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A new clock for Windows 3.0 with many features.
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A new clock for Windows 3.0 with many features.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


WinClock and documentation Copyright (c) 1990 by David A. Feinleib.

Date of release: *** October 7, 1990 ***

Thank you for taking the time to look at WinClock Version 3.00 Beta Test.

Notes on Beta Test
The purpose of releasing the Beta Test Version of WinClock 3.00 is to allow
users to test the program so that they can report any bugs that they find
as well as make suggestions on features that should be added or changed.

Please note that since this is a Beta Test version, it is very possible
that there are still bugs which remain to be fixed!

Also note that the documentation and help have been updated as much as
possible to reflect changes that have been made
in this version but may have errors or changes that need to be made
before the actual release of version 3.00. Please notify me of any errors
that you find.

Please see the documentation for information on installing and running

When will the real version probably be released?

The real (non - Beta Test) version of WinClock 3.00 will probably be released
within a week or two of the release of this Beta Test. If any huge bugs
are encountered, it may take longer to release the actual version.

An attempt will be made to add features that are suggested before the release
of the actual WinClock 3.00. Major additions to the program will probably
not be implemented in this version but will be saved for the next version.

(Those of you that have made suggestions that have not been implemented in
this version, please do not feel that I have forgotten or thrown out those
suggestions; it is only that they are major changes that need more thought
and time to implement!)

A note to registered users

This Beta Test version of WinClock is not being sent to registered
users but is being uploaded to bulletin boards so that both
registered and non-registered users may test it.

Copies of the actual WinClock 3.00 will be sent out (as well as
uploaded to bulletin boards) when it is released. The reason for
this is that it costs money to send out copies of WinClock
to individuals, so that it is more effective to send out
only the actual release version. (The actual release version
will of course be uploaded to BIX, CIS, and other BBS's as well!)


My appologies for the awkward pagination of this note. My thanks again to all
of you who are taking the time to look at this!

How to contact me regarding bugs, suggestions, and comments

1. Write:

David A. Feinleib
1430 Mass. Ave. Suite 306-42
Cambridge, MA 02138

2. Send BIX mail to:


3. Send CompuServe mail to:


4. Send mail on a BBS via FIDONET (IBM UG BBS, Boston MA.) to:

David Feinleib

Below is a list of changes and additions to versions of WinClock from
2.07 and greater.

- Version 2.07 [September 23, 1990]

Version 2.07 added Screen Saver Compatibility.Setting this option
on will cause WinClock to be hidden (not displayed on the screen)
after a certain amount of time when the mouse or keyboard have not
been activated.

- Version 2.08 [September 29, 1990]

Version 2.08 fixed a bug in the timers which caused the display to
show incorrect timer counts.

Version 2.08 modified the timer start/stop button to make it easier
to use.

Version 2.08 added the "Lock location" option which allows the user
to lock WinClock's location on the screen.

- Version 3.00 [October 5, 1990]

Version 3.00 added many features to the "Alarms" section. You can
now run a program at a certain time and enter the time for alarms
to go off in 12-hour or 24-hour format.

The "Run-Program" option was the reason for the change of major
version number from 2.xx to 3.00.

You may now specify the screen saver compatibility delay in
the form MM:SS (minutes:seconds) instead of just seconds. (You may
enter the delay in seconds; it will be converted to the MM:SS form.)

Bugs which caused the set time/date feature to function
incorrectly have been fixed.

You may now specify the time to set in the set time/date function
in 12 or 24 hour format.

The keyboard interface was updated to reflect changes that
were made in the last several versions.

Previous versions of WinClock had trouble dealing with
configuration files created by different versions of WinClock -
sometimes causing memory or other problems. This has been
fixed.(Please note though, that, as in other versions, you
will have to re-select your Preferences when you first upgrade to
this version of WinClock.)

The time it takes for WinClock to write the configuration file
was reduced.

How to pay for/register WinClock

WinClock is ShareWare.

You may make copies of this program and give them to others as
long as the documentation is provided with the program, both

If you like WinClock, a registration fee of $7.50 would be
appreciated. The next version is free (plus S&H). You will
be able to receive support by mail, BIX, CompuServe, or FidoNet.

Please include your name, address, and current version number.
(The version number may be found in the About Box.)
See above for the address.

Registered versions of WinClock, which include a free update are
available for $15.00.

Site licenses, LAN licenses, and substantial quantity discounts
are available.

Customization of WinClock is available but is not included in the
ShareWare registration fee. The fee charged for customization
will depend on the amount and significance of the customization.

Please contact me for more information regarding the above two

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