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Converts .BMP to an .ICO (icon) file.
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Converts .BMP to an .ICO (icon) file.
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Contents of the README file

BMP->Icon is a program for scaling 16 color bitmaps to convert
them to 32x32 16 color Windows 3.0 Icons. It is a DOS application.


You can view the picture being processed by including a /G switch
on the command line.

This program averages the colors of the pixels being compressed
and finds the closest match, using the same palette as the source.
Therefore, you may find some artifical colors being generated. The
icon usually looks smoother because of the limited shading.

The maximum size of the BMP you can process depends on your available
DOS memory. Since the program uses an intermediate 24 bit picture,
this limitation is approximately 400x400.

The scaling done in Windows Paintbrush uses a somewhat different
algorithm. Thus you may find it productive to do an intermediate
reduction in Paint, and generate the final product with BMP->Icon.

This software is absolutely free. If you have comments or suggestions,
please leave BIXMail to 'jtrindle' or call:

The Blues Exchange 804-220-0533 24 hrs 300/1200/2400

and leave a comment for "B-MAN" or "Bluesman".

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