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World Time For Windows - International VGA Clock.

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Worldtime for Windows - v2.1A All new release
of popular international clock utility for MS
Windows. Provides current time in over 170
locations around the world. Windows 3.1 or
higher, VGA or higher graphics required. 5.

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World Time For Windows – International VGA Clock.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Worldtime for Windows - v2.1A All new release
of popular international clock utility for MS
Windows. Provides current time in over 170
locations around the world. Windows 3.1 or
higher, VGA or higher graphics required. 5.

Please take the time to review this file before installing and
running WorldTime 2.1.

WorldTime 2.1 is an easy to use international clock utility
for the Microsoft Windows operating environment. WorldTime
can display six different international locations and their
current local times -- selected from a database of over 170
metropolitan and geographic locations worldwide.

If you are familiar with previous releases of WorldTime,
please take note of the following new features implemented in
version 2.1:

WTIME21.INI Location
Unlike previous releases, WorldTime 2.1 now creates and
maintains its initialization file (WTIME21.INI) in the
default Windows directory. This change was implemented to
make the program easier to use on local area network (LAN)
systems. Previous releases kept the .INI file in the
WorldTime directory.

For the benefit of user's who prefer keeping the WorldTime
.INI file in the WorldTime default directory, the program
can be run with the Private Mode command line switch (/P).
This forces the program to create and access its
initialization file in the WorldTime default directory
(i.e., wherever the WTIME21.EXE file is located), and also
allows multiple copies of WorldTime (stored in separate
directories) to be run with their own configuration

Configuration Dialog
All configuration settings are now managed from within a
Configuration dialog, accessible via the menu bar
"Options/Configuration..." command.

Point-and-Shoot Mouse Support
The international location selection dialogs can now be
opened by placing the mouse pointer over the selected location
display and double-clicking the left mouse button. This
feature duplicates the functions of the six buttonbar
controls (which can now be disabled and removed from the
program window -- see "Show/Hide ButtonBar").

Reduced Memory Overhead
Under normal operation, WorldTime 2.1 requires less installed
memory than version 2.0.

Larger International Location Database
The number of standard locations accessible from WorldTime's
International Location Selection dialog boxes has been
increased, and includes generic time zone selections
representing all standard time zones (labeled according to
hours plus or minus Greenwich Mean Time). This facility,
coupled with the Custom Location Name feature, enables
virtually any location to be entered and displayed in the
WorldTime program window.

Custom Location Names / Half-Hour Time Support
WorldTime 2.1 now allows the configuration and selection of
custom locations based on WorldTime's default or standard time
(STD) location listings. Any custom location can also be
configured as a "half-hour" time zone.

Show/Hide ButtonBar
The buttonbar controls can now be disabled and removed from
the program window, useful if your international location
fields are set and you wish to decrease the size of
WorldTime's program window. This toggle option is accessible
via the menu bar "Options/Show/Hide ButtonBar" command.

Iconic Time Display
WorldTime can now display the current local time even when the
program window is reduced to an icon. This option is
accessible from the Configuration dialog box.

Window/Icon Topmost Display
WorldTime can now keep its program window or icon "topmost"
among any other active applications on the Windows desktop.
This option is accessible from the Configuration dialog box.

12-Hour/24-Hour Time Displays
WorldTime can now be display all times in 12-hour or 24-hour
format. The user's selection of either option is then
reflected not only in the main program window, but in the
iconized time display and in the Set System Time dialog box.

Adjustable Text Display Color
The on-screen color of each of the six international location,
day of week, and time fields can be selected from the
International Location Selection dialog box (within the "Text
Display Color" control group).

The WorldTime 2.1 package consists of 5 files:


A sixth file, WTIME21.INI, is automatically created when the
program is first run, and is located in the default Windows
directory (e.g., C:\WINDOWS or C:\WIN). This file contains
all WorldTime configuration information.

Full product documentation is contained in the WTIME21.TXT
file. This is an ASCII text file which can be easily loaded
and viewed with Windows Notepad, Windows Write, or any word
processor or text editor that supports the ASCII text format.
This file includes a program description, instructions, and
technical notes.

Specific information regarding the use of WorldTime 2.1 in a
network environment is contained in the ASCII text file,
NETWORK.TXT. It is STRONGLY recommended that this file is
read before installing WorldTime 2.1 on a local area network.

Hypertext program documentation is supplied in the WTIME21.HLP
file. This is a Windows Help System format file, which can be
loaded and viewed with Windows Help -- and is directly
accessed from within WorldTime via the menu bar
"Help/Contents..." command.

Both of these files contain all the information you need to
install and run this program. The Windows Help System
includes the provision for easily printing any topic or topics
from the WTIME21.HLP file. This handy feature can be used to
turn your "manual on disk" into hard copy for future

We recommend that you make a backup copy of the master program
disk(s) before installing or running WorldTime. We also
recommend that this program be installed to, and run from, a
hard disk.

To get WorldTime loaded and running with a minimum of fuss,
simply create a new directory or subdirectory on your hard
disk (e.g., C:\WTIME21) and copy the entire contents of your
master disk to that new directory.

WorldTime 2.1 does not access or require any files from
previous versions. As a result, you may safely delete all
installed files from any previous version of WorldTime prior
to installing WorldTime 2.1

From Microsoft Windows, you can run this program from File
Manager by "double-clicking" the WTIME21.EXE file entry or by
selecting the WTIME21.EXE file entry and issuing the menu bar
"File/Run" command.

Of course, WorldTime's icon can be easily installed into a new
or existing Program Manager group for quick, one-step running.

Once running, all configuration controls are accessed from the

WorldTime menu bar and/or buttonbar controls. A complete
summary of all commands is provided in the WTIME21.TXT file
and within the WorldTime help system.

Warranty information regarding this product is provided in the
ASCII text file, WTIME21.TXT and in the Windows Help file

WorldTime for Windows (version 2.1) is shareware, not freeware.

The single-user registration fee for this product is $16.00
(U.S.). Registrations ordered from outside the continental
United States or Canada should include an additional $2.00 for
shipping and handling.

Multiple-user site licenses are available for this product.
Site license registrations are a cost-effective way of
registering several end-users for a substantially lower
per-copy cost than individual registrations.

Complete registration information, including printable
registration forms, is provided in the WTIME21.HLP file
shipped with the shareware version of WorldTime. The
WTIME21.HLP file is accessed via the Windows Help System
-- menu bar command "Help/Contents." Registration information
is also provided in the ASCII text file, WTIME21.TXT.


Copyright (c) 1993 Pegasus Development

"Microsoft" and "Windows" are registered trademarks of
Microsoft Corporation.

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