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Nice Game for Windows 3.0. Destroy the Mac.
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Nice Game for Windows 3.0. Destroy the Mac.
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Contents of the MACBLAST.DOC file

* *
* MacBlaster *
* *
* Version 1.00 January 10, 1992 *
* *
* Earl Gehr *
* 1824 A Manning Circle *
* Charleston, SC 29404 *
* *

The Scenario
You are a computer programmer and have developed a truly great graphic user
interface (GUI). The Evil Fruit Empire has a monopoly on GUIs and will try
to destroy your computer and throw legal hurtles in your path. Destroy as
many of the Evil Fruit Empires computers and mice as possible while
avoiding contact with the self destructing copyright lawsuits and mice.
Beat the empire and give computer users freedom of choice!

MacBlaster Files
You should have received the following four files with MacBlaster:
- MACBLAST.EXE, this is the program.
- MACBLAST.SCO, this file contains the top 10 high scores.
- MACBLAST.DOC, this documentation file.
- REGISTER.TXT, shareware registration form.

Minimum Computer System Requirements:
- IBM compatible Computer with 80286 CPU.
- 1 meg DRAM.
- VGA graphics card and monitor.
- MS-DOS version 3.3
- Microsoft Windows version 3.0.

To Play MacBlaster:
- Start up Microsoft Windows.
- Follow the instructions provided with the Microsoft Windows Users Guide
for starting an application using either the Program manager or File
manager and start MACBLAST.EXE.
- MacBlaster can be controlled with either a mouse, keyboard or both.
Menu and dialog control is fully explained in the Microsoft Windows
Users Guide. Menus and controls for the program are as follows:

Game menu
-- NEW GAME starts a new game.
-- HELP displays a help dialog with complete online instructions.
-- SCORES displays the top 10 high scores for the game.
-- ABOUT gives author, copyright and shareware fee information.

Pause menu
-- PAUSE pauses the game and changes into RESUME.
-- RESUME - resumes a paused game.

-- F1 key displays a help dialog.
-- F2 key starts a new game.
-- Left arrow key moves your PC left.
-- Right arrow key moves your PC right.
-- Up arrow key fires a rotten apple.

-- Left arrow button moves your PC left.
-- Right arrow button moves your PC right.
-- Fire button fires a rotten apple.

-- Score and level are displayed at the bottom of the window.
-- 50 points for each new level.
-- 25 points for each computer hit.
-- 10 points for each mouse hit.


This software is SHAREWARE. You can try it out for two weeks. At the end
of this evaluation period if you decide to keep it you are required to
register as a user by sending $10.00 in U.S. Dollars to:

Earl Gehr
1824 A Manning Circle
Charleston, SC 29404

For your convienence a registration form is included with this software.
Its located in the file named REGISTER.TXT. All you need to do is type in
the required information, print it, fold it, enclose the check, tape it
closed, add a stamp and mail it.

In exchange for registering I will add you to my registered user database,
inform you of any upgrades, send you notice of new software I create and
provide technical support for the software. If you have any suggestions,
questions or discover any problems with the software you can reach me
online on GEnie at E.Gehr1 and America Online at Bud Gehr. I can also be
reached via good old US mail at the address located at the beginning of
this file and on the programs About dialog.

When registering, or writing for any reason, please include the following:
- Program name and version number, this information is available at the
beginning of this file as well as on the programs About dialog.
- Where you obtained your copy from.
- A description of your system.
- Your full name and address.


MacBlaster is distributed under the "shareware" concept, also known as
"user-supported software". Under this concept, you save the high cost of
packaging and distribution while still receiving high quality software.
You are free, and in fact encouraged, to distribute this software to your
friends, to BBS's and to user groups. If you do distribute this software
you are required to include all the files that are specified to have come
with it at the beginning of this documentation file. You are not allowed to
modify the files in any way, and this shareware notice must be kept intact.
The author retains all other rights to the program.


The following information is for disk vendors, BBS sysops, user groups,
etc. who wish to distribute this program. For the purposes of this
document, all of the above will be referred to as disk vendors.

This software is copyrighted material and is subject to certain restrictions
on copying and distribution.

Vendors of any type, whether program distribution is free or whether a fee
of any type is charged, may distribute this program under the following

- The vendor properly represents the software as shareware and provides
customers with a complete definition of the shareware concept. You
must not advertise this software as "free", "cheap" or "public domain".

- The vendor must in no way imply that they are "selling" the program
but rather are only providing a duplication service where the program
is provided for evaluation. You may not "rent" or "lease" copies of
this program.

- You do not rename, change or omit any of the provided files.

- The vendor should provide the author with a copy of their catalog.

- You may distribute this program in a compressed form.

The author reserves the right to withhold or withdraw permission to
distribute from anyone at any time for any reason.

Software reviewers: If you plan to review this software for publication,
please contact me first to make sure you have the most recent version of
the product and that the ordering information supplied to your readers
will be accurate.


The author hereby disclaims all warranties relating to this product, whether
express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The author cannot and
will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, indirect or
similar damages due to loss of data or any other reason, even if the author
or an authorized agent has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
In no event shall the liability for any damages ever exceed the price paid
for the license to use software, regardless of the form and/or extent of the
claim. The user of this program bears all risk as to the quality and
performance of the software.

Microsoft and MS-DOS are registered trademarks and Windows is a
trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
IBM is a registered trademarks International Business Machines Corporation.
80286 is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

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