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Mastermind game for use with Windows 3.0.
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Mastermind game for use with Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the MISER.DOC file

Miser Mind

This is a cute little take-off on Pressman's MasterMind game. I have
attempted to simulate playing the board game as much as is reasonable
while keeping the game easy to play. Along those lines, i have
allowed you to work with color pegs on the whole board, not just in
the working row.

This product is distributed as shareware by M & M Productions.
Our interest is in providing a product that people use and enjoy.
If you have any suggestions (inc. programming tips!!) or questions
please send them to us. If you enjoy playing and would like to see
further work done (and get copies of it), please send a small
donation ($5, or whatever you think it is worth).

M & M Productions
6220 Agee St, #15
San Diego, CA

CIS account: 75515,245

Changes from version 0.7b:

The rules of the game, and the tricks to using MiserMind are now
available in the game (under the Help option of the menu) so i am not
going to repeat them here.

You can now tell the computer to not use multiple occurrences of
colors. This makes solving the puzzle a little easier.

There were a couple of other cosmetic changes.

There are 3 accelerator keys not mentioned in the Help:
Ctrl-N starts a new game
Ctrl-X exits MiserMind
Ctrl-E evaluates your guess

Version 1.0 is a full shareware release of this product, so i you
find yourself playing this game instead of ... say ... Solitaire -
a totally mindless game of chance, please donate generously!

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