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Windows Grep is a text search utility modelled after the UNIX program of the same name.
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Windows Grep is a text search utility modelled after the UNIX program of the same name.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BWCC.DLL 128272 36326 deflated
GREP.DLL 8762 4312 deflated
GREPDLL.ZIP 3637 3432 deflated
WGREP.EXE 97792 31690 deflated
WGREP.HLP 14680 6915 deflated
WGREP.TXT 2737 1086 deflated

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Contents of the WGREP.TXT file

Windows Grep version 1.2 1st May 1992 (c) H. Millington

Windows Grep is a text search utility modelled on the UNIX utility of the
same name. It is particularly useful as a programmer's tool for searching
program source files for specific variables or function calls.

The Windows help file gives detailed information about using it.

File List:

WGREP.EXE Main program
WGREP.HLP Help for main program
BWCC.DLL Borland Windows Custom Control Library
WGREP.TXT This file

GREPDLL.ZIP Details on how to use GREP.DLL in your own programs:

GREP.H For C programmers
GREPDLL.PAS For TPW programmers
GREPDLL.TXT Documentation for GREP.DLL

To install Windows Grep, simply put the files WGREP.EXE, GREP.DLL,
WGREP.HLP and BWCC.DLL in any convenient directory. You may already have
a earlier version of BWCC.DLL in your \windows\system directory. If so,
and you have upgraded to Windows 3.1, replace it with this copy.
This one works with both Windows 3.0 and 3.1.

If Windows cannot find the DLLs when Windows Grep is run, make sure they
are in a directory on your path, and try again.

Windows Grep is shareware. It it not Public Domain or Free.
See the help file for shareware information.

If you find Windows Grep useful, do the decent thing and register!

The BWCC DLL is copyright Borland International. For more information about
it, check out their excellent Resource Workshop.

Windows Grep order form

Mail to: Huw Millington
71 Woodbury Avenue
East Grinstead
W. Sussex
RH19 3NY

Single user license: 10 (10 UK pounds) or $20 (20 US dollars)

Site license: Please enquire.

Source license: The full TPW source code may be purchased. Please enquire.





Where did you obtain Windows Grep?

In return you will be sent a registration number to disable the Shareware
reminder, which will be good for any future shareware releases of
Windows Grep that may become available.

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