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Windows font viewer and virtual key handler.
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Windows font viewer and virtual key handler.
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FontSee 2.0

by Alan D. Reeve

29W150 Old Farm Lane
Warrenville, IL 60555
(708) 393-2317

The attached file (FONTSEE2.EXE) is our latest (12/26/91) revision
of our FontSee font viewing utility. In May of this year we released the
original version (called the Fontographer, but the name has changed since
due to a conflict with a Mac program named Fontographer) of FontSee
which allowed viewing of all typefaces installed under Windows and printing
of typefaces, character sets, and reference cards. In August some bugs
were fixed and a second release was issued. This version adds some major
features to FontSee to make it the BEST font viewing utility available.

* You can now print or VIEW characters sets and reference cards
on screen.

* You can now change the point size of fonts viewed/printed.

* ...and most importantly you can now select a target application
and (via the mouse) type using a virtual (on-screen) keyboard.
For example, if you load MS Word 2.0 and FontSee 2.0 you can
select MS Word 2.0 as the target application by choosing the Select
Target Application and pointing to the MS Word edit window. Now, by
clicking on the virtual keyboard FontSee will automatically type
in MS Word 2.0 for you. This is especially useful when you need a
special symbol such as the copyright symbol...just select your target
app, load up FontSee, go to on-screen Reference card mode, and click
on the character you need. Of course you have to coordinate things
so that both FontSee and the target are working with the same typeface.

Notes: The virtual keyboard part of FontSee was developed as an
Independent Study project at Northern Illinois University during the
Fall 1991 semester. The rest of the program has been developed
independently. Developing FontSee from birth to finish has been a
great challenge and learning experience for me. I have been writing
commercial software since 1985 for the Atari 8-bit computers and am
now moving on to Windows development. This program is consequently
being released into Shareware. If you like it please send a donation
to the above address. If you wish to receive the next upgrade automatically
and the manual for this program please add $2.00 for shipping and
handling. Feel free to distribute this program in any way you see fit
providing that it and this text file remain unchanged. This includes
adding it to public domain libraries...etc. Just be sure to send an
appropriate donation.

What's Next?
The next Windows applications that will be released are
Freeze! (a windows compression utility designed FOR Windows' multitasking
environment, and The Business Manager: a complete business package for
Windows. Freeze! will be Shareware, and The Business Manager will be
commercial. For information on these and other Windows applications
being developed at REEVEsoft please send a S.A.S.E.

Thank You,

Alan Reeve,

* If You Use This Program Please Support It *
* Send A Contribution Expressing What It Is Worth To You *

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