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Clipboard capture. DOS filter to capture DOS standard output to windows clipboard.
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Clipboard capture. DOS filter to capture DOS standard output to windows clipboard.
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Contents of the CLIPCAP.DOC file

CLIPCAP - Windows Clipboard capture for DOS
Version 1.1 - March 11, 1993
Copyright (c) 1993, Brian Sawert

Purpose:CLIPCAP.EXE is a DOS filter program that captures the
DOS standard output and copies it to the Windows
clipboard. CLIPCAP is run from within a Windows DOS
box or from the Windows command line. CLIPCAP behaves
like the DOS MORE command, taking its input from
redirected DOS program output or a redirected text

Usage:[command |] CLIPCAP [< file]


copies the output from the DOS program MYPROG to the
Windows clipboard.


copies the contents of the file "TEXT.DOC" to the
Windows clipboard.


copies the user's typed input, terminated by a
CONTROL-Z (F6), to the Windows clipboard.

Notes:CLIPCAP runs from the DOS prompt under Windows 3.0 or
above. Windows must run in 386 Enhanced mode for the
clipboard to be available to DOS programs.

CLIPCAP captures only text output or files. Binary
data is not supported.

The Windows command line (the Run... option under the
Program Manager File menu) does not support output
redirection. To run CLIPCAP from the command line,
you must invoke the DOS command processor. For


runs COMMAND.COM to properly redirect the output from
the MYPROG program to CLIPCAP. If you run a batch
file containing a CLIPCAP command, you do not need
this special syntax.

When viewing captured output in the Windows clipboard,
set the display options to "OEM Text" for best

CLIPCAP is copyrighted free software. You may use it
and pass it on without charge, but please include the
documentation file if you make copies of the program.

If you find CLIPCAP useful, or have any questions or
suggestions, please feel free to contact the author by
mail or e-mail.

Brian Sawert
1109 S. Plaza Way #427
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Compuserve: 72027, 2143
Internet: [email protected]

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