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MS Windows file/directory utility.
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MS Windows file/directory utility.
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Contents of the FILEMGR.TXT file

Windows File Manager!

This program is designed to help you manage (hence, the name)
your files. The program can encrypt and decrypt files, make
files invisible or visible,and make files read-only or read/write.
It will also make directories invisible or visible.

Since I hate writing documentation, this is going to be short and

All the file commands bring up a dialog box with a multiple select
listbox. Highlight the files you want changed (Shift+(click or arrow))
and press the Ok pushbutton. If you only want one file changed,
you can double-click on that filename.

The only difference between file commands and directory commands
is that you can't change a directory by double-clicking on it, you
have to press the Ok pushbutton every time.

The Duplicate Original option will duplicate the original file
before an encryption. The duplicate will change the last character
of the extension to a 2, i.e. INPUT.TXT's duplicate will be called
INPUT.TX2. So change the filename if the extension ends with
a 2!

The Hide Encrypted File will make newly encrypted files invisible.

The Save Options saves the state of the options in the WIN.INI file.
The options will be set the next time you start the file manager.

Invisible files or directories do not show up in a directory
listing unless the program creating the listing asks for hidden
directories or files. The file or directory name will not show
up on the Executive screen or a DIR. You can get to a hidden
directory by using the Change Directory command under the Special
menu or by CD.

Do not open a read-only file with Write. There is a bug in Write
that does not handle read-only files too well.

The encytion and decrytion uses a simple character XOR between the
key and the file. XOR encrytions are very simple and very effective.
Open a file after encrytion and see for yourself. DO NOT LOSE
YOUR KEY!!! If you do, you're screwed. The key is not stored
anywhere in any file. Read the September 1988 Computer Language
on encryption systems. You can encrypt any file or program. If
you want really encrypted files, encrypt a file two or three times
with different keys. You can decrypt a file with multiple keys
in any order.

The source code is included in this archive. If you don't like
something, don't bitch, change it.

I haven't tried this on a network. I don't see why it wouldn't work,
but it would be be wild if it didn't. I assume no responsibility
for the hardy souls who first try it on a network.

This program is, like, Hoser-ware, eh. This means that you my freely
give this program to anyone (or anything, eh!) you wish as long as
these two conditions are met (okay, eh?):

1) You may charge no money for the archive or the disk
that contains the archive (This, like, means free, eh).
You may, however, accept beer (Canadian only, eh!) or
backbacon as a suitable trade.

2) Only the unaltered file FILEMGR.ARC may be given away. The
archive can not be unarchived and then given away.
That would be, like, cheating, eh.

Do not, like, send me any money for this program, eh. If you
really like it, send me your name and address, and the next time
I happen to travel close to you, you can buy me a beer, eh. Okay?

This program and soucre code is copyrighted, eh. So if you want
to use some of the code, like, change it a little bit, okay, eh.
If you do use some of this code in a commercial program and, like,
make a mint, buy me a case of beer okay, eh?

Anyone caught breaking these rules will be, like, immediately and
ruthlessly pummeled to death with a black leather tuque. That's,
like, really sadistic, eh?

Tony Vollmer
Burrell Business Systems
1311 Merrillville Road
Crown Point, IN 46307
FAX: (219)662-0915
Compuserve: 76077,1774
Online: MS04432
Masseuse: (219)555-3746

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