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NCompass for Windows is a complete and versatile desktop mapping and navigation package.
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NCompass for Windows is a complete and versatile desktop mapping and navigation package.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Welcome to NCompass! (version 1.21)
NCompass for Windows is a complete and versatile desktop
mapping/navigation package. Use NCompass when traveling around your
country, your state or city.

Using NCompass, you can:
* Find roads - Ask for a road, NCompass highlights it for you
* Type in an Address, NCompass will display it on the map (metro maps only)
* Track Distances - Click on the map, NCompass calculates distances
between clicks and totals them for your route length.
* Display items of interest - NCompass graphically shows you where
things are on the map. (Cities, Counties, Hospitals, Rivers etc)
* Update databases - NCompass is fully updatable allowing you complete
control over how and what you want NCompass to display.
* Build your own maps - NCompass allows you to build your own maps and data
from scratch, many options are available.
* Purchase Maps - The 3CS library contains maps of practically all areas
of the US. Built from government data, the 3CS Ready-Mades offer a
inexpensive way to build a highly detailed computerized Atlas.
* Zoom in, or Zoom out, display all or sections of the map.
* Create your display, then Paste it to the Clipboard for use in other
Windows programs.

Compass combines all the information of a travel map with the graphical
power of Windows to give you a full featured desktop tool. A few clicks of
your mouse is all it takes to move around the map and display requested
information in colorful detail.

This copy is made available to you on a trial basis only. If you like
NCompass and wish to continue using it, you must become a registered

Thanks for trying NCompass... I hope you like it.

Steve Eriksen
NCompass Designer

* Special Requirements: Windows 3.0, VGA Moniter and a mouse *
* plus 1.3 meg hard disk space *

**Install NCompass from DOS**

1. Create a sub-directory for NCompass
Example: C> MD \NCOMPASS

2. Copy the files from the floppy drive to your hard drive
Example: C> COPY A:*.* C:\NCOMPASS

3. DeCompress the NCompass files by running NC.EXE


Now install the program into Windows

6. Start Windows... type WIN

7. Select the File Menu NEW function

8. Select Program Item and click OK

9. Use the browse option to search for NCompass. The browse option
is selected from the Program Item properties dialog box.

10. Find and select the NCOMPASS.EXE file located in the subdirectory
you created. Once selected, click OK to install.

Installation is now complete... double click on the NCompass icon to
start the program.


Designer Notes:

NCompass comes with 3 sample maps.
They are meant too give you an idea of the capabilities of NCompass.

1. Color United States Map
- Shows you the painted backdrop capabilities of NCompass.
Does not contain any roads and only the states
for databases, but you are free to add your own.
- This is a scratch made map. Not a 3CS Ready-Made map.
2. Michigan Map
- The Michigan map is not a complete 3CS Ready-Made,
although it does contain some actual data.
- Contains cities, counties (political boundry) and
some lakes.
*note* Many cities (in the cites database) are listed more
than once. The database actually zip code centroids.
Cities with more than one zip code are listed multiple
3. Grand Rapids (MI)
- Grand Rapids is an actual 3CS Ready-Made map.
- This map really shows off the power of NCompass. The
Grand Rapids map contains all roads, streets
and highways. Click on any intersection, and NCompass
will tell you the street names. Also given are hospitals,
city parks and a few points of interest.

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