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Spelmate V1.1 Spell Checker DLL for Windows. Spelmate allows developers to add spell checking capabilities to their own Windows Application. Spelmate can be used from any language.

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Spelmate V1.1 Spell Checker DLL for Windows.
Spelmate allows developers to add spell
checking capabilities to their own Windows
Application. Spelmate can be used from C, C++
,Pascal and Visual Basic. Example Programs in
all three languages are supplied. Spelmate is
available in either British or American

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Spelmate V1.1 Spell Checker DLL for Windows. Spelmate allows developers to add spell checking capabilities to their own Windows Application. Spelmate can be used from any language.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILEMENU.RC$ 516 504 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 322 216 deflated
GETFILE.FR$ 1591 1578 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 37888 14010 deflated
INSTALL.INF 2815 962 deflated
INVOICE.DOC 2125 526 deflated
MAINUK.DI$ 239640 227734 deflated
OWL.DE$ 127 127 stored
README.DOC 11991 4861 deflated
SAVEFILE.FR$ 1438 1428 deflated
SPELCHEK.EX$ 11625 11189 deflated
SPELCHEK.PA$ 2454 2356 deflated
SPELFILE.RE$ 516 516 stored
SPELL.CP$ 4581 4404 deflated
SPELL.H$ 566 528 deflated
SPELL.IC$ 301 301 stored
SPELL.PA$ 327 327 stored
SPELLAPP.EX$ 20444 19701 deflated
SPELLAPP.PA$ 756 735 deflated
SPELLTST.CP$ 1195 1127 deflated
SPELLTST.EX$ 58962 56585 deflated
SPELLTST.H$ 72 68 deflated
SPELLTST.PR$ 2637 2506 deflated
SPELLTST.RC$ 702 652 deflated
SPELLWND.PA$ 8267 7991 deflated
SPELLWND.RE$ 1421 1361 deflated
SPELMATE.BA$ 2032 1968 deflated
SPELMATE.DL$ 12238 11818 deflated
SPELMATE.H$ 472 458 deflated
SPELMATE.HL$ 21714 20005 deflated
SPELMATE.LI$ 346 346 stored
SPELTEST.BA$ 152 151 deflated
SPELTEST.EX$ 7403 7190 deflated
SPELTEST.FR$ 1627 1585 deflated
SPELTEST.MA$ 155 155 stored
UNPACK.EXE 37376 15160 deflated
VBREADME.TX$ 1860 1741 deflated
VBSPLMIN.EX$ 3420 3315 deflated
VBSPLMIN.FR$ 536 534 deflated
VBSPLMIN.MA$ 120 120 stored

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Spelmate V1.1 Spell Checker DLL for Windows.
Spelmate allows developers to add spell
checking capabilities to their own Windows
Application. Spelmate can be used from C, C++
,Pascal and Visual Basic. Example Programs in
all three languages are supplied. Spelmate is
available in either British or American
versions. WELCOME TO Spelmate V1.1 FOR WINDOWS

This README file contains important, last minute information about
Spelmate V1.1

1. What is Spelmate
2. How to Get Help
3. Installation
4. Important Notes
5. Files on the Disk(s)
6. Why Register?
7. History

1. What is Spelmate

Spelmate is a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that you can use to add spell
checking to your Windows application. Because it is a DLL it can be called
from any programming system that support DLL's including C,C++, Pascal,
and Visual Basic.

Spelmate is available in American and British versions.

There is no royalty associated with Spelmate, and once you have registered
the Shareware message will not be shown, and your users will be unaware of
the origins of spelmate.

A number of sample programs in Borland C++, Borland Pascal, and Visual Basic
are included to illustrate how to use Spelmate. Spelmate is also used by
Help Edit, a Windows Help File generation system, also from Aciran Software Systems.


If you have any problems, please read this file and the user guide, and if
you still have a question and need assistance, help is available from the
following source:

Write to me at the following address:

James Herron
29 Duncryne Place,
Glasgow G64 2DP

Alternatively call me on 041 762 0967 between 6pm and 9pm Mon - Fri, or any
time at Weekends (within reason!). Answering machine available.

If you have a modem you can leave me a message on the ShareWare Support BBS
in the UK on (0442) 891109 (3 lines). This BBS has a link to the Runway BBS
in the US on 215-623-6203.

Alternatively log on to a local BBS that echos FIDO or ILINK and leave me
a message in one of the following conferences:

Shareware (fido)
Windows (fido)
Windows Programming (fido)

Shareware (Ilink)
Windows Application Development (Ilink)

If you are on Compuserve or CIX you can Email me at

[email protected]

This is on the JANET network but can be accessed via internet and

To access internet you may have to make modifications such as:

>INTERNET:[email protected]

which I BELIEVE is the correct format from Compuserve.

You should read the rest of this README file to get further
information about this release before you do the installation.

To perform the installation insert the floppy in drive A or B and run
INSTALL from Windows.

This completes installation, you should now put your original disk(s) in a
save place. Start Windows and either run the demos from the Program Manager by
opening the File menu and selecting Run, or better still if you installed a
new group for Spelmate during install select it's icon for the application.

o The Executable, dictionary and a Demo files in this package are
compressed. If you don't use the installation program or you need to
copy one of the original files onto your hard disk, use the UNPACK.EXE
file located on the distribution disk. This is a Windows application.


Disk 1

INSTALL EXE - Windows Install Program
INSTALL INF - Windows Install Script file
UNPACK EXE - Unpack Utility.
README DOC - This file
SPELMATE DL$ - Spelmate DLL.
MAINxx DI$ - Main dictionary, either mainuk.dic or mainus.dic.
SPELMATE HL$ - Spelmate user guide, this is a windows Help file.
SPELLAPP.EX$ - Pascal Spell Editor
SPELLAPP.PA$ - Pascal Spell Editor source
SPELLWND.PA$ - Pascal Editor source
SPELLWND.RE$ - Pascal Editor resource
SPELCHECK.EX$ - Pascal File Speller
SPELCHECK.PA$ - Pascal File Speller source
SPELL.PA$ - Pascal Import Library
SPELFILE.RE$ - Pascal Checker resource
INVOICE.DOC - Invoice/Oreder Form
FILEMENU.RC$ - C Sample Filemenu resource
OWL.DE$ - C Sample Owl def
SPELL.CP$ - C Sample Spell.cpp
SPELL.IC$ - C Sample Spell icon
SPELL.H$ - C Sample Spell.h header
SPELLTST.EX$ - C Spell Editor
SPELLTST.H$ - C Sample header
SPELLTST.CP$ - C Spell Editor source
SPELLTST.PR$ - C Spell Editor project
SPELLTST.RC$ - C Spell Editor resource
SPELMATE.BA$ - Visual Basic interface
SPELMATE.H$ - C Spelmate header
SPELMATE.LI$ - C Import Library
GETFILE.FR$ - VB Getfile form
SPELTEST.EX$ - VB Spell Tester
SPELTEST.BA$ - VB source
SPELTEST.MA$ - VB Make File/Project
SAVEFILE.FR$ - VB Savefile form
VBSPLMIN.EX$ - VB Min Example
VBSPLMIN.MA$ - VB Min MakeFile

Note: all files whose extension ends in a $ are compressed.

6. Why Register?

Registering brings with it a number of advantages.

First of all the Unregistered Copy notice will no longer appear.

Second you will have technical support should you have any problems.

Third, your support will encourage me to continue to improve Spelmate.

And Finally, as a registered user you will be entitled to FREE updates for
6 months, and to favourable price reductions on future versions after that
period. So make sure you complete the registration form as completely
as possible.

7. History
NB. Dates are in dd/mm/yy

02/6/93 V1.0
Initial release of Spelmate.

23/07/93 V1.1

Improved reliability by having Spelmate check the validity of the private
dictionary, and deleting it if it is corrupt. Also a backup private
dictionary was introduced to replace the corrupt one if needed.

This is not a bad reflection V1.0, it is simply that if your Application
should crash during development,(don't they all!), it would leave the DLL in
an unstable state, and usually corrupt the private dictionary. Spelmate
would then not function correctly until this dictionary was deleted. It was
not essential for your App to be spell checking at the time, the fact that
it 'owned' the DLL at the time of it's demise was enough. These problems
have now been overcome (by means of validation and backup) without any user

Spelmate V1.0 did not work correctly with C programs as the Boolean function
SpellCheck returned a Pascal Boolean (byte) value, and not a 16 bit (word)
value. It now uses a BOOL Windows (16bit word) value.

Spelmate V1.0 did not work with Visual Basic. This is because the function
suggestWord expects a pointer to a string, and returns a pointer, and VB
works with strings or arrays. This has been overcome with the addition of a
new function SuggestVBWord which takes a string.

Murphy's Law states that the spell checking dialog box will nearly always
manage to cover up the users view of the word you are trying to check.

Spelmate V1.0 allowed Windows to place the dialog box. V1.1 always places it
in the bottom centre of the screen. Unless of course you call the procedure
DisplayAtTop just before hand. You have to work out which half of the screen
your word is in, then place the dialog box in the other. This is illustrated
by a C and Pascal example.

Special thanks to Alistair McMonnies and Stewart McSporran of MEDC for the
C++ and VB examples.

Aciran Software Products Line as of July 1993

Aciran Version 3.5
Aciran is a Linear AC Circuit Analysis program to ease the design of
electronic circuits. Aciran can handle resistors, capacitors, inductors,
transformers (ideal), transmission lines, vccs, fets, transistors, and

For compatibility with PSpice it will accept voltage and current sources.

Aciran performs calculations of gain, phase, time delay, impedance, return
loss, and vswr. Results can be printed in tabular or graphical form. Aciran
supports CGA, EGA, VGA and Hercules graphics adapters.

Aciran can also perform tolerance analysis using monte-carlo methods and
supports Epson, LaserJet, and Postscript printers.

<< Registration 45. >>

Aciran for Windows Version 1.4
Aciran for windows is a Windows version of Aciran, and is able to perform
all the above and more.

Aciran for Windows can show multiple graphs and tables simultaneously and
users can manually scale the graphs.

<< Registration 65, upgrade from Aciran for DOS, 20. >>

LMJ Version 1.21
LMJ - Le Mot Juste is a game based on the TV series Blockbusters, and is
used in the teaching of French. The program is mainly for use by teachers
to assist students in learning grammar and phrases.

The Shareware version comes with a number of topics pre-defined. Registered
users receive an extra program called the Topic Generator, which allows them
to add new games. LMJ supports CGA, EGA, VGA, and Hercules.

<< Registration 12. >>

Scat Version 2.0
Scat is a program used for designing high frequency RF amplifiers using
Transistor Scattering Parameters and a Smith Chart. Calculates Gain,
Stability , Noise and Matching impedance's. Supports EGA and VGA only.

<< Registration 45. >>

Turf Version 1.1
Turf is a program for the would be amateur Bookie who wants to run the
office sweepstakes. Keeps a record of all bets and payoffs, and lets you
see if you are likely to be in profit at the end of the day.

<< Registration 12. >>

Picture Calendar for Windows V2.0
Picture Calendar is as the name suggests a calendar program for Windows
that displays a different picture for each month. Versions are available
for Landscapes, Wildlife, Pot-Pourri and Pinups.

<< Registration 10. >>

Help Edit V1.6
Help Edit is a Utility to generate Windows Help Files. Instead of having
to have access to an RTF word processor like Word for Windows, Help Edit
can work with simple ASCII files. Help Edit handles Help Topics,
Definitions, Browse sequences, Bitmaps, Fonts, and Colour. Automatic
generation of Topic and Definition labels, and the HPJ file. Requires the
Microsoft Help compiler, which is now Public Domain.

<< Registration 15 >>

Spelmate V1.1
Spelmate is a Windows DLL that allows developers to add spell checking to
their applications. Spelmate is available in both British and American
versions. Sample programs along with their source code (in C++, Pascal and
Visual Basic) are provided.

<< Registration 15. >>

Index-It V1.0
Index-It is a Windows Utility used to create index lists or keyword list
for use in DeskTop Publishing or Hypertext systems such as Windows Help.
When writting a document or journal an Index list is often needed at the
back of the document which contains keywords that describe parts of the
document, and page references based on these keywords. In Hypertext and
Help systems users can often perform a search based on keywords entered
by the user. Index-It is used to scan the text of your document(s) and
assist in generating a unique list of index words for just such a purpose.
The index list produced is in the format of ASCII file containing a single
word to a line. in alphabetical order. This file is automatically
recognised by HelpEdit.

<< Registration 15 >>

James Herron
August 1993

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