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Windows recipe database program.
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Windows recipe database program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COOK.DAT 7201 3186 deflated
COOK.DEX 237 172 deflated
COOK.EXE 635403 44075 deflated
COOK.INI 98 68 deflated
COOK.PCX 54494 12029 deflated
COOK.WRI 20608 7957 deflated
GBALL.PCX 1129 829 deflated
LOADING.PCX 17259 5265 deflated
ORDER.WRI 2432 939 deflated
PBALL.PCX 1140 841 deflated
README.1ST 806 445 deflated
THREED.VBX 55248 20626 deflated
VBRUN200.DLL 356992 199944 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Here's how to get Cook 3.2 up and running.

1. Create a directory called COOK and put the COOK.ZIP file into
this directory.

2. Unzip COOK.ZIP. Leave all the files in this directory except two:
VBRUN200.DLL and THREED.VBX. Cook requires VBRUN200.DLL, the Windows
Visual Basic Library, and also THREED.VBX. Put these two files into
your Windows/System directory.

3. Now, to run COOK, you can add COOK.EXE to your Program Manager
(or whatever Windows shell you use). Or use the RUN command in
Program Manager or File manager to run COOK.EXE directly. A complete
description of all the COOK features, and complete instructions are
in the file COOK.WRI (which can be read with the WRITE.EXE file that
comes with Windows or can be called up within COOK by clicking on
the HELP button).

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