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Windows 3.0 strategy board game.
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Windows 3.0 strategy board game.
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Triplets is an executive type of game in the same class as those games
provided in Microsoft's "Windows Entertainment Package". It is a
completely new game concept that provides relaxing entertainment plus
intellectual challenge.

You can measure your Triplets skill-level by challenging the computer
players. A novice player should be able to consistently beat the Dumb
Robot, a skilled player should be able to consistently beat the Smart
Android, and an expert player should be able to consistently beat the
Genius Cyborg.

For entertainment, you can set two, or more, computers playing against
each other. Then just sit back and watch them go at it.

If you want some serious education, you can send two Cyborgs against
each other and then carefully watch their moves. You can learn some
interesting strategy this way but, be forewarned, this is not the way
to relax.

Two main menus are provided. The GAME menu provides selection of
options and configuration. The HELP menu contains all the information
you should need to know about Triplets.

Because the game is novel, beginning players may not find it intuitive.
These players should try to read the HELP information, then experiment
with a simple two-player game, and then re-read the HELP information.
Use the GAME menu to be sure that the Game Size is 9x9 and that both
Player1 & 2 are set to Human Players.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

This game may be freely copied and distributed, as long as it is not
modified in any way, and this text file is always included with the

Please report any comments, especially about bugs, to:

Hal Dean, Compuserve User ID 72320,1354.
Gamma Dean
1220 NW84th Drive,
Coral Springs, Fl. 33065.

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