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R-Timer v1.3a - Windows task manager, executes programs at user defined specific times.
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R-Timer v1.3a – Windows task manager, executes programs at user defined specific times.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

RTimer - A Windows 3.1 Task Scheduler
ver. 1.3a

1992-93 Robin Scher - RSoft



This program will execute tasks for you at specific times. The tasks
can be
- Executing a program in either the foreground or minimized
- Opening a specific file in an application
- Printing a specific file
- Displaying a message

For full instructions, see the help file that comes with the program.

Please note that testing has been done, but there may still be a few
bugs for you to find. If you have any comments, please send them to
me at:

[email protected]

RTimer has not been tested over a network. I have no clue if it will
function. If you try this, please let me know how it goes.

This unregistered version will stop functioning January 1, 1994.


To install RTimer, place the executable and help file in a directory
together. Execute the RTIMER.EXE file.

To make RTimer load with Windows, you can either put it in your
Startup group, or use the RTimer options box to add it to your

RTimer will create a file called "RTIMER.INI" in your Windows
directory. This file contains all of RTimer's settings and the list
of tasks to be executed. Although you can modify this file yourself,
it would probably not be a good idea. Use the task editor in RTimer
to add, edit, or delete tasks.

For further instructions and help, see the RTimer Help file.


RTimer is Shareware! Please register your copy. For registering, you
will get a copy that wont die on January 1, 1994. You will also get
upgrades and bug fixes. Registering Shareware allows the little guys,
like myself, to keep writing cool programs than can be obtained for
very little money. Besides, I've done it, so can you.

Registering costs $10.00, made out to Robin Scher. Send it to

Robin Scher
3717 Effingham Pl.
Los Angeles, CA, 90027

Be sure to tell me what disk size you want, or specify your internet
address, if you have one, so that I can get you the registered

No guarantee is given with this program. If there are any problems,
please contact me.


1.3aFixed sound related bugs
Added option to turn off catching up

1.3Added catching up feature
Added task killing feature
Fixed bug that didn't allow events to run multiple times in
one session
Uses Windows standard time format from Control Panel
Uses Control Panel to select notification sound
Changed internal time-keeping
Got rid of "Read Only" check box in Browse dialog box

1.2Activates previously active window
Fixed AM/PM switching bug

1.1aFixed erase One Time messages twice bug
Fixed -1 month bug
Fixed About... bug
Fixed other minor details

1.1Enhanced keyboard interface
Changed Listbox procedure
Added Print option

1.0First fully functional version.

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