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Do a print screen while in Windows 3.X. Can also direct output to a file.
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Do a print screen while in Windows 3.X. Can also direct output to a file.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Welcome to Print Screen Manager Version 1.0

Allows you to control what happens when you press the print screen key when using
Microsoft Windows. You may print the screen, save the screen to a file, or copy
the screen to the clipboard.

How to install:
1. If you have received Print Screen Manager as a unarchived file (PRTSC.EXE), just
type PRTSC to split out the various files.

2. Copy BWCC.DLL to your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. BEFORE you do this, make sure
that there is not already a copy of BWCC.DLL in the directory already. If so,
you may skip this step. This dynamic link library is written by Borland International;
they retain all rights to it.

3. Copy WPRTSC.DLL to your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

4. Copy PRTSCMAN.EXE to your \WINDOWS directory.

5. Copy PRTSCMAN.HLP to your \WINDOWS directory.

6. If you want to permanent install Print Screen Manager, please refer to your Windows
User's Guide (look for Starting Applications in the index).

6. You may delete PRTSC.EXE if you do not want a backup copy.

7. If you have any questions about these directories, please refer to your DOS and Windows
User's Manuals.

How to contact Mallegrax Software:
1. For questions or problems, Mallegrax support personnel may be contacted on
CompuServe. The mail address is [73557,66].

2. Write to Mallegrax Software
21446 Firwood Street
Lake Forest, CA 92630

We at Mallegrax Software hope you enjoy Print Screen Manager.

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