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Mesmerize 1.01 is a MS Windows Screen Saver.

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Mesmerize 1.01 is a MS Windows screen saver.
Intense mesmerizing waves wash across your
screen. It is totally configureable. At
least a 386 and a 256 color display driver
is required. Shareware $9.99 U.S. Dollars.

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Mesmerize 1.01 is a MS Windows Screen Saver.
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REGISTER.TXT 2762 1304 deflated
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Contents of the M_README.TXT file

Mesmerize Screen Saver Version 1.01
For MS Windows 3.1
Solstice Enterprises
programmed by
Curtis Shipley


Your MS Windows must be installed with a graphics card and display driver
capable of displaying 256 colors on a computer with an Intel 386 or better
processor (486, PENTIUM). Without this, Mesmerize will not operate


To configure the screen saver after it has been installed, open the Control
Panel and open 'Desktop'. In the screen savers area, select 'Mesmerize' in
the list of screen savers. If you don't see it, it hasn't been installed
properly. Once it has been selected in the list, push the 'Setup' button.
Here is an explanation of the settings:

Number of Centers - Controls how twisted the lines are. The more centers, the
more twisted.
Line Thickness - Controls the size of the lines as they travel across the
Dot size - Adjusts the size of the dots that make up the scene. If
it draws too slowly, try adjusting the dot size.
Interlaced - Creates a 'tie dye' effect.

Narrow Lines - Gives it a silky look.

Vary Colors - Controls whether the colors vary with time.

Speed - Controls the speed of the waves.

Screen Changes every ??? minutes - Controls how often the screen updates.


To install Mesmerize screen saver manually, simply copy mez.scr,
m_readme.txt, register.txt and order.frm to your windows subdirectory.
To set it up, see 'Configuring Mesmerize screen saver' above.

You you have any problems, or wish to report any bugs, please refer to
register.txt. Thanks.

Curtis Shipley
[email protected]

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