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Windows 3.0 astronomical clock.
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Windows 3.0 astronomical clock.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ACLOCK.DAT 6764 2353 deflated
ACLOCK.EXE 48144 21231 deflated
ACLOCK.HLP 13857 6111 deflated
USERS_GD.WRI 3200 1343 deflated

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Contents of the USERS_GD.WRI file

1Astronomy Clock for Windows 3.X

Required Hardware and Software

Windows 3.X running in standard or enhanced mode.

Installing the Program

Using the MS-DOS shell, or the Windows File Manager, create a subdirectory for the program. For example:


Then copy all files from the distribution disk into the subdirectory. For example:


The program is made up of the following files: ACLOCK.EXE, ACLOCK.DAT, ACLOCK.HLP, and USERS_GD.WRI.

Using the Windows Program Manager, select the File menu and the New submenu. Then select the Program Group button and the OK button. Enter ACLOCK in the Description field, and ACLOCK in the Group File Field. Select the OK button.

Select the File menu and the New submenu again. This time, select the Program Item button and the OK button. Enter ACLOCK in the Description field, and enter the location of the program in the Command Line field, for example:


Select the OK button.

The program is now installed.

Automatically Loading the Program

If you want the program to be automatically loaded every time you start Windows, edit the WIN.INI file in your Windows directory.

Add the pathname of the program to the line beginning with "load=". For example, the following line causes the clock program and ACLOCK to be loaded every time Windows starts:

load=clock C:\ACLOCK\ACLOCK

Running the Program

After starting the program, press F1 and you will be given information about running the program.

Distribution and Payment

Astronomy Clock may be freely copied without cost, provided it is not changed in any way. If you find the program useful, please send $5.00 to:

Pocket-Sized Software
8547 E. Arapahoe Road
Suite J-147
Greenwood Village, CO 80112 USA

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