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MS Windows file manager utility.
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MS Windows file manager utility.
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Contents of the README file


SmartWin is a package of two Microsoft Windows programs that make
file and directory maintenance easier.

SmartWin Exec is a program which provides a super-set of the functions
provided by the Microsoft Windows MS-DOS Executive. It includes all
the functionality of the executive, but also extends it significantly
to provide easier operations over multiple files, enhanced sorting,
viewing, and marking options, and allows user installation of
additional applications.

SmartWin Tree is a program which provides a new capability of viewing
the entire directory tree for a disk, and allows deleting, copying,
and renaming of entire directories.

SmartWin version 1.0 is a shareware version of the SmartWin package.
This copy has several of the features disabled (indicated by asterisks
on the menus). SmartWin version 2.0 is a commercial product that will
be available in the first quarter of 1989. Version 2.0 will have all
the disabled features fully implemented.

---Packing List---

This package contains the following files:

README - This file.
SEXEC.EXE - SmartWin Exec file manager.
STREE.EXE - SmartWin Tree directory manager.
ORDER.DOC - Registration/Order form for SmartWin.
LICENSE.DOC - Shareware License.
QUICKREF.DOC - Quick Reference guide.


Copy all files in the SmartWin package to your Microsoft Windows
directory or to another directory in your PATH.

COPY *.* c:\windows

The SEXEC.EXE and STREE.EXE programs must be accessible through the
path. The following predefined applications for SmartWin Exec must
also be accessible through the path;, notepad.exe, and


You may distribute SmartWin version 1.0 to friends, associates, or to
computer bulletin board systems (BBS). Please distribute SmartWin with
all files and documents intact in the archive file called SMARTWIN.ARC


Please register your copy of SmartWin using the form in ORDER.TXT. Type
the following to print the registration form:


Then fill out the form and send to the given address. There is no fee
for registration and you will receive notification of new releases.
Please send us any comments or suggestions for improvements for SmartWin
and your suggestions for other MS Windows products.

Thank You,

David R. Torgerson
J. Marshall Romberg

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