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Zip and unzip shell for Windows 3.1. Requires VBRUN100 (or 200).
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Zip and unzip shell for Windows 3.1. Requires VBRUN100 (or 200).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CTLHWND.DLL 1536 699 deflated
CTLHWND.TXT 899 470 deflated
FRAMES.DLL 3072 1382 deflated
FRAMES.FRM 7905 4160 deflated
FRAMES.MAK 36 36 stored
FRAMES.TXT 2828 1357 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 11912 4276 deflated
MHEN200.VBX 140416 57701 deflated
QSEARCH.C 6583 2086 deflated
QSEARCH.DLL 9357 5462 deflated
QSEARCH.TXT 1547 673 deflated
QSERCH.EXE 10047 9935 deflated
ZIPIT.DOC 937 526 deflated
ZIPIT.EXE 37492 12492 deflated
ZIPIT.HLP 6048 2347 deflated
ZIPITDD.EXE 8990 3270 deflated

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Contents of the CTLHWND.TXT file

Support function for getting the hWnd of any control.
by Jonathan Zuck
Copyright 1991 User Friendly, Inc.

I got tired of the dumb method of getting the hWnd to a control
using GetFocus/SetFocus/GetFocus/PutFocus as suggested in the MSKB.
Therefore, I create CTLHWND.DLL which contains only one function:
ControlhWnd. This is an integer function declared as follows:

declare function ControlhWnd% lib "CTLHWND.DLL" (Ctl as Control)

you may then make use of it in a VB application using the following syntax:

Wnd = ControlhWnd% (List1)

etc., where the passed parameter is simply the CtlName of the control for
which you want to get the window handle. Hope this helps people trying to
make API calls. -=- Jonathan

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