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Word for Windows Office POWER Pack -- provides add-on features for Word for Windows 2x. Part B includes Toolbar Edit (create your own icons, color, etc.) and a large assortment of WinWord macros.
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Word for Windows Office POWER Pack — provides add-on features for Word for Windows 2x. Part B includes Toolbar Edit (create your own icons, color, etc.) and a large assortment of WinWord macros.
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BINXZ.EXE 35280 15913 deflated
BORDER.DOC 21836 9827 deflated
CHARVIEW.DOC 23250 10052 deflated
CLOCK.DOC 29918 12833 deflated
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COMPOSE.DOC 40700 15367 deflated
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FILEDEL.DOC 22232 9789 deflated
FILELIST.DOC 20574 8815 deflated
FIND.DOC 68146 27794 deflated
FONTCHRT.DOC 38194 13787 deflated
INSERTIT.DOC 20593 8747 deflated
README!!.DOC 18720 7898 deflated
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Contents of the BORDER.DOC file

That lets you put borders and shading on an entire page

macrobutton Installer To install Border, double-click here.

We've been trying to automate this for more than a year. Word for Windows lets you draw boxes or borders around an entire page. Drawing boxes around paragraphs is easy: click on Format, then Border, and pick from the large selection of styles and types. Shading the paragraph with, say, a 5% gray background is easy too click the Shading button. Like this:

Shadow Box
With 5% Gray Background

But drawing boxes like that on a whole page is a different story. Yes, it can be done: it's just that the commands necessary to do it are pretty complex. Well, they used to be pretty complex. Not any more.

With Page Border, drawing boxes around an entire page, and shading the area inside the box, is as easy as clicking on Format, then Page Border. There are some limitations: "Different First Page" and "Different Odd/Even" headers require special treatment. See the description of oddities at the end of this document.

Page Border 1.0 is part of the Word for Windows Office POWER Pack WOPR the world's largest WinWord add-on. WOPR consists of the following files:

TBEDIT.EXE Toolbar Editor. Now WinWord has the best icons in the business ... in color ... and you can draw your own!

ENVR.DOC Enveloper. The fanciest, easiest envelopes ever! Logos, bar codes, custom envelope sizes, notes, multiple addresses, all fonts. Works on any printer.

2X4.DOC Two-by-Four. Print duplex (front and back), squished side-by-side, squished duplex for four pages on each sheet of paper. Print booklets, even or odd pages only, forward, backward, multi-section documents, macro listings, and much more.

FILENEW.DOC FileNew. Manage your documents; don't let them manage you! Keep track of templates, using full descriptions. Stick documents in the right directory, first time, every time.

WOPRLIB.DOC WOPR Library. The largest collection of Word for Windows macro subroutines anywhere. Dozens of routines to make it easier to build your own, custom macros and a nice cookie jar, chock full of ideas, if you're just starting at writing your own macros.

The LittleWOPRs. CHARVIEW.DOC, the Character Viewer, tells you what codes lie behind your inscrutable characters. CLOSEALL.DOC, to Close All Files with one click. FILEDEL.DOC, the most reliable File Delete. FILELIST.DOC, which Lists Files in a snap. INSERTIT.DOC Inserts "Page X of Y", file names, much more. SUPERSUB.DOC puts Super and Subscripts at your fingertips. CLOCK.DOC, our classic WOPRClock the most-often-used WinWord macro anywhere takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. COUNT.DOC Counts Words and Characters. FONTCHRT.DOC prints out complete Font Charts. FIND.DOC adds amazing capabilities to WinWord's Edit Find (or Search) command. BORDER.DOC lets you create fancy Page Borders with a couple of clicks. COMPOSE.DOC, Character Compose, uses simple two-letter abbreviations to create characters like and many more.

All of these programs are to be distributed together, as one package, known as the
gotobutton gtw Word for Windows Office POWER Pack
If you are missing any of these files, you do not have the entire WOPR2 package: contact the person or company that sent you the files, to ensure you receive any missing pieces.

WOPR is Shareware, the "Try It Before You Buy It" kind of software that you can take through its paces before you write the check. You trust us to distribute the best Word for Windows add-ons we can produce, in their entirety, with nothing held back. We trust you to buy WOPR if you use it.

Here's what you'll get when you register WOPR:

SYMBOL 183 \f "Symbol" \s 10 \hThe Manual. A fancy, bound, 144 page compendium of breathless prose, indexed, ready to help guide you through every WOPRnook and cranny.

SYMBOL 183 \f "Symbol" \s 10 \hThe programs. No nag screens. Latest versions. Ready to install over the top of the shareware versions. And we send you the whole enchilada source code too (except FileNew and TBEdit) so you can poke around and change anything you like.

SYMBOL 183 \f "Symbol" \s 10 \h30 minutes of free telephone support (via toll call), valid for 30 days.

SYMBOL 183 \f "Symbol" \s 10 \hMore free support, via mail or CompuServe. And 900-number support if you need help, like, right away, after your 30 minutes/30 days expires.

SYMBOL 183 \f "Symbol" \s 10 \hYour very own Enveloper Cheat Sheet. Help stamp out smudgies on laser-printed envelopes. A classic, suitable for framing.

SYMBOL 183 \f "Symbol" \s 10 \hSince you'll be on our mailing list, you'll be the first one on your block to hear about improvements, new products, books from the Pinecliffe International PineNuts (including the Addison-Wesley hit, Windows Programming for Mere Mortals,available at a book store near you) and all sorts of other neat, innovative, time-saving stuff. You'll also get several great offers, including discounts on future WOPR upgrades and a free CompuServe sign-up.

SYMBOL 183 \f "Symbol" \s 10 \hMost of all, you'll receive our sincere thanks for helping keep WOPR alive. Our registered users made WOPR 2 possible. Your registration will help us continue making innovative, useful products for WinWord in particular and Windows in general. We're counting on you; our families are counting on us!

WOPR is $49.95 plus $4.50 shipping and handling, $9.50 outside North America. Site licenses (more than ten users) are available at considerable savings.

You can register right now by calling 800-OK-WINWORD (800-659-4696), or 314-965-5630. We take Mastercard or Visa, and try hard to ship within 24 hours. To register by mail, send a check (in U.S. dollars, please) to:

Pinecliffe International
Advanced Support Group
11900 Grant Place
Des Peres, Missouri USA 63131

All Pinecliffe International products are backed by a 100% no-questions-asked lifetime money back guarantee. If WOPR ever fails to live up to your expectations, for any reason, let us know and we'll refund your money. Immediately. Period.

So much for the commercials. On to the main program.


The folks at Microsoft have been extraordinarily generous in helping us with the trickier parts of WOPR. Page Border, in particular, never would've seen light of day if it weren't for Michel Girard and his amazing insight into the problem and its solution!

So, thanks once again to all the WinWord guri at Microsoft for helping make WOPR what it is, and particular thanks to Michel for that burst of "aha!" insight.....

Your assurance of quality

Pinecliffe International is proud to belong to the Association of Shareware Professionals. ASP protects you, the Shareware consumer, with one of the best guarantees in the business. Here are the details:

This program is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem with an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does not provide technical support for members' products. Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon MI 49442-9427 or send a CompuServe message via Easyplex (also known as "CompuServe Mail") to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536

This ASP service is in addition to Pinecliffe International's solid-gold no-questions-asked lifetime money-back guarantee.

The ASP mark is your assurance of quality, backed by a group that cares about Shareware and the people who use it. Look for the ASP logo wherever you go searching for software.

What duzzit do?

Page Border draws any of the "Format Border" paragraph borders around an entire page. You can pick single or double lines, thick or thin, normal boxes or shadow boxes. You can also draw vertical lines on the left or right, or both, in precisely the same way you'd pick vertical lines for paragraphs in the WinWord Format Border command.

Page Border also lets you select any of the "Format Border" shading within the box you've chosen. Want a 10% gray background on a double-line shadow box drawn around an entire page? No problem. Couple of clicks.

Page Border uses the old WinWord trick for drawing boxes on a whole page: it draws the box in the header, up at the top of the page, and lets WinWord make the connections. While the old, manual, way can get rather complicated you have to futz with fixed header positioning and other ... uh ... challenging stuff Page Border takes care of all that funny business automatically. You just click and stand back.

To use Page Border, first make sure that you've set your document's margins the way you want them. Page Border "freezes" the margin settings at their current value, so if you change the margins, you should re-run Page Border to re-create the page's box.

Next, click on Format, then Page Border. You'll have the opportunity to pick any of the paragraph border settings, and set the foreground, background and pattern for shading.

When you click OK, you'll see your formatting in each page's header and footer, but you won't see how that formatting extends through the whole page. Not to worry. If you want to be sure that the formatting has been properly applied, just click File, and Print Preview. See it?

You can go back in and change the border any time. Page Border adjusts the box to fit the current margins: if you want to make the box larger or smaller, fiddle with margin settings in Format Page Setup, and re-run Page Border.


Just double-click on the box up above. The installer gives you a new global macro called "PageBorder", and inserts a new command on the "Format" drop-down menu: Page Border.

Technical Details and Oddities

If you have fancy headers set up, Page Border will only work on one type of header. If you have "Different First Page" headers, Page Border skips over the first page and only works on "other" pages. If you have "Different Odd Even Headers", Page Border only works on even pages. If you have both "Different First" and "Different Odd Even", Page Border only works on the very first page.

In a multiple-section document, Page Border's effects follow the usual header/footer rules. It only works on the current section, so the changes may or may not propogate to other sections, depending on how you've set up your headers. (The "link to previous" property.)

If you have multiple sections or fancy headers and want to draw boxes around all of your pages, go into a header with the formatted paragraph mark, and copy that paragraph mark into all of the headers. Nothing to it. And it's a lot easier than formatting all the sections manually.

Page Border inserts a paragraph mark at the end of your header. That's the paragraph mark used by Page Border to perform all the formatting. We keep track of that extra paragraph mark don't want to insert more than one of 'em if you run Page Border multiple times! by sticking a hidden text "pageborder" in the header. If you got exploring, or if you print hidden text, you'll see that "pageborder". The solution, of course, is to turn off "Show Hidden Text", which is in the View Preferences menu.

Page Border 1.0 ends here.
1990-92 Pinecliffe International
Post Office Drawer 7337
Coal Creek Canyon
Golden, Colorado USA 80403-0100

Have fun!

Page Border 1.0 Evaluation Copy

Pinecliffe InternationalPage page 6

Pinecliffe InternationalPage page \* arabic1

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-"h!%-CPage border templateWoody LeonhardWoody Leonhard

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