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Show fonts used by Windows, great font display program.

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[ Typefacial ][ version 2.0 ]

Typefacial is a powerful typeface
viewer, that allows you to categorize
large and small type collections with
drag-drop, compare two fonts side by
side, and print out typeface refrence
cards effortlessly, quickly, and
efficiently. Perfect for Windows users
with more fonts than they know what to
do with. Requires VBRUN200.DLL

File TYPEFAC2.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Show fonts used by Windows, great font display program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 568 291 deflated
MHAD200.VBX 116000 47717 deflated
ORDERFRM.WRI 6528 1097 deflated
TYPEFACE.EXE 84546 11492 deflated
TYPEFACE.HLP 14397 6330 deflated

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Contents of the ORDERFRM.WRI file

2.111123Typefacial Order Form

Thank you for ordering Typefacial, version 2.0. Your registration will entitle you to the newest version of Typefacial, as well as free future updates, free technical support with Typefacial, and information and discounts on other quality software for DOS and Windows. Please complete this form and send it with a check for $14.00 to the address below (for foreign orders, please compensate approximately for the current exchange rate. i.e. U.S.$14.00 is about Can$17.50 )

D. A. Karp
P.O. Box 20024
Oakland, CA 94620

Please provide the following information in semi-legible writing:

Disk Format:Name ( Mr / Mrs / Ms ): ________________________
0 0 28 26 BM6(tt3.5" DisketteTitle: _______________________________________
0 0 28 26 BM6(tt5.25" DisketteCompany: ___________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
City: ______________________ Zip: _____________
State / Province: _________ Country: ______________
Email Address: _______________________________
Thank you for supporting shareware!
Comments & questions: _______________________________________________________
Suggestions & ideas: _________________________________________________________
\C\}\\O&BqBBTimes New Roman

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