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Convert txt files to .RTF for Windows help compiler.
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Convert txt files to .RTF for Windows help compiler.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

TXT2RTF - Text to Rich Text Converter Version 1.0
(c) 1991 Winefred Washington


TXT2RTF is distributed as a uer-supported software product. You may
copy and distribute TXT2RTF and its accomplanying files freely, as long
as the files are distributed together unaltered.

TXT2RTF is distributed "as is" and without any expressed and implied
warranties. Because of the diversity of conditions and hardware under
which this program may be used, no warranty of fitness for a particular
purpose is offered. The user is advised to test the program thoroughly
before relying on it. The user assumes the entire risk of using the
program. Any liability of the programmer or distributor is limited
exclusively to product replacement or refund of the registration fee.


TXT2RTF, Text to Rich Text Format, is a user-supported utility designed
to take a plain ASCII text file and convert it into a RTF file suitable
for use with Borland's Help Compiler. To run TXT2RTF, you need an IBM
compatible equipped with DOS 2.XX or later. Helpdemo.txt is also
included to illustrate all of TXT2RTF features.

If you choose to register, you will receive TXT2RTF's C source code. To
register send $15 to:

Winefred Washington
PO Box 3206
Huntsville, AL 35810

TXT2RTF Syntax

TXT2RTF uses many of the same control codes described in Borland's Help
Compiler user's manual. The following control codes are recognized:

* - Build Tag
# - Context String
$ - Title
K - Keyword
+ - Browse Sequence

The next three control codes differ from their Borland Help Compiler

= - Cross-reference
- - Definition
[] - Cross-reference context string

To generate a valid RTF file, the text file must be formatted as

o All control code footnodes must appear at the START of a page.

o Footnotes must fit on a single line in the ASCII text file.

o The body of the text appears after the control code footnotes.

o Bitmaps are placed by reference See Borland's Help Compiler
user's manual on how to place bitmaps by reference.

o Each page must end with an ASCII formfeed (0x0c).

Cross-references are used to create hypertext connections from one topic
to another. To place a cross-reference, use two '=' characters to bound
the cross-reference text:

This is = an example = of how to use the cross-reference

Both characters must appear on the same line in the ASCII text file.

Definition text is used to display a pop window containing information.
To place a definition, use two '-' characters to bound the definition
text. Both characters must appear on the same line in the ASCII text

A cross-reference context string is hidden text embedded in a RTF which
is used to reference hypertext. Cross-reference context strings must
follow cross-references or definitions strings. A cross-reference
context string must be enclosed between '[]' characters. As with the
cross-reference and definition characters, cross-reference context
characters must start and end on the same line in the ASCII text file.

To embed '-', '=', '\', '[' and ']' characters, precede them with a '\'.

The file DEMOHELP.TXT is included to illustrate the correct text file
format. To create a RTF file from the demo file, use the following

TXT2RTF demohelp.txt demohelp.rtf

TXT2RTF will generate a Borland HC compatible RTF file.

DEMORTF.EXE is a windows 3.0 program provided to demostrate TXT2RTF

If you have any suggestions or corrections, write:

Winefred Washington
PO Box 3206
Huntsville, AL 35810

or by CompuServe at 72070,3713.

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