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Windows screen savers (really neat and easy to add on).
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Windows screen savers (really neat and easy to add on).
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Contents of the READ.ME file


Harry's Installable Screen Savers are Microsoft Windows 3.1 compatible
screen savers written by Harry C. Snyder. They are add-ons to the
Windows 3.1 system and will automatically be added to Windows
by copying the files to your Windows directory.

These screen savers are SHAREWARE. You may evaluate these
programs for free for 30 days. If you use any of them, please
be honest and REGISTER them by following the directions below.

By registering the program you will receive a diskette with the
latest versions and at least one additional bonus screen saver.

QUESTIONS: I'm on CI$ at 70720,243 or write to me at the address below.

***************************** EASY INSTALLATION ***************************

1) Copy the files *.SCR and HSAVER.DLL into your Windows Directory.
This directory is usually C:\WINDOWS.

2) The Screen Savers will be installed automatically, just like
the screen savers that came with Windows 3.1.

To Select and Configure one of Harry's Screen Savers:

1) Run Windows
2) Run the Windows Control panel program (CONTROL.EXE)
3) Double-click on the Desktop icon or choose 'Desktop' from the
Settings menu in the CONTROL program.
4) Harry's Screen Savers will appear in the Windows Desktop Screen Saver
Combo Box. Select one of them.
5) Hit the TEST button to try it out.
5) Hit the SETUP button to configure the screen saver.
6) Hit the ABOUT button in the setup dialog to get registration information.
7) Hit the REGISTER button in the About dialog to print a registration
letter or to enter your serial number after you register. If you don't
have a printer, send the registration fee to the address below.


******************************!! IMPORTANT !!*******************************
The About box will give you information on how to register this program for
$12 and get a diskette with the latest versions, a bonus screen saver,
and the serial number to eliminate the About Box screen that will begin
appearing after using the program for a while.


If you use this program, PLEASE register in order to support more
shareware products and improvements to this one.

Single computer registration: $12.00
Unlimited user network license: $240.00

Specify a 5 1/4" or 3 1/2" disk


Harry C. Snyder
P.O. Box 231
Redmond, WA 98073-0231

CI$: 70720,243

There are 7 screen savers in this initial pack.
More will be added in the future. Each screen saver requires the file

Each Screen Saver can be configured so that moving the mouse will not
disable the screen saver. I put this in so when you accidentally hit
your mouse, the screen won't unblank. I like it that way. If you don't,
then just turn it off by deselecting the check box in the screen saver
configuration dialogs.

The seven in this pack are:

Harry's Original a 3.1 version of the original Harry's Screen Blanker.
Lots of display options. Experiment for a lot of nice
visual effects.

Harry's 3D Objects 4 wire objects float on your screen. Options to
select which objects to show and other display effects.

Harry's Wild Polys 4 polygons on your screen. You choose how many sides
for each polygon for nice effects.

Harry's Kaleidoscope Random symmetrical and colorful designs

Harry's Spotlight A spotlight sweeps across your screen. You pick the
size of the spotlight.

Harry's Popcorn Bouncing popcorn. Includes sound.

Harry's Scroller scrolls your screen like a broken TV.


The following LOG lists improvements to Harry's Screen Savers
for each version.

Version 1.0Harry's Screen Savers are released9/8/92
Version 1.01Minor bug fixes9/12/92


Please vote in November.

Vote Pro-Life, Bush/Quayle, School Choice (public/private),
and No Taxes.

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