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File Finder for Windows.
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File Finder for Windows.
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1File Finder For Windows
by Don Becker
Version 1.0


File Finder is a simple program which allows you to list all files on a drive and selectively view, copy or launch groups of files . File Finder is shareware. It may be distributed as long as no modifications of anykind are made to it.
File Finder is supplied "as is" with no warranty of any kind.

To install File Finder, simply copy all files to your windows directory .

File List:
The follwing files should be iuncluded in

Using File Finder:

Options :Sets the attributes of the files to include in list;
Path :Enter the drive , directory and mask to use in search.
Search :Fills list box with all files matching Path. Maximum of 2000 files in list.
Select All :Selects all files in list.
Stop :Stops action started by Search or Select All.

Copy :Copys all selected files to destination.
Delete : Delets all selected files.

View :Loads an instance of notepad for every selected file.
Launch : Launches all selected files

Be carefull using View and Launch if you have a lot of files selected!

Requirments :
286 or better , Windows 3.0
Registration :
If you wish to recieve the password to disable the nag screen send $5 and any suggestions for improvement to :

Don R. Becker
16720 Briardale Rd.
Derwood Md. 20855
Copys all selected files to destination.
Delete : Delets all selected files.

View :Loads an iwsokgUca_[W"S1ONKR`J$N^wsokgUca_[W"S1ONKR`J\\\\======1S\U\a\\\\\\\\\Y\\\\

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