication program that runs under Windows.
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Communication program that runs under Windows.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PROTEUS.DOC 706 395 deflated
PROTEUS.EXE 178448 83464 deflated
PROTEUS.PCL 195 116 deflated
PROTEUS.WRI 246912 51002 deflated
PROTEUS.XLM 1300 670 deflated
PROTEUS1.XLM 2585 1176 deflated
PROVT102.FON 16864 4797 deflated

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Contents of the PROTEUS.DOC file

Version 0.81

New PCL commands...

CAPOPEN should have a comma between the file name the append option
CAPOPEN "text.dat", true

PROMPT string-expression, variable (string or numeric)

PROMPT "string", a$
PROMPT "string", a

Scroll-Lock puts Proteus in scroll mode, use mouse to copy.

The PCL box in the MACRO dialog tells Proteus to treat the
macro character string as a PCL file name.


Use PROTEUS.WRI and SCRIPT.WRI to update you doc files...

Almost all requests for new features have been added. And ALL
reported bugs have been fixed.

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