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Life Works Cellular Automona for Windows 3.0.
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Life Works Cellular Automona for Windows 3.0.
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1README.WRI for Life Workshop version 1.2

Welcome to the Life Workshop. This Windows program will allow you to experiment with two-dimendional cellular automata which live by summation rules. You can modify the rules and observe large colonies of the life forms evolve, or assign life to specific cells in Workbench and watch different patterns evolve with different sets of rules.

All you need is a Windows system capable of 800 x 600 pixel resolution (or better), a mouse or other pointing device, the LIFEWS.EXE file and the VBRUN!00.DLL dynamic link library. The VBRUN100.DLL should be in the same directory as the LIFEWS.EXE file or in any directory in your PATH. Your Windows directory is a good place to keep all your dynamic link libraries (DLL files). You can install the LIFEWS.EXE in a program manager group and double click its icon to run Life Workshop.

Cellular Automata

Cellular automata are very simple simulated single cell life forms. Each cell exists autonomously and lives, dies, or is born depending on a set of rules, which the creator defines. The cellular automata in Life Workshop are two dimensional, but systems with one or three or more dimensions have been used. Life Workshop includes two options for the two dimensional grid plane where the cellular automata live: a classic grid, and a hexagonal grid.

Classic Grid

The classic grid is a regular rectangular matrix made up of rows and collumns. Each cell not on the border has eight neighbors. The sum of living neighbors determines the future state of any particular cell. A cell in the classic grid is arranged like this:

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In the classic grid, a cell's corner neighbor has two other of the cells neighbors in common with it, while a cell's left, right, or top or bottom neighbor has four of its other neighbors in common. This fact lends a kind of hidden complexity to the classic grid, not unlike the complexity inherent in the chess board.

Hexagon Grid

The hexagon grid looks more complicated because it has three row/columns oriented on 60 degree angles. It's actually a simpler system because each cell's neighbor is identical in properties to all its other neighbors. The hexagon grid is arranged like this:

&Creator: MGXWMF&%Compatible with SHELLPRT,Epson 24 pin

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The hexagonal grid is also called an isogrid. Because of the sameness of all of a particular cell's neighbors, an isogrid is more appropriate for the modeling of some physical phenomena. For that reason, the isogrid concept for cellular automata is pending a patent application. Comercial applications of this technique or its 3-D extension are forbidden without permission of the inventor.

Life Workshop Features

Life Workshop has two cellular automata investigative modes, macroscopic and microscopic. The macroscopic mode provides a large (10,000 cell) macrocosm life plane for you to watch the evolution of 2-D life with variable life rules. The macrocosm is initially sprinkled in its center portion with random life. The random sprinkling density can be changed with the Options dialog box. Life rules can be changed on the fly. Just click the Options button, change the rule checkbox settings, and then exit the options dialog box.

Life will continue to evolve when the Life Workshop is minimized. Change multitasking to "Less Piggish" if you want to use other Windows programs. Change it back to "Faster Life" for better performance. Run several sessions of Life Workshop to explore various rules and options simultaneously.

"Workbench" is a microcosmic interactive mode. A smaller life plane for faster performance enables you to evaluate the effect of rule changes quickly. You can stop execution, (optionally clear all cells) click on cells to bring them to life, and restart execution. As an example, click on the "Hexagon Grid" radio button to set hexagon grid
mode. Then use the mouse pointer to click "on" cells to form three lines which intersect in the center, like this:



Then start the computation process and watch the patterns evolve. Good results will be obtained with the default rules.

Shareware Concept

Life Workshop is shareware. The shareware concept lets users test software before buying it. Shareware authors put a lot of time into writing their software and provide a lot of benefit for computer users everywhere. The shareware concept depends on your support. If you like the software and want to keep it, and receive notification of upgrades and get free bug fixes, send in your registration fee.

Shareware authors also like to hear from you about what you like and don't like, and what you would like to see in future versions. At least one shareware author (this one) will send you a free license and the latest version for reporting a repeatable bug.

After a reasonable period for evaluation, continued ethical use of this software requires the purchase of a license. Keep the shareware coming. Send $10 to:

Richard J. Wagner
4319 W. 180th St.
Torrance, CA 90504

State your version number. You will be registered as a licensed user and you will receive your first upgrade free and notification of the next upgrade. You might also see your suggested feature implemented.

Comments welcome via Compuserve 76427,2611

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