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A Windows 3.1 game. Avoid the robots.
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A Windows 3.1 game. Avoid the robots.
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Runaway Robots v1.0
1992 Herby Derby Productions

The objective in Runaway Robots is to keep your robot alive for as long as possible, advancing from level to level. To do this you must destroy all the enemy robots chasing after you. If you are touched by an enemy robot you die immediately, and must start all over.

Moving your robot:

Click in the desired direction (all vertical, horizontal, and diagonal movements are allowed.)
Use the arrow keys or the numeric keypad.
If you wish to stay put, either click on your robot or press the "5" on the numeric keypad.

Methods of destroying enemy robots:

1. Manuever your robot so that two or more enemy robots run into each other, creating a heap of junk metal.
2. Get the enemy robots to run into existing heaps.
3. Use the Sonic Screwdriver

The Sonic Screwdriver

The Sonic Screwdriver will disintigrate all enemy robots and scrap heaps immediately surrounding your robot.
To use the Sonic Screwdriver, click "Sonic Screwdriver" in the "Robot" menu or press Control-S (just "S" will work, too.)
Your robot only gets one Sonic Screwdriver blast per level.


Your robot has a built-in teleportation facility which unfortunately is acting unpredictably. When activated, it sends your robot to a random position.
The teleport will never teleport you on top of an enemy robot, but it may send you right next to one, after which you'll die.
To use teleportation, click "Teleport" in the "Robot" menu or press Control-T (just "T" will work, too.)
Teleport is unlimited.

Last Stand

If you know that you have the current level sewn up, click "Last Stand" in the "Robot" menu or press Control-L (just "L" will work, too.) This will put the enemy robots on automatic, speeding up the rest of the level.
Before choosing this option, be certain that no enemy robot will get to you, because you will not be able to change your robot's position for the remainder of the level.



Runaway Robots is shareware. To register this copy of Runaway Robots, send $10 and a S.A.S.E. to:
Chris Nokleberg
4315 Norris Rd.
Fremont, CA 94536

You'll get the latest version and all the Visual Basic forms and code used to create this program. Please remember to include disk size, and registration number is you already own a Herby Derby product.

Thanks! change your robot's position for the remainder of the level.


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