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Latest ATI Video drivers for Windows-NT.
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Latest ATI Video drivers for Windows-NT.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANTPANEL.EXE 52736 18083 deflated
ATIEO.DLL 60416 19324 deflated
ATIMP.SYS 40448 14857 deflated
FRAMEBUF.DLL 42496 9279 deflated
INPORT.SYS 28160 9228 deflated
MOUSE.TXT 3184 1361 deflated
README 7909 3205 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Readme file for the Windows NT Oct 92 Release of the ATI Graphics driver.
ATI Technologies Inc. MxxNT8.ZIP February 10 1993.
Revisions (0.01), (0.02), (0.03), (0.04) (0.05) (0.06) (0.06)

The Graphics device drivers supplied here are for the Oct 92 Beta Release of
Windows NT operating system. It is required that Windows NT operating
system is loaded onto the computer system.

The drivers are in beta form and has been released with no implied warranties
and or guarantees of functionality. Any questions or problem reports should
be addressed to ATI Driver Development via the ATI forum on Compuserve.

This version of the driver will run on these ATI Accelerator Products:

Graphics Ultra Pro
Graphics Ultra +
Graphics Ultra
Graphics Vantage
OEM versions identifying the Mach32 ASIC or 68800 ASIC
OEM versions identifying the Mach8 ASIC or 38800 ASIC.

(See Revision History)

This ATI driver is a preliminary release developped by ATI programmers
since the release of the Windows NT DDK in October 1992. It has NOT
been through our QA process, nor optimized for speed as we wanted to get
a driver into out customer's possession ASAP, with the hopes that it will
be useful to you.

Tell us if the driver fails to run, or there are MAJOR
bugs that prevent you from using the driver, and ATI will correct them.

Submission of problems should be addressed either
by CompuServe @ 76004,3656 Driver Development (Go ATITECH) or
by FAX or Letter addressed to the attention of:

ATI Technologies Inc.
3761 Victoria Park Avenue
Scarborough, Ontario,
M1W 3S2, Canada
ATTN: Driver Development

OUR FAX NUMBER IS: (416) 756-0720

ATI is working with Microsoft to have support for ATI products included
in future releases of Windows NT SDK and DDK.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS -----------------------------------------

Windows NT operating system is assumed to be installed in C:\WINNT.
ATI graphics utilities (shipped with the video card), assumed to be
already installed.

This ATI driver package containing:
- ATIMP.SYS (ATI Graphics miniport driver) *** NEW NAME ***
- ANTPANEL.EXE (Configuration program for the driver)
- INPORT.SYS (Bus Mouse driver)
- ATIEO.DLL (no aperture driver)
- FRAMEBUF.DLL (aperture driver)
- This README file

1. Copy the ATIMP.SYS driver to the C:\WINNT\SYSTEM\DRIVERS directory.
Copy the *.DLL drivers to the C:\WINNT\SYSTEM directory.
Delete C:\WINNT\SYSTEM\DRIVERS\68800.SYS (if updating)

2. Copy the Windows NT ANTPANEL.EXE configuration program to a directory
which is contained in your Windows NT PATH environment variable.

3. If your ATI Graphics card does not include a mouse port
or if you are using a pointing device not connected to the ATI adapter,
proceed to step 5.

4. Read Mouse.txt to see if you require the ATI mouse driver.

5. Restart Windows NT.
Windows NT will start up in 640x480, 16 colour VGA mode. This is normal.

6. From the Program Manager, run ANTPANEL.EXE. Select the resolution and
colour depth you want to use, then click on the "OK" button. Your
selections will take effect after you shut down and restart Windows NT.

Revision History -----------------------------------------

Version 0.08 (MXXNT8.ZIP)
Fixes - Gateway DX2-66 timing problem resulting in garbage graphics screens.

Version 0.07 (MXXNT7.ZIP)
Fixes - Only Bottom is screen is drawn correctly on some Graphics cards.

Version 0.06 (MXXNT6.ZIP)

Fixes - 800 by 600 garbage screen on Graphics Ultra Pro and Graphics Ultra+.
- 8514/Ultra not found error.
- Text characters larger than 24 points display reliably.

Now supports 1280x1024 resolution on ATI graphics cards capable of
displaying this resolution.
*** NEW Driver name, 68800.SYS is now called ATIMP.SYS to reflect
its support for many ATI graphics cards.
ANTPANEL.EXE allows the ATI driver to be disabled, use the Advanced Button.

Version 0.05 (MXXNT5.ZIP)
Now supports all ATI accelerator families of graphics cards. This is
detected automatically at boot up time of Windows NT.
These resolutions are supported if the aperture is NOT available
(ie 8514/Ultra, Graphics Ultra, Graphics Vantage and Graphics Ultra Pro in
a 16 megabyte ISA bus):
640 by 480 in 256 colors
800 by 600 in 256 colors
1024 by 768 in 256 colors

Version 0.04 (M32NTD.ZIP)
GARBAGE Screen on Startup of Graphics Mode -- Some adapters have a
hardware combination that was not being initialized properly.

Version 0.03 (M32NTC.ZIP)
New Features for resolution and color depth (if capable)
640 by 480 in 8 and 16 bits per pixel
800 by 600 in 8 and 16 bits per pixel
1024 by 768 in 8 and 16 bits per pixel
1280 by 1024 in 8 bits per pixel
where 8 bpp is 256 colors,
16 bpp is 65535 colors
24 bpp is 16.7 million colors

Version 0.02 (M32NTB.ZIP)
WRONG COLORS -- Adapters using the ATI 68830 DAC will now display a
correct palette.

KNOWN PROBLEMS -----------------------------------------

Mouse Problems -- see mouse.txt


What to do if Windows NT "hangs" at the Win NT "Blue Screen" with the
ATI graphics device drivers.

These drivers ONLY work with the October Beta Release.

Ensure FRAMEBUF.DLL and ATIEO.DLL are in the \WINNT\SYSTEM directory
that Windows NT Boots from. Do you have More than one WIN NT Installed?
Is your directory name where NT installed different than WINNT?

Is the aperture enabled where System Memory is Located?
To verify where the aperture is located do this:
execute the ATI utility C-INFO.EXE or 8-INFO.EXE, this will tell
you about the Memory Aperture and the Card Configuration.
Use the INSTALL.EXE program to modify the aperture settings.

Is the computer system CMOS "shadowing the BIOS with RAM"?
Is the CMOS Caching the Video BIOS at C0000-C7000?
Disable both of these. This can cause Windows NT to hang in a
Black Screen, or fail to Reboot completely.

Does it work if the ANTPANEL.EXE is used to select 1024x768 256 colors, or
640x480 256 colors?.
Disable the ATI driver by renaming \winnt\system\drivers\ATIMP.SYS to
something like ATIMP.ATI. Reboot, will get VGA. Run ANTPANEL.EXE, rename
driver to ATIMP.SYS and restart WIN NT.


How to UNinstall the ATI Windows Device Driver. There are TWO ways to do
this without reinstalling Windows NT.

ONE method is:
CD \winnt\system\drivers
ren ATIMP.sys ATIMP.ati
Windows NT looks for *.SYS drivers at boot time, if it cannot find it,
it cannot use it.

SECOND method is:
While running Windows NT, execute the ANTPANEL.EXE program.
Select Advanced Button, Driver Status to Disabled.
Exit the program


Graphics Ultra Pro and Graphics Ultra Plus are trademarks of
ATI Technologies Inc. IBM and MicroChannel are trademarks of
International Business Machines Corporation.
Windows NT and MS-DOS are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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