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Command Post 8.0a - powerful Windows shell - file manager, file viewer, menu, built-in batch language, etc. - major upgrade from version 7.

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Command Post - A powerful text-based shell
for Windows. Programmable menus, built-in
batch language, super file manager, file
viewer and more. $49.95

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Command Post 8.0a – powerful Windows shell – file manager, file viewer, menu, built-in batch language, etc. – major upgrade from version 7.
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BROWLANG.DL_ 7772 2889 deflated
BROWSER.EX_ 64672 28406 deflated
CMDGROUP.CP_ 97 89 deflated
CMDPOST.EX_ 50064 22337 deflated
CMDPOST.MA_ 75004 16521 deflated
CMDPOST1.CP_ 24051 5779 deflated
CMDPOST2.CP_ 18461 4404 deflated
CMDUSER.CP_ 7985 2645 deflated
CP_TREE.EX_ 15968 7124 deflated
CP__VER.80A 26 25 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 155 130 deflated
README.TXT 7969 3346 deflated
README2.TXT 21476 7626 deflated
TASKMANR.EX_ 3328 1390 deflated
WBINXZ.EXE 54144 21041 deflated
WIL.HL_ 312766 225655 deflated
WILDOC.MA_ 477400 86979 deflated
WSETUP.EXE 6992 3625 deflated
WSETUP.INF 8830 3002 deflated
WWWBAT11.DL_ 170784 76187 deflated
WWWCP800.DL_ 2720 868 deflated
WWWDEALR.DL_ 4224 1510 deflated
WWWDLANG.DL_ 53816 13877 deflated
WWWDOS.BA_ 28 28 stored
WWWDOSC.PI_ 545 131 deflated
WWWDOSP.PI_ 545 131 deflated
WWWMENUS.DL_ 30817 8590 deflated
WWWVIRT.BA_ 1028 544 deflated
WWWZIPLS.EX_ 6760 3598 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Command Post - A powerful text-based shell
for Windows. Programmable menus, built-in
batch language, super file manager, file
viewer and more. $49.95


This disk/archive contains Command Post 8.0a


Command Post helps you end the drudgery of day-to-day tasks
when working in Microsoft Windows. Its FAST text-based interface
completely avoids the graphical overhead that often bogs down real
productivity in Windows. It is true that Command Post does not support
a "glittery" type interface, but then that was not the design goal.
Command Post is designed to be part of the key machinery holding up
the entire Windows environment.

How many times have you tired of changing drives, moving through two
subdirectories, finding an executable file from among 43 other
filenames, double clicking on it, selecting File/Open, then searching
for another directory in the listbox because your document happens to
be in a different directory than the program! With Command Post you
can automate that knowledge of where to move around the disk, which
directories to go to, which files you want to work on, what size you
prefer your window to be, and so on.

With almost two hundred functions and commands, Command Post can:

. Run Windows and DOS programs.

. Send keystrokes directly to applications.

. Rearrange, resize, hide, and close windows.

. Run programs either concurrently or sequentially.

. Display information to the user in various formats.

. Prompt the user for any needed input.

. Present scrollable file and directory lists.

. Copy, move, delete, and rename files.

. Read and write files directly.

. Copy text to and from the Clipboard.

. Perform string and arithmetic operations.

. Make branching decisions based upon numerous factors.

And much, much more.

Of course, to take full advantage of the flexibility of Command Post,
one must spend some time with either the manual or the help file and
become aquainted with the underlying WIL script language.


Command Post requires an IBM PC or compatible with a minimum of 2
megabytes of RAM, running Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or higher.


Registered users receive our new "Dialog Editor" which allows them to
graphically construct dialog boxes, (a lot like the Visual Basic dialog
editor), and other utilities to help make programming Command Post menu
items a tad easier and faster.


Command Post 8.0 is a major update from previous versions. We are
sending all registered users update letters. If you are a registered
users and did not receive an update letter by Nov 1, 1992, then
somehow we missed you. Call (800)-762-8383 and get it straightened

A lot of the changes have occurred in the menu script language. A
number of speed and assorted enhancements have been filtering
in since our previous major release (7.0) some time ago. Command Post
is now quicker, smarter, and zippier.

Command Post menus have undergone some natural evolution. There are
more menu files supported (up to 10 now) and our pre-packaged menu
files now include the following:

CMDPOST1.CPM - Defines the "File" menu
CMDPOST2.CPM - Defines the rest of the file manager menus
CMDUSER.CPM - A sample user menu to start from
CMDGROUP.CPM - The menu item that can rebuild itself from
the Program Manager groups.

If you have a pre-existing copy of Command Post on the system, the
setup program will (optionally) save the new menu files with an
extension of NEW rather than overwriting existing menu files. You
can then look at the NEW files to see the latest sample menus.


Command Post now supports some foreign languages. English is built in,
and the software attempts to examine your system, and, if you are using
German or French, will configure itself to use German or French. More
languages on the way. There is also "ValSpeak", which is both a
parody on Southern California slang, and an example of how *some*
messages may be modified for the end users.

To access a non-default langauage do the following:

1) Examine the WWWDLANG.DLL file to determine the languages
available. The file has documentation in it that will help you
figure this out. (It is not really a DLL, you can look at it.
It will probably be in your Windows directory.)

2) Edit the WWWBATCH.INI file and add an item to the MAIN section,
something like:



Use our WSETUP.EXE program, which will copy the files for you and install
a WINBATCH group in the program manager with various sample files.
To use our WSETUP.EXE program... (Manual install instructions below)

1) Close down all extraneous Windows applications.

2) Close down any running copies of Command Post, WinBatch, File
Commander, WinEdit, or any other process that uses the WIL language
interpreter DLL. (If you forget some, the setup process will tell
you something went wrong during the install of the WWWBATxx.DLL).

3) Double-Click on the WSETUP.EXE program

4) When the setup program asks for a directory, specify initial directory,
or accept the given default (C:\CMDPOST).


These files comprise the main Command Post package.

WSETUP.EXE The setup program
WBINXZ.EXE A setup program overlay
WSETUP.INF Setup script file Version stamp file. xxx is the version number

FILE_ID.DIZ Short description file for BBS type systems

README.TXT This file - An initial look at the software
README2.TXT More initial info, legalese, other products, order form

BROWSER.EXE A copy of our BROWSER file viewer.
BROWLANG.DLL Browser language file.

CMDPOST.MAN The Command Post manual.
WILDOC.MAN The WIL language reference manual
(Not always included when we send a printed manual)
WIL.HLP The WIL language online help file

CMDPOST.EXE The Command Post EXE file
CP_TREE.EXE A TREE utility for Command Post
TASKMANR.EXE An optional replacement task manager

CMDPOST1.CPM Command Post file manager menus - Part 1
CMDPOST2.CPM Command Post file manager menus - Part 2
CMDGROUP.CPM Program Manager group menus
CMDUSER.CPM Sample user menu
WWWMENUS.DLL Not really a DLL, more menu code used by CPM files

WWWCP800.DLL Command Post DLL
WWWBAT11.DLL WIL interpreter DLL

WWWDOSC.PIF PIF file used to run a DOS command and quit
WWWDOSP.PIF PIF file used to run a DOS command and pause
WWWVIRT.BAT BAT file example showing PATH modifications for DOS apps
WWWZIPLS.EXE ZIP utility used by ZIP menu item

*** Please help us out ***

If you have received a regular licensed copy of Command Post (what
we call the retail version), your 3.5" disk will contain a shareware
ZIP file of the latest version of Command Post. Please help us spread
it around - upload it to your favorite local BBS, send it to your
company software librarian, or any other place where people who might
appreciate Command Post might come across it. Thank you very much.

Please see README2.TXT for more information.

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