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Generates a bitmap from selected area when using Windows 3.0.
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Generates a bitmap from selected area when using Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the GETBITMP.DOC file

GETBITMP -- Free bitmap utility application for Microsoft Windows
written by Bernard de Champlain for "Les Consultants Gnicom inc."

Getbitmp is a small utility that permits you to grab bitmaps in the
Clipboard or by loading them from a file, to resize them and to save them in
standard bitmap files or copying them to the Clipboard. The size of the bitmap
is not limited by the 64 x 64 limit of IconEdit. The source code is supplied
for those of you who might want to modify it, the EXE file has been compiled
with Windows SDK 1.04. This program has been designed for monochrome and color
bitmaps. This is a new version of the previously uploaded file GetBit.Arc.
Major added features are: 1) seeing the bitmap, 2) loading the bitmap from a
file, 3) Copying the bitmap to the clipboard, 4) Color bitmaps are supported.

A typical usage would be: Drawing a pattern with any application that
can copy a bitmap to the Clipboard (i.e: Paint, In*a*Vision, XVT-Draw, etc...),
copying that pattern to the Clipboard, then using Getbitmp you would use the
Paste option, if needed use the Size option (explained later), and to finish
use the Save option and enter the file name (the .BMP extension is the
default). The Size option does not actualy resize the internal representation
of the bitmap but only the next saved or copied copy and the displayed bitmap
size, so there is no loss of information and it is possible to make multiple
saves of the same bitmap but with different sizes without having to rePaste the
bitmap. The default size when you first use the size option is the actual size
of the bitmap, all sizes are in pixels. The method is the algorithm used to
resize the bitmaps, White on Black preserves white pixels at the expense of
black pixels by ORing the lines to be eliminated with the remaining lines,
Black on White preserves black pixels at the expense of white pixels by ANDing
the lines to be eliminated with the remaining lines and Color on Color throws
all eliminated lines out without trying to preserve their information. The
maximum size for the bitmap is 64 KBytes.

Small tips: 1) When using Paint, if you want to capture the smallest area
containing your bitmap, use the fishing net this option creates
a bitmap of the smallest rectangle size capable of holding the
selected black pixels.

2) This application can also be used to resize parts of Paint Files
by using the Copy option after using the Size... option and
by Pasting the bitmap back to Paint.

3) The Accelerator keys Ins and F2 are defined, Ins will Paste from
the Clipboard and F2 will Copy to it.

This program was writen while developping a much larger program for "Les
Consultants Gnicom inc." as a utility for manipulating bitmaps (there are
over Seventy Bitmaps in the main programs), since there were none available.
This program may be freely distributed as long as this notice remains. For
private, noncommercial use only, NOT FOR RESALE. If anyones wants to modify
this program, please make the new (and improved) version available to everyone
by uploading to Compuserve and keep me posted...

Les Consultants Gnicom inc.
CAN: 279 Sherbrooke O, S.207, Montral, QC, H2X 1Y2, Tel: (514)-844-1031
or: (514)-844-1032
Fax/Modem: (514)-844-9142

USA: 55 Prentiss Street, Watertown, MA, 02172, Tel: (617)-239-8242

[76246,353] on Compuserve for Les Consultants Gnicom or me.

Bernard de Champlain

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