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Makes your icons run away from Windows mouse cursor.
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Makes your icons run away from Windows mouse cursor.
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Contents of the ICOFRITE.DOC file

Icon Frightener
Microsoft Windows (tm)

Version 2.0

Copyright (c) 1991
Scott Gourley

Special thanks to Christopher Barber for the idea

Clickon Software
Compuserve ID 72311,613
105 Union St, Watertown, MA 02172

Ever wonder what would happen if your application icons suddenly
got frightened of the mouse cursor? And when you tried to click
on an application to open it, the icon jumped away? Well, now
you can afflict your icons with "cursorphobia" by running
ICOFRITE.EXE, the Icon Frightener for Windows 3.0!

To run the program, load the ICOFRITE.EXE and FRITE.DLL files
on your hard disk (both in the same directory) and execute the
.EXE file as you normally do for any program. To end the program,
you will need to bring up the Task Manager by double-clicking on
the desktop background. You can also bring up IcoFrite's system
menu with Alt- and select "Close".

If you decide to secretly load this program on a friend's machine,
just be sure they don't have a history of heart trouble, and
don't let them wear out their mouse trying to click on the icons
before you let them in on the trick! Keep in mind that
although this program is harmless to your Windows environment and
PC files, it might not be harmless to your friend's disposition!

Note that if the frame of an open application window is touched,
that window will be iconized, and will then be just as scared as
the other icons! Also note the following system menu options,
which are version 2.0 enhancements (by popular request):

The Refresh option returns all those scattered icons to a neatly
ordered row at the bottom of your screen. (You might wonder if
electric shock therapy is used to accomplish this, but IcoFrite
likes to keep its treatment methods confidential.)

The About IcoFrite option displays a dialog of author and version
information about IcoFrite.

The Hide IcoFrite option hides Icofrite's application icon, which
has the side effect of removing this program from the task list.
Note that this will require you to exit Windows in order to
stop IcoFrite's execution. (In other words, don't leave it
running this way unattended on someone else's machine!)


I like to call this type of program a Windows "gimmick" since it
exploits a feature of Windows for no useful purpose. You may
want to look for my other Windows "gimmick", GATLING, which shoots
bullet holes in your Windows desktop.

This program is Freeware, but if you would like to see more of
this type of program from me (I have ideas for over 20 other
programs like this), please feel free to send any size donation!
If I get a good response, perhaps I'll put together a collection
and call it the "Windows Un-productivity Pack".

This product may be freely distributed providing no modifications or
additions are made to the software, its documentation, or any
associated files, and it is not bundled in a distribution of any
other software except that which is distributed as Shareware or

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